Barbara Bowman Says Bill Cosby Raped Her

Actress Barbara Bowman told the Daily Mail at 17 years old she was drugged and raped by actor Bill Cosby.

Bowman went on to say there are numerous girls who suffered the same treatment from, Cosby, who were allegedly given hush money to prevent them from going public with their accusations.

Here’s what the 47 year old actress revealed:

“I was drugged and raped by that man. He is a monster. He came at me like a monster. My hope is that others who have experienced sexual abuse will not be intimidated into silence by the rich, famous and powerful.

No one believed me for years. They said Bill will never do that. That is was preposterous. But I’m putting my name out there and standing behind these words.
No more code of silence. I’ve been silent too long. it’s time to raise a fuss. I’m a real person that this happened to. And it has taken decades to get over what he did to me.”



  1. I believe her also, sad they wait for so long to expose these demons in the industry. Probably took advantage of her because she was young and naive and to protect his “good” image at the time because he was so successful.


  2. Given what we now know today about hollyweird and the industry. I Believe Her!!!




            • I was on something else though when I replied to you Glok but I peeped the dynamic duo. It’s all good.

            • Well both of yall are smart. I didn’t even notice the subtle hand sign until you called him out. He’s telling the world who he reps and folks on this thread are STILL defending his decrepit ass, go figure.

          • Supposedly that was his motto. What’s weird about the whole thing is he was murdered by someone he didn’t know, execution style, but at the time of his death he was with this.much older white woman, who was supposedly Hollywood royalty in terms of her family and.connections, even.though she wasn’t famous. She was never implicated, but its also unexplained why she was even there. Some say the whole thing happened because boule Bill got too close to actually buying a network and the Hollywood big boys weren’ta having it.

            • His motto huh? Yea I’m cool on that Hello Friend bs. My shirt would be more like Fool Don’t Even Try It! I read that story too about the Network do you think maybe that shirt was a message they was giving to Bill?

            • TRUE ^^^^

              Remember not 2 long after the Cosby Show, wit the richest syndication deal @ that time, Bill wanted 2 buy NBC from GE.

              After going through the Hoops GE set up, (like having 1 Billion in Cash) Bill was ready, and started 2 pull da race card.

              Shortly after, Ennis was killed by a stranger as a warning 2 Bill.

              Never heard bout Bill buying NBC after that ordeal!

          • Wasn’t it a Russian emigre who shot him? I think he had a criminal record and was suspected of being a Russian mob hit man.

            • I keep confusing his death with the death of Jordan’s father. The 90’s were a blur for me. Someone else’s child died mysteriously in the 90’s too but I can’t remember who.

  3. Poor woman, she looks like it has taken a toll on her – keeping the secret. I hope this is the first step on her road to recovery.

  4. Bill been a asshole he never had a clean image I never like him he also beat his wife thats why she let him cheat all them years

  5. You guys believe every f*cking thing but the will put out a complete lie and the actual facts will come out disproving the lie on hsk and you mofos will still believe the lie and attempt to find anything to discredit the facts that’s why us blacks will remain the dregs of society

    • Tired of your bullshiz….Lisa our collective ass. Or….tell us how well you kbow this woman. And how well you know Bill. Since you got all up on your feelings over it , you must have missed whatvwe all kbow. Your homie ,William Cosby, Asshole Extrodinaire has been accused of rape publicly 13 times. Well 14 now. They are all lying on ole jello pudding pops, right?

    • Kiss our ass I am a white woman who looks disturbingly like the woman in the picture. I was pursued ruthlessly by Mr. Cosby in the early 1990s. He is, imo, a sex addict and has a very low opinion of women.

  6. This story is all over the place. I can’t say whether this story is true or not but the fact remains stories about Cosby violating numerous women have been floating around for nearly a decade.
    This is not a race thing, this is about a man who has yet to be held accountable for his history of disrespect towards women.

  7. yesterday i was watching “the cosby show” online and i saw something on there disgusted me he kissed keisha knight in
    the lips!!! i know on the show their play father and daughter but kissing a man on the lips that’s not your father is sick

    also he bounces her on he’s knee he also bounce alica keys as well!!

    the incident about lisa bonet is sicken as well

    • I remember thinking that bouncy episode was weird as a kid but I have always had a paranoid mind so I thought it was just me.
      What Lisa Bone incident are you referring to?

