Brandy & Ryan Ain’t Rockin’ No More!

Brandy Norwood & Ryan Press Call it Quits

Ryan Press may have put an engagement ring on it but reports reveal Brandy’s not sporting it anymore!

You’ll recall.. Back in 2012, Brandy said ‘yes’ to Press’ marriage proposal after two-years of dating. Now, about a week after Brandy’s 35th birthday bash, reports of Ryan NOT in attendance could be confirmation the pair ain’t rockin’ anymore!

Here’s what a source reveals:

“Brandy also hasn’t been photographed, on Instagram or otherwise, with her “fiancé” in over 3 months…so…um…yeah.”


  1. I don’t think black men should be blamed for what seems to be self esteem problems this chick Brandie has. If black men don’t see her as marriage material, IT IS THEIR RIGHT!I guess Ryan should feel sorry for her and stay with her even if he does not love her. That is being FAKE.

  2. SMH cuz she said he was her soul mate and you could tell she was hungry for love.

    An eyebrow was raised for me after she signed her name Brandy Press on an instagram post just a couple weeks after getting engaged though.

    The ring posing in every instagram pic and posting pictures of her nails every week just to show off her ring was a little too much too. She should have just let things be natural. I’m sure she will find someone to love again tho.

  3. Queen Monique I think you have an excellent point. For all their money, Black celebs get some uber funky veneers and caps. I am particularly smh over Tip’s relatively new chompers. They couldn’t be any faker looking! Chicklet City!!

    I hope he gets them redone by a really good aesthetic dentist soon. Especially now that he is getting some real play on the big screen and TV.

    • Christa, girl you aint never lied. Tip teeth look like they came out of a cereal box lol Hotmess smh. Ceelo green need his removed also! Damn, you can see his choppers in ghana. Lmao…

  4. Most of those industry black dudes perfer White whores or Kim k etc. Brandy is a beautiful woman an kobe should of married her instead of Monkey mouth vanessa. Brothers gone learn,Aint nothing like a sista. Black women make the world goe round like gangtaz!

  5. Ryan looks like a pencil dick anyway! He is not man enough for her an she can do much better.Hold ya head up brandy!

    • Brandy: “I didn’t know if Ryan Press wanted to f%ck me or erase me. I had to leave.” Lol.

  6. A woman reeks of desperation because it is on her heart to be a wife? That’s the most intimate relationship you can have with a man. I’m awaiting the day when women stop using feminism as a justification for acting like full blown whores.

  7. He looks like a fake, shifty Laz Alonzo. Brandy can definitely do better. She will press on, alright.

  8. AGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I’m loud af right now!!! ROTFL. Evelyn Tostada has the worst bonded teeth on the planet. Those aren’t veneers. She knows she is older than 38. She needs more people — fertilizing damn dinosaur eggs out here. Her son will be born and head straight to high school.

  9. Chile, sent straight from hell. Everyone and everything that seems like a gift from God/a blessing is not.

  10. That note was a warning. Whitney had a premonition she was going to die. I would love to know what it said, verbatim.

  11. Well…her eyes turned yellow. Sistah got a serious case of jaundice. I wish her and Ray J would stop smoking weed and swing the eye doctor….or buy some Visine. But otherwise, yeah. Shes aging gracefully.

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