Bobbi Kristina’s Deadly Xanax Addiction

bobbi kris xanax addiction

Bobbi Kristina’s ex-boyfriend, Zach Jafarzedah, said in an recent interview that Whitney Houston’s daughter has been abusing Xanax and alcohol since the age of sixteen.

Here’s what Zach Jafarzedah revealed about Bobbi Kris:

“I know her and Nick got into a fight a few days before and she was really depressed about that and probably took a few Xanax and bathed and fell asleep. She would take more than she was prescribed of the Xanax. If you take two or three of them, you will black out and not remember anything.

No matter who you are, it’s going to knock you out, and mixed with alcohol it’s a deadly combo.

Some of it makes me feel like it could be a possible suicide, not even just a mistake. Something symbolic like ‘This is the way my mom died, this is the way I want to kill myself too.’

It sent chills down my spine and it made me sick to my stomach when I heard about it.”


    • I’m surprised it took 5 comments for someone to suggest that. After peeping the headline, I figured that was what all the tinhats would say.
      Accept the fact yall. She was a very unhappy and mixed up kid. Personally I believe that she had a near compulsion and obsession with Whitney’s death by way of the tub. When you combine that with a steady diet of downers, the outcome is bound to be bad.

      And if the plan was to kill her, why does it appear she will have to start to decompose before Bobby pull the plug? Never mind. I know. Pat and Whitney’s brother are behind it right?

      • First of all your mama wears a tin hat. Second its not a forgone conclusion that she was obsessed with her mothers death by drowning. Being that she almost did the drowing first, before her mother wouldn’t it be the other way around , if anything? Yes she was spoiled and unhappy , but until I hear a credible source claim she was suicidal , I just don’t believe it.

        • Anon 14:15 Do you understand the words “personally I believe?” I didn’t say it was a foregone conclusion. I am going from my own limited knowledge of psychology combined with my own experience and stating an OPINION.
          Nobody messes with drugs on a serious level unless they are trying to obliterate things in their head. That’s NOT my opinion, that’s a fact. Whether you were raped by your stepfather, abused by your man, or your mama died young in a tragic manner in front of the whole world, when you commit to a life of drugs and alcohol, you aren’t into partying, you are in PAIN. I doubt that a day went by that BK didn’t mentally relive the horror of the last moments of Whitney’s life. Again, that’s my opinion.

    • Anonymous 10:51, let me guess, it was the Illuminati, demons and blood sacrifice, ZZZZZZzzzzz

        • Only a broke ass person would say some stupid shit like that. Keep believing the hype…

          • @ Anonymous 21:39
            Jesus said it first. So watch yourself. You are close to blasphemy, fool.

        • If it was for the love of money, that effectively rules out Nick. He was living a sweet life as long as BK was alive. With her death he was swiftly cut off. Same for the dope boy. Neither of them had a damn thing to gain from her death financially.
          So that leaves Cissy and Pat. Cissy was no where near Roswell, and unless she hired a hit man, neither was Pat.
          But those of you who see this a “mysterious and ritualistic” won’t believe it even if they found a note proven to be in BK’s handwriting saying that she wanted to die.

        • LMMFBAO!! The infamous demons, sacrifices and rituals Anonymous 14:10


            “MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS.”

  1. yseems like if you’re famous and you get depressed the thing to do is to go out and kill yourself ask robin williams and simone battle they were both depressed and they solved it by hanging themselves.

    remember if you get famous and get depressed do drugs and kill yourself.

    and you wonder why xanax is blue blue is a depressing color.

    they say people was suicidal by watching avatar mainly because they was blue whatever it was in that film.

  2. Xanax does not give you a high unless you are using it in conjunction with opioids(to bump the effect.)
    Xanax and alcohol is the mainstay of the depressed druggie’s diet. It just removes emotional pain temporarily. Again this is from experience.
    “Happy” druggies don’t mess with Xanax.(unless they are using it to knock themselves out after a meth or cocaine jag.)