      • Nah Cheese is wasn’t just you. I never really liked his corny show because outside of Fat Albert as a kid I never really liked Bill but I remember when Lisa left abruptly I felt like it had something to do with his nasty ass. Something in my spirit just never quite sat right with this mf

        • The only thing I remember about him and Lisa was how disappointed he was with her nude scenes in some movie and IIRC he wasn’t thrilled about her marriage to Lenny K.
          Most people took Bill’s side but it always struck me as strange that some other dude was trying to control the actions of an adult woman. I have always Lisa for being her own person and not one of Cosby’s robo fake kids.

          • I went to Jr high with Lisa and she was always a free spirit. I respected her choice to give Bill the finger and try to go on her own and yea Bill seemed a little extra heated about her and her decisions like he was her real Dad.

          • Cheese While I did not think so at the time, I am convinced that Cosby’s disgust for Lisa’s role in Angel Heart was in fact his jealousy of Mickey Rourke filming sex scenes with someone he coveted.

          • bill was jealous cause lenny was younger than he was and women were more into him.

            yes bill sexed every person on the show we know he phukked phylicia rhasaad, yes phukked vanesdsa, Sandra,.

            he gave cousin pam some jello pudding too.
            and he phukked Karen malina white, michelle Thomas kind of funnt both dated Malcolm jamal warner.

            odd also that tempest Bledsoe married daryl bell never sww that one coming.

            can’t forget lisa bonet and cree summer were lovers.

            and different world was a show about lesbians.

      • @Say Cheese

        lisa left “the cosby show” for “a different world” she only did 1 season of “a different world” maybe because she was pregnant
        or she didn’t wanted bill breathing down her neck!!

  8. Why didnt she come out sooner with this information? I dont know whether to believe her because she wouldnt be the only one. I hope this heffa aint lying.

  9. If these girls got their hush money, why are they speaking out now? Shut up!!! He got what he wanted and so did they. They just thought he would continue to pay them.

    • Everyone should shut up hey. Money was paid. That’s why this shit been happening and we didn’t know. I don’t give a f*ck if she was paid. We need people to tell the truth, no matter how much she was paid to hush up. You might like being deceived bout hollywoods sick ways, I don’t. More power to whistle blowers.

  10. She did go to lawyers a few years back, but they didn’t believe her, and didn’t want to take her on as a client. Not even Gloria Allred believed that “America’s Favorite Dad” would do such evil things. I believe her and the countless other women

      • Maybe not from Bill,but somebody paid this bitch off to come forward. You people are so stupid that you can’t see how the game is played in Hollywood. This bitch is lying. These groupies love to claim rape when they get older and their pussies are all dried out.

        • a white girl claimed james brown raped her.

          now jb would brag about telling women he had bull testicles and could do it all night.

          a white woman was all over youtube saying George Clinton raped her.

  11. These white trash whores get on my nerves trying to stir up some bullshit. If he raped her then she sure as hell would have gotten paid off him. She is lying people….this bitch is looking for some attention or hush money. She was probably one of those groupies who wanted to be around a celeb and got drunk and had sex with him on her own,then when she thought it meant more to him than just a f*ck she want to claim rape. This is old news. Black men can be so f*cking stupid. All these white whores want to do is bring a Black man down and these dumb Black morons keep going back for more. Back in the day,it was common for white women to service celebs. I bet two to one she gave it up of her own free will. White people are so poisonous towards Blacks.

    • Oh yeah. Wait till someone close to you is raped. Money fixes nothing. And if she did get paid off, he thinks he can do it over and over again cuz the worst thing could happen is he loses a few dollars. White, black ain’t the issue here, it’s rape.

      • Bitch the white man has been raping the Black race for centuries. You sell out house niggas get more upset over some random bitch then you ever feel for your own race. You Blacks are some sick twisted idiots. No wonder you were once slaves. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that is what he reaps. How many Black women have been raped by white men over the centuries. You niggas are so quick to forget that. When will justice come for the countless Blacks who suffered.

        • Two wrongs make it right. Stupidity at its finest. Bills a hero then. Let him rape as many white women as he wants then. But if look bet you find some sisters saying the same bout him. Bill, the hero raper. GTFOH.

          • No you GTFOH with your simple minded ass. You act as if you know with absolute certainty he did it. Bitch were you there? It all comes down to what you choose to believe. I believe she is just trying to get paid. Fuck her and f*ck you too.

            • Well f*ck you right back. U need to look how many complaints have been made against this man. I belive her.

