Benzino’s Crab Trap Investigated for Health Code Violations

Benzino's crab trap

HSK Exclusive – Benzino’s Crab Trap has been open for less than a month, and the rapper is already in violation with Georgia health code. The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member has posted videos of himself dipping his raggedy, grimy fingers into a pot of crab legs, cooking without a hairnet, and touching food with his bare hands. Just straight nasty!

Here he is touching ingredients with his dirty fingers.

Dig the drop:

“Benzino is also talking freely over the sauce.  There is no doubt that Benzino saliva is entering the sauce.  I demand an health code violation investigation.

I would also demand that proof that Benzino has been tested and does not have any communicable diseases as per section 1-19″

Public Health Code:

A person who, in the ordinary course of business in a food

1-14    service establishment, handles food which is to be
1-15    consumed by humans, other than food in an enclosed
1-16    container, shall:

1-17      (1) Have a certificate of health, renewable annually and
1-18      issued by the county board of health, indicating that
1-19      such person had no communicable disease at the time the
1-20      person was examined for the purpose of obtaining the
1-21      certificate; and

1-22      (2) Wear, when handling food other than in an enclosed
1-23      container, appropriate gloves and hair nets to prevent
1-24      contamination of such food.”

Cobb County Public Health Code Source

Our source tells HSK exclusively that an area inspector will be paying Benzino’s Crab Trap a visit. Until then, eat at your own risk!

Benzino Health Code Violations


  1. Ewwwwwwwwwww who wants to eat there anyway? You might catch an STI from eating there. Anyway, hope the Georgia DOH will shut his ass down.

    • He PROBABLY CAN cook, BUT, “EWWWW”! laughing!



  2. I don’t want shit he puts in his mouth !
    Yall see how big his jaw is FOH !!!

  3. Y’all negroes are trifling..turn on any cooking show on TV and the cook is using his or her bare hands to touch the food, talking, no hair net etc (Ramsey, Emeril, Fat Paula, etc). Try supporting Black owned businesses instead of trying to get them shut down…

  4. as a chef we typically don't wear gloves. Its different when your making fast food, I'm sure they're required but whenever yo eat out I'm almost positive that the cooks aren't wearing gloves.

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