  3. Is he trying to protect Nick? Everything he said are all the answers to the questions people wanted to know about. Also is this the friend that was with Nick who found her dead? Maybe he is trying to cover Nick so he is coveted too!

    • No this is the dude who was with Nick. That guy lawyered up and won’t be saying shit to anyone.

    • That’s exactly what it seems like to me. Nick is doing everything he can to clear his name. He even had BK’s name tattooed on his arm which makes him look more suspect to me.
      Abusive men have a tendency to go overboard with their gestures of love after they hurt their mate.

  4. is this the same white boy who snapped a pic of her sniffing coke??
    he will get away Scott free because he’s white, while nick has to think of another story

    • Bitch wtf is up with you and naming your dumb ass after fruits? Bitch I was liking you as Lovest love you stink witch !

        • Just minding my biz but what does GLOK have to do with this comment ? I don’t see him nowhere in here , I guess you can’t stop thinking about him because you do bring him up every chance you get … lol !

          • Glok is not the only one to think you’re a stink Witch ” he hipped us on to you is all! But you keep his dick on your brain tho….

    • Yeah pretty much. I see a punk ass public defender I. Nick’s very near future. Bet all these years w/Chrissy he didn’t stack nothing. Stupid.

  5. Is this the same guy that sold a pic of Bobbi Kris with a bong to the national enquiror? If so he’s probably still selling stories and if he was her true friend he wouldn’t be talking to the press.

  6. I see there are many wanna be experts on this thread..(yes being sarcastic). Mixing prescription drugs or any pills really with alcohol is not a good thing. Anyhow still praying for her recovery.

  7. I see nobody gives a f*ck about your theory or stupid ass preponderance about this shit !

  8. This guy needs to be quiet and quit assuming. He needs to get a life because obviously he doesn’t have one yet.

  9. Thanks for sharing Zach but you are still a paid shill and I won’t be believing a word of that. I’ll wait and hear from Frances Bean Cobain or one of her Brown cousins. Not all these fake ass former friends and supposed ex boyfriends crawling out the woodwork.

    • They were best friends for years. Extremely close when they were younger. No idea why/when/if they drifted apart , Frances seems to shun the spotlight but I bet she could give real insight on this situation if she chose.

      • Yes, that’s true. There was like a year when Courtney was living with Whitney trying to clean her up off the blow. I know, ironic huh?

        • I wasn’t going to respond to you because its clear you are thirsty for attention but nobody is making shit up. I love how you assume that because you didn’t know, nobody else did but Frances and Bobbi were self proclaimed besties as tweens. They have quite a bit in common. So Take your powers of silent observation over to Google and do some research. Not only were both sets of mothers and daughters friends , CL wasn’t the only one who tried to clean Whitney up. Pebbles tried her damndest too, as did El Debarge who has hardcore drug issues of his own. Addicts often try to help other addicts . You do realize that many counselors are corners users themselves, right. So stop expounding on subjects you clearly kbow nothing about .

        • Nice deflection but its clear the factuality of the statements stopped you cold in your tracks. That’s why you chose to sidestep and deflect. You are so played out.

        • that’s a sad joke how can a satanic drug addicted bisexual whore tell another bisexual crackhead to quit.

      • No you should. Frances tweeted about their friendship just the other day so STFU.

        • I have been Team S.O. since we fist started a convo about Pres. Obama over one month ago. And we have swapped stories and shot the sh*t in general ever since. But you are way out of line to imply that I or anon 13:20 are making stuff up about Courtney Love, Francis Bean Cobain, Whit and Bobbie K.
          First off you are 12 kinds of wrong about Courtney. She is most definitely not a backwoods hillbilly racist. Her mother was a psychologist(doctor at that) a wealthy heiress, and Courtney grew up in a SF hippie like commune among all races. She certainly did go off the rails in her childhood, and I’m not defending her judgment and sanity when it comes to drugs, but how on earth does the equal her being a racist?
          She was absolutely living with and directing Whitney’s sobriety at one point, and that is how Franny and BK became besties. The two girls have an INCREDIBLE amount in common: 2 famous parents in the music biz who could not manage their personal lives even with the risk of permanently damaging their child at stake.