      • No what a honest attitude she has. Everybody always want to forget what the Blacks suffered over the years and still are suffering because of the injustice done to them. That is what’s poisonous to me.

        • Wendy I agree. If they go after Bill, they might as well get LA, Clive, Chris Stokes, Diddy, Baby, and a whole lot of motherf*ckers. Better yet, let’s dig up them old bones of the slave masters while U at it!

          • Ain’t most them peoples gay. Try getting a man to admit they were raped. Look what happened to raz b.

          • clive will never get got hes 80 he has nothing to worry about.

            baby, puff and the rest they are going to have to piss off the whites before they go down.

        • Blacks are suffering, but that don’t mean we need to get down in the mud with redneck hee haw white trash and say a woman deserved to be raped. I thought we had more sense than white trash.


  12. Something about her story don’t sit right with me. If he had such a reputation then why was she in a position to get raped by this WELL KNOWN celebrity. Her story is not adding up to me. A man as famous as he was certainly could have had sex with a different groupie every night if he wanted to. This story is full of holes. If i felt she was telling the truth i would say fry his ass,but something is not right with her.

    • You are kidding right? You realize you are blaming the victim,,putting the responsibility on the victimized child and bot the unsavory pervert who has been accused of rape numerous times before? Your attitude is why so many rape victims never speak up. Btw, rape isn’t about lack of sex. Your little comment about how he could have sex with groupies really pissed me off because you are seriously believing that men rape because they can’t get laid? Plz, sex is about power and the need to abuse and control. Rapists literally get offon the pain and fear they cause . The abuse is sexual to them. So don’t get it twisted. That old coco eyed devil done raped Many women and I’m glad this Becky called him out.

      • Fuck that white bitch….how many Black slave women were raped. There is a time to sow and a time to reap what you sow. For all you people know she is the offspring of one of those slave masters who was raping little black girls and women. They did much more evil to Blacks. For her and all you sell outs who feel sympathy for her. Where is the sympathy for all the black women who were raped by whites and never got justice. What goes around comes around. You Blacks are so f*cking stupid to feel sorry for her.

          • You ain’t done nothing either. So just SHUT UP.
            She didn’t rape nobody. You fool.

        • Smdh. That’s your idea of equality: a black man raping a yt child? That’s supposed to be some kinda retribution? well you can have that shit, i’ll stick to wanting 40 acres and a motherf*cking Schwinn …really d on’t know what poison massa spiked the koolaid with , but some of yall seriously had too much. That’s how hell bent you are on emulating your “oppressor”- revenge rape . Just pitiful.

        • I agree no one did nothing for our women when they were being molested and raped, even the boys. Thanks for saying that cause that was something that came to mind when I saw she was white. He had to be 35 or something at the time, he might have a problem if he wanted teenage whores. And then they call his role as CLIFF HUXTABLE was “the best father role ever” blah blah… horse shit horse shit. Does anyone know about him and Lisa Bonet, she never goes to any of the cosby reunions or is seen with that cast…I don’t thknk I’m the only one who noticed. Anyone have the tee on lisa and him?

          • @Songbird

            lisa looks old and she’s married to younger white man. they even got a child together
            she looks miserable and grumpy

        • You are a pathetic woman deserves to be raped no matter must not have sisters or a mother.karma will find them thanks to your negativity.good luck looser.

          • You said it! No woman deserves rape. Surely we are better than the people who abused slaves???!!!????? I know that I am. I am not an animal. I am a human being with class, a clear conscience and good morals. I am not perfect, but I know how to act! You big mouths getting on here talking that trash!!! What have YOU ever suffered for the cause of our people???? I don’t think Dr. King risked his life in Freedom Marches for people to sit in their safe little house and talk about it being okay for a woman of any color to be raped.
            I was raised by people who told me to act like somebody and not be a fool.
            My grandma would whip their nasty asses for saying a woman deserves to be raped for ANY reason. Good heavens talk like you have sense, people!

      • Beautifully stated anon 16:14.

        And as for Jason, you are a very sad motherf*cker.
        Your anger about the treatment of black women historically is valid. But to transfer that anger to a woman today who is completely innocent of the terror which occurred in the past is pathological. For all we know her parents might be immigrants from Ireland who didn’t even come to this country until the 1900’s. Just because her skin is white does not make her complicit in the sins of slavery.

        • I agree, but Ireland is a poor example. They all became NYPD who beat the shit outta black folk.

          • Fair enough. I only used Ireland as an example because they Irish were as close as white people come to having been subject to slavery themselves. I’ll change it to Polish.

