Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess’ Dad Got Another Woman Pregnant!

dutchess black ink crew
Dutchess from Black Ink Crew is dealing with some MAJOR family drama, according to sources.

Word on the street is Dutchess’ dad stepped out on her mom and had a son by another woman! The boy is about 8 or 9 years-old now, and Dutchess’ mom has even confirmed all the drama.

From what I heard her mom and dad are no longer together and I assume that ma dukes got fed up after all the years of cheating because the son is about 8 or 9 years old. And if you follow Dutchess and her family’s antics on social media you would know her mom is always up to some shenanigans. She was even spotted on Facebook arguing with the mother of her husband’s son.


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  2. since you want to air it out that ain’t dutches daddy anyway her daddy worked in the chow hall a Jamaican nicca named Laurent that she used to get her back for a while her husband was on float! community dick he used to get off on fucking dependent wives

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