          I don’t mind someone questioning my veracity in a civil manner, but calling me a pathological liar because I am privy to facts which are unknown to you, well that’s just rude.

          • yeah and both lost a parent to drugs well in kurt’s case if you believe the theories that Courtney had him shot.

            its said Courtney had one of her band members killed for phukking kurt.

            Courtney’s a evil satanic bitch she burned her boyfriends house down.

            she was ina cult admitted several times she worshipped satan.

        • Look. I tried. You are being obstinate now.
          It’s a shame, because I thought I had found a like minded skeptic among the tinhats here. Now I see you are just another a-hole.

        • @ anonymous 22:01, LOL, you are truly fighting the good fight against that troll. I’m done with it but you are right. Frances Bean tweeted about their friendship on Feb 3. did mention how close they were when younger and how’s she praying for her now. So you and others that spoke on the two pairs of mothers and daughters being friends were right.

        • That means orange and agent orange you are not. No one said you were dangerous, SB, just annoying. Maybe you should call yourself Verde. That means green. Get it.

        • If so then stop bringing up his name you stupid bitch … Because you act like you are the president of his fan club in here Ho!

          • I never brought his damn name up. If you don’t understand that there are LOTS of women who hope he never comes back, you’re really dim.

          • What lots of women bitch?…You mean the ones you make up every time he post creep!?

          • If you seriously don’t realize how hated he is by all except 3 or 4 sycophants, you are too stupid to post. HE’S A MONUMENTAL ASSHOLE and a phony.

          • Hey Glok many people here know you’re a twat. Your phoney alters are all played out and no-one gives a flying f*ck about your camp theatricals. So flounce and bounce outta here and take your dusty little walnut Willy with you.

  10. She was raped by her uncle and raised in a dysfunctional home by two addicts who couldn’t even care for themselves. She had serious problems. The icing on the cake was her mom’s death. No one was there for her. She turned to drugs and alcohol to ease her pain.

    • That’s it. Short and sweet. That’s the whole story.
      But folks don’t like a short and sweet story so they reach for more complicated theories they can wrap their minds around. They’re thinking, “If I had all that money I would never kill myself, so why would she? It must have been some kind of a complicated plot.” Occam’s Razor folks. The simplest conclusion is usually the correct one.

      • I agree. IIRC BK tried to slit her wrists before her mother died but people don’t want to believe this girl has been troubled all her life.
        None of us know if BK committed suicide or if she and Nick has some kind violent altercation that led to her death but what I do know is this isn’t a big conspiracy with Clive Davis pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

        • Google is your friend. That story came out back in 2008 and no I never mentioned it on this site or anywhere else for that matter. You have to admit it’s not exactly a far fetched idea when you look at the condition BK is in at the moment.
          You seem to be obsessively stalking these BK threads as of late, passing judgment on the opinions and observation of others who have followed the Houston/Brown families over the years. Granted I don’t stalk these threads like you but from what I’ve seen no one is hurling insults at BK nor are we wishing her any ill will but the fact remains this young girl was very troubled and angry.
          I usually skip over your many write ups but I’m curious what is your take on BK’s near death?

          • I wasn’t mean to you at all, I just call it like I see it but I’ll take it easy on you. I have followed Whitney’s career before there was an internet and her death took a lot out out of me. The comments I make about BK’s situation are neither outlandish or disrespectful, they are MY opinions and MY observations. I have read at least 3 different comments from others telling you to research what they have typed but instead you have chosen to poke fun at their claims.

            “And then you know the comments on this site can be reeeal disrespectful, I don’t know maybe that’s part of its charm for a lot of you, but for me sometimes it a little too much.”

