Boosie + $300K Could = Bravo Reality Show!


HSK Exclusive – Lil Boosie is in reality TV talks with Bravo … but he’s reported to have insisted on a large sum of money from the network to make it official.

According to an insider, the Baton Rouge rapper is asking for $300K for 10 episodes. We’re told Bravo “isn’t opposed” to cutting that check, unlike “what the other networks offered.”

The drop:

“Boosie didn’t even want to do a reality show but he’ll do it for the money. 

I don’t think Bravo has programming to lead into the Boosie reality show. What! Is Boosie’s show going to air after the Real Housewives of Atlanta?”


  1. Bravo are probably wasting Their money on this un-educated coon

    They will have to add in subtitles for people to understand him

    He will make the entire “Black race” look bad

      • He will join the other groups of reality, that leaves a bad impression on anyone watching.. The shows couldn’t get the rating they do, without white and other races watching these shows.. Jmo

      • The part that kills me is “He didn’t want to do a reality show BUT he will do it for the money”. Its sad that the price of gas, milk, butter, water, dish washing liquid, chicken wings, fish, grits, eggs, concentrated orange juice, fake processed cheese, imitation vanilla extract, margarine, cheap ass duplex cookies, coors light and Scott toilet tissue continue to go up but the price of souls keeps going down….lol. I guess he dont need too much money judging from that cheap ass boot camp haircut and flea market gold he sportin.

  2. Bravo and other TV networks want to make Black People look bad!

    so They will hire any coon or bed wench to fulfill Their agenda!!!

    Lil Boosie or Boosie is country coon!! He only cares about the money not about His pride or self respect

  3. remember back in 2012 Shawty Lo had He’s realty show pulled because a group of Black Women complained!

    let’s hope They will pull this shitty realty trash off the airwaves, there too much realty show’s making Black People look bad already We don’t need another one!!!

    Bravo has a all Black realty show already!! what else do They need??

  4. I have no idea who or what a Boosie is but just wanted to say I love the new interface HSK.

      • How can one stay logged in without having to log in after posting once.. Do I need to log in each time a make a comment? Thank you

  5. Anyone who listens to the guys music really need their life and head eexamined.I mean, name me one hit from Boosie?! That’ll be a while.

  6. Hmmmmmmm ,there brain washed tactics are working full time . Jhonnie Blaze ,R. Kelly ,Superhead ,Nikko, and many more will be the line up of exciting reality shows to come….stay tuned.

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