Blac Chyna Puts Tyga On Blast!

tyga blac chyna on blast

Blac Chyna went OFF last night and put Tyga and his entire life on blast.

Apparently, Tyga and Chyna split the cost to pay for their son’s nanny, Jenny, but Tyga hasn’t been putting in his share into their son’s bank account. When Chyna confronted him about it, Tyga lied to Rob and Kylie and told them Chyna was trying to get back with him.

Hit the arrow buttons to peep the tea:

#BlacChyna had to get some things off her chest this morning about #Tyga ? (swipe left)

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  1. this doesn’t reads as she went OFF like you stated. what a joke of an article, “writer.”

  2. Okay, HSK, I didn’t believe you at first, but since BC has confirmed it, Tyga is officially bisexual. Wow… The transgender woman was telling the truth. Chyna says Tyga is in a relationship with a woman and a man!!!

  3. This sounds to me like she made an oral agreement with him without attorneys. She needs to get herself a family attorney and put everything in writing as it relates to her son and her daughter with Rob. If either men stop giving support, they lose custody. That simple. Since they don’t want to lose custody and they will always have the witches to prop them up financially, she should take advantage of that.

  4. Sasha r fuck you in your dirty arse with a hot ice pick next time your on the rag. ,love tyga. ps bring jackie next time he’s cute in a creepy sort of child snatching way

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