            Comments such as the one I quoted above tells me you have some kind of superiority complex. I have witnessed you put your blatant disrespect on display in front of a whole lot of us yet in your mind you think you’re above it all. See, if you were really so above the “outlandish” and “disrespectful” comments, you would’ve left this site a long time ago.

          • There are hundreds of AA blogs out there for you to visit and voice your opinion on this subject, yet you come here. My theory is no one in your real life will entertain your shenanigans so you come here to instigate. You want people to curse at you and call you names so that you can feel superior to them but it’s not working out how you hoped it would.

            It’s clear your pretense as a highly evolved individual who rises above the fray isn’t who you really are. Of course this is the internet and under the guise of anonymity, you can be anyone you want to be but just know….you may have some people fooled around here but I’m not one of them.

            • thanks for your online psychoanalysis O Great One. but nothing you’ve said could be further from the truth. You’ve obviously spent way too much time coming to a conclusion about…not even me……but the alpha-numerical characters that I’ve arranged on the screen. Because you know absolutely nothing about me.
              Maybe I do come to discuss things I would’t normally discuss with my set with the same indepth detail……I mean whose gonna sit around discussing BK all day when we know each other and prefer to discuss what’s going on in our real lives?

              Honestly tho…..I could never discuss with friends anything I found interesting here because I’d be ashamed for my friends to know I’ve even ever visited this site.

              • They are on to you, SB. All your bullshit is gonna get deleted. Everyone is sick of your fake, multiple ids, having troll ass.

              • and then there’s this.

                Normally I wouldn’t even bother….but this is definitely my swan song.
                So just this once I’ll bend down and acknowledge you to ket you know

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                Or is it me or YOU who is posting as anonymous?

              • Nice try but the mods can see the isp addresses. So they know that I am not you or any of your multiple personas. And that’s why YOUR comments are getting deleted.

              • you’re obviously not right in the head dude

                so have your site…sorry that my intelligent perspective was apparently hella foreign to you and made you feel so threatened. I’ll leave you to your turf now and wish you no ill will.

                Peace and blessings

              • Ninja plz, you have more got Damn personalities than Sybil and I’m the one who’s not right in the head? As if. And there was nothing intelligent about you stirring shit the way you love to do. You tried it and got called out. No big deal, but you are so f*cking fake now you have to pretend to be leaving quietly because you are threatening to people. Stop playing. The nods are deleting your shit and they will continue to do so no matter who you show up pretending to be.

          • Cheese At the risk of sounding like the biggest booty kisser ever, I have to say that analysis was impressive.
            I think S.O. is basically harmless, but he does sometimes come off a bit arrogant and haughty. Perhaps your words will encourage him to engage in a manner more conducive to conversation, and less preachy and know it all.

            • Silent Observer is SB/ Brains. Very annoying arrogant troll who tried to put Jacky on blast.

              • I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but I know Brains/SB fairly well, and my Spidey sense says no. But there are definite similarities. It’s possible that S.O. is another SB type dude.

              • OK. My Spidey sense must need a tune up. Now that I see that his posts are disappearing, it must have been him. Sorry for doubting your good judgment.

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                I’ve never mentioned the blogger for this zite un ANY of my posts..but feel free to ket your limited kittle minds run where ever they may take you.

                Furthermore, the fact that some of you are obviously trick-bitch moderators seeing that you got all my comments deleted and not to mention the fact that you always know who is who even tho all of you followers like to post as anonymous now

                …you are the mofos that know I have NEVER been in this site before January ’15 and I have NEVER posted under a different. The one time my shit rebooted and my posts were sayinv anonymous without me noticing…when I did notice I was pissed and went thru the entire thread and labeled which posts were mine. I’m proud of my shit…and even mire proud that I’m none of you

              • so patthetic and clearly lacking.

                Here’s a concept for ya…..perhaps you might want to consider investigating how best to put some of that energy you spend on righteous indignation into the ownership of somehing.

