Cardi B Goes Topless to Put Pregnancy Rumors to Rest


    cardi b pregnant

    Cardi B is trying to shut down the pregnancy rumors by going topless and showing off her flat tummy.


      • She did say that how many times and these blacks were still trying to say otherwise…on an other note have you seen black female crips saying they are going to kill Cardi if she pull up in LA smdh …these black queens are getting out of hand

    1. As the person at the top said why couldn’t her dumb ass just say she wasn’t pregnant. I don’t get why these hoes nowadays love to show off their fake ass and tits but want to keep something beautiful as being a mother hidden. If this ain’t that last generation I’m pretty sure the next will be. People are extremely vain for no damn reason, No morals anymore it’s beyond sad.

    2. Cardi B wears blue all the time. Why would she decide right before All Star Weekend when she knew she was gonna be in LA to start some shit? I can see this being a stunt …that can go left.


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