        • @Anon 16:14 Bitch you can suck my dick until you got my pubic hairs stuck between your teeth and my cum is drippong off your chin.

    • Agree with you. Let just see if what she states is true ..did she take the hush money?

    • Thank you! His nasty ass was doing that when he was going yo Clafin College in Orangeburg,SC

      • I believe it. You also have to question his wife in this situation. Who stays with a man like that? I should be nice, maybe he’s abusing her too.

        • Naw I’m not riding for a old white bitch calling rape when she was nothing but a hoe!!!

        • I never heard of this person so i know nothing about her rep.Was she really a prostitute, or promiscuous? Or are you just slinging mud because dollar tree was fresh out of confetti?

        • money makes youi tolerate things.

          Camille was benefitting some women just like to spend the money bill makes and go shopping and buy nicve things so what if bill cheats in camilles mind he can do whatyever as long as he provides.

    • You know it, a real Que dog, a nasty one too. and like most of them, he prolly a big drinker.

      • cos was a druggie his pals was miles davis and Richard pyror and jimmie jj walker and Shirley hemphill all known druggies.

  13. The hush money stopped bill not making that long money anymore I guess so it’s loose lips I agree some that I guess they assumed that could always keep bill in line with the milkshake ha

  14. I believe her why would she tell everyone? Risking being harassed by the people’s he’s a part of, I wonder why she waited so long to say something? She’s about the 5th women to say he did this? Bill, bill, bill really? I believe he also made an Indecent Proposal to Lisa Bonet and when she turned down his advances he kicked her off the show and black balled her . that’s why she hasn’t been acting all this time. I wonder what ms.Huxtable had to do to be on the show? Bill these ladies are falling out of the wood work say you did those things to them. Where was Camille? Did she know? Did she suspect. These things were going on? There’s more I’m sure to this story. But I don’t think he’ll be charged with anything he has a strong army behind him. Bill Cosby jack the ripper lol dam, just because your ol and fat and have one good eye you still did what you did bill.

  15. dat ole mofo did dat shidd this is old news he running around talking dat shidd abt family value dat y his family is f*ck up no good ole azz freak

  16. Her story is full of bullshit. Who flies across the country to be drugged and raped 3 or 4 times? I think he promised to help her with her career, and used her and threw away. She is clearly bitter. Her full story is printed here at: : “It was in a hotel in Reno, claims Bowman, that Cosby assaulted her one night in 1986. “He took my hand and his hand over it, and he masturbated with his hand over my hand,” says Bowman, who, although terrified, kept quiet about the incident and continued as Cosby’s protégé because, she says, “Who’s gonna believe this? He was a powerful man. He was like the president.” Before long she was alone with Cosby again in his Manhattan townhouse; she was given a glass of red wine, and “the next thing I know, I’m sick and I’m nauseous and I’m delusional and I’m limp and … I can’t think straight…. And I just came to, and I’m wearing a [men’s] T-shirt that wasn’t mine, and he was in a white robe.”
    A month or two later, she was in Atlantic City and says she was given another glass of red wine and felt “completely doped up again.” Confused, Bowman somehow made it back to her room, but the next day Cosby summoned her to his suite. After she arrived, Bowman says, Cosby “threw me on the bed and braced his arm under my neck so I couldn’t move my head, and he started trying to take his clothes off. I remember all the clinking of his belt buckle. And he was trying to take my pants down, and I was trying to keep them on.” Bowman says that not long after she resisted the assault, Cosby cut off contact with her and had her escorted to the airport for a flight back to Denver”

    • I was hoping somebody would post this because I knew I had read that she went back several times. To me if you were raped, and you were not a young child without a voice you would NOT have gone back several times. Disagree with me if you must, but I remember a bus driver who was an adult and knew I was in the 10th grade ask me if he could write me a letter to express his feelings for me…I NEVER took that bus again. You don’t run to f*cking danger Madam.

  17. I understand where you are coming from but why now shit she’s 47 now why the long silence

    • People are scared. People go missing, od, insane asylum. That’s why I don’t care how long it’s been. Really, the public are catching up now on how bad Hollywood is. She knew all along and was scared to death.

  18. This allegedly took place in 1974. Why didn’t she run to law enforcement? Simple answer to that question. At that time, a young white female was damned if she did and vice-versa. Her kinfolk would have been apoplectic to say the least. She didn’t want that stress. Cosby may