                Dismissing someone from SOMEBODY ELSE’S SHIT….never a good look

              • ….and with those words I say adiós to all of you tricks stuck in limbo/purgatory here at


              • LOL, your thirsty ass ain’t going nowhere. You said goodbye like three times already and you still right here .

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              • Lies. You must be confusing your “anons”. No one is holding vigils for any of your personas. Some still think cock 11 or whatever is a real person. But he and you are likely one and the same and that’s why your comments get deleted.

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              • by the way….that comment^^^^ was directed at say cheese (what a stupid ass name by the way) whose post you’ll find…both literally and figuratively……beneath mine

              • Hey SB Brains Prick9. How’re you today? And you? And you? Shit it must be difficult being all those characters- do you sometimes argue with each other about who’s the biggest crank?

            • Thank you @7:20. I felt guilty for calling the little fella out but I no longer feel that way after reading his replies. I don’t remember SB brains but it looks like he/she has been exposed as silent observer.

    • My kahooness you really have heard of nothing??? You need to hit the back browser and catch up.

      • That is indeed true. I was one the case workers that worked on the case. We sent BK to live with her grandmother while we worked on her case. So shut up and let grown folks talk. Stop your idiotic comments.

  11. let’s face the facts white people have been known to sell stories on black people. particularly black artists
    these white people making quick buck off y’all nicca’s particularly white women. these white people will
    secretly record nicca’s sniffing coke!!

    you don’t hear black people doing to this shyt???

  12. Bitch you must sniffing something to be all these character / handles everyday and night like a base head bitch !


    • No offense hun, but do you know what superior means?
      You can’t understand why “superior to black people” would be offensive?

  14. Where was her father, Bobby Brown, when his daughter Bobbi really needed him????

    He’s playing the devoted father act a little too late. Bobby has known for years that his daughter was lost, abusing drugs to cover her pain, hurting and in need of quality time with him.

    Watch him fight for a big part of Bobbi Kristina’s fortune when she passes. He’s probably already spoken to his lawyer(s) about it.

    I’m not buying his “devoted father act” one bit!

    I don’t trust Pat Garland either.

    • Just because people get/got high does not mean that they do not have the capacity to love. Everyday someone blind is holding on to something. Never know where you’re being led in this life.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Everyone wants to blame Whitney and make Bobby out to be a saint. Bobby knew what Whitney was doing, he could have been a bigger part of BK’s life before and after Whitney’s death. Instead that fool chose to party and whore around with Superhead and others.
      If Bobby has a conscience he has to be feeling like crap right now.

  15. I wonder if this young woman ever had even ONE normal, peaceful day in her entire short life? Even at this desperate time, all she has around her are creeps.
    It is heartbreaking to think that just by the chance of birth her life has come to this.

  16. Hi Sharon,

    One of Bobbi’s associates spoke recently about the trauma of watching Whitney pass out and sleep for days after allegedly drugging herself to oblivion. Very sad.

    The ability to hear is said to be the last thing to go. Its unfortunate that Bobbi Kris is probably hearing her so called family members squabble about “her money” on a daily basis.

    Sad indeed.

  17. took ONE zanie my whole life & made me feel like a brainless zombie literally. i can’t imagine taking 2 or 3…very easy to end up facedown in the bathtub especailly w/ 3 zanies and alcohol..fatal combo, thats why bobbykris sounded so druggie all the time, those zanies are a uncle was on them after surgery we wtched him so closely when he was on it..his reaction time was ssooo slowed, zombie like IMO

  18. I think I was just banned. All of my comments just disappeared

    oh well, your loss

    • She’s still alive. They removed her breathing tube but she is still alive and may yet pull through with diminished capacities.

      • If my people caused me to live my life as a drooling wheelchair bound patient for 50 years I swear I would never forgive them. Especially considering she has no parent who will devote their life to her betterment. Do you think Bobby will make her a priority when he has a baby on the way with new wifey? This just gets sadder all the time.

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