Bow Wow Neglects His Child For Erica Mena


Bow Wow’s baby momma, Joie Chavis, is saying the 106 & Park host is neglecting their daughter.

Chavis says, Erica Mena’s fiance is ignoring his daughter’s phone calls and has been in and out of Los Angeles for a month and still hasn’t seen his child.




    • She spoke out because he spoke out first, making it seem like she was keeping the baby away from him. She was just setting the record straight.

  1. Tell that girl to move on stand back and watch the show because erica mena ain’t true that shot gone Last 5 minutes erica not even true to herself what his baby mama should take out some insurance on his ass because after this thirsty ass broad using him he just might jump stay tuned

    • Her parents been told Joie to do that shit for the longest!! Joie, if U reading this go do that!

  2. Hollyweird a straight cesspool full of pimps and prostitutes. Aint right and can’t get right.

    • And this Joi chick needs to stop calling the kettle black when she did the same ish Erica is doing to him now. Joi just mad because she’s not on the show. Sorry Joi no checks or royalties for you.

      • I agree. I am so tired of these females having babies out of wedlock and then complaining that the man isn’t there for the child. Like, bish, what did you expect? He didn’t formally commit himself to you and your child’s whims… In his mind he did you a favor. Dumb whores get on my nerves so bad. I am tired of hearing the same crap from them over and over and over again. Just accept it, no one but other dumb whores are going to empathize with you. He is a celebrity and lives a celebrity life, get at clue! The epitome of a young mother is Joie. I would be too embarrassed to blast all of my personal drama to the world. Take the nigga to court, get your coin and find a real man to step up to the plate. Dumb bish. My goodness!

        • Marriage does not mean the father will stick around for the child or even be a great parent.

          • Thank you for correcting @Exactly, wrong ass. As matter of fact she sound bitter.

    • Babbs totally agree. And being that this “great dad” let his baby girl do a nip slip tells it all! I’d kill my husband if he did that, and put it on the web!

      • I don’t think he knowingly did that. But he should take that picture down. And do girls that young have nipples, you make her sound like a teenager.

  3. My black brothas please be aware of women like these women….straight traps. I just feel sorry for his daughter.

  4. Seems like the mother is making all the calls and typing all this up making it look like it’s the child. She must be tri-polar. And NO mother can take the place of a child’s father. She acting/sounding stupid! He is probably ignoring her and not the child. Sometimes fathers will do that and wait until the child is of age just to keep from dealing with the crazy momma! She did say that he was behind on child support. Hmmmm….

    • Ive observed that in life when men sire children by females they cannot stand and the child suffers.

      • Exactly. They don’t realize it until the child gets older and complains about their past. Like a lot of celebs are doing now. Complaining about their childhood. Mothers just needs to move on and stop hunting the father down. Let him go!

        • Indeed. The worst is when people are together for the child. Two people who hate each other bound by obligation. Its no mystery why we society cant respect, love one another and have healthy relationships.

  5. It matters what the mother and the FATHER are doing to parent their child. Bow and Erica are together for the show. They are using eachother, which was a mutual decision. It all reality 🙂

  6. Could have at least covered child’s nipple.
    He’s probably gonna send her down the same path of molestation he suffered.

    Both parents are to blame. Mama for reproducing for fame or money. And Bow wow for not wrapping it up with a groupie.

  7. Well men need to know who they having kids for before hand. Condoms are the key. If not then deal with it. Him and her. At the end of the day thats still his daughter and she should come first. Especially before the next whore. Bow wow step up and do your daddy duties. And the bm sit down and shut the hell up putting him on blast means nothing.

  8. Bow Wow should be a shame of himself. Thats why its important to put a condom on to prevent these things from happening. He clearly didnt want a child because he’s a child his damn self.

  9. Both Erica and Bow Wow have something in common neither of them acknowledge their children. Its really sad though because the kids are the ones that suffer.

  10. too much sex and not enough sense!! women carry a condom or a femidom in your make up bags do’t be lazy. the men are dicking you down
    but you must take full responsibility in this f*cking down!!! stop being lazy and stop blaming the men for knocking you up

    you opened your legs not them!!!

    • You right its the women responsibility also. However I can’t understand how all these celebs sucking and sexing each other like they immune to disease. I would be frieghten to sleep with anything in Hollywood. Hell I’m scared of the regular folks.

  11. Why is making it a public show that he misses his daughter?? That should be private. wth!!

  12. i believe her LOL she’s basically saying that if she didnt care then she would have aborted the child. We all know Bow Wow has been acting stupid for years just to get back at Ciara for dumping him SMH he would look better with dark eyes anyway. if he wasnt famous, people would think he is TOOtey FRUITY

  13. I swear, I can detect a pisces from a million miles away. I knew it! Robin Thicke March 10 Bow Wow March 9.

  14. two dead beat parents lol they understand each other yea after she sucks him dry…. he’s jumping cause when she leaves she da type dats gon get him fired from his b.e.t. job and thats all they have!

  15. Can someone please explain what that hand gesture bow is throwing up means? I’ve seen it every where in famous and not so famous ppl. Is it a sign of a gang of some kind of secret society identifier? Just curious.

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