Cardi B Gives the Saddest Reason Why She’ll Never Leave Offset

cardi b leave offset cheating

Offset will keep cheating, and Cardi B will keep giving him a pass. Here’s why:

cardi b offset cheating

SMH. She’s talking about “starting over” when she barely turned 25 in October 2017.

Oh well. Like we said before: Let her get cheated on in peace!


  1. Wow, I don’t like this at all. All the surgery in the world and still no iota of self esteem. She needs to understand that she can be bad by herself. She does not need to be with this man. She is so sad! This is why men have their selfish attitudes!

  2. She better get her shit together. In this not me, me too, time is up, we all wear black to the awards type of culture, her acting like a character from Color Purple is not a good look. Women always talk about the power of the puss, but sometimes the power of the dk is greater.

  3. Wow if she’s not the mist simple dumb woman.. She needs to get her head examined..
    That’s all I have for her..

  4. She act like his ugly ass is the only man on earth. Girl bye. But this is who some females want to look up to. Bitch u suppose to be like I’m to good enough to be with a nigga that cheats his ass should be lucky I didn’t cheat on him ??‍♀️

  5. He’s her handler.. Of course she can’t leave. PHUCK THAT? LEAVE…?

  6. Just bc Cardi got a Lil paper does not mean that she has grown to love herself. She invested in this fool, now she don’t want her investment to go to waste. She has made connections thru this fool so maybe she has other things in the works that dumping this fool might throw a wrench in it

    • I hope so. Because then maybe when she solidifies all her relationships she can bounce on this gremlin with little to no effect.

      Cardi B – you need to value yourself more love. You are worth so much more. Your vibe attracts your tribe and until you raise your expectations regarding who and what is for you- you will continue to meet gutter snipes (shelf life= 2/3 years tops) who parade around as artists.

  7. She probably grew up seeing her moms get played CONSTANTLY. If she had a strong woman as a role model growing up, she would automatically know when to draw that thick line in the sand and be very clear as to what is permissible and what is not. In the Latin community, women are almost trained from birth that their “papi” will have other bytches, just be happy you the main one. Dumb azzzzzz, backwards isht.

  8. Poor thing, her self esteem has to be at an all time low to allow some sucka shit like that to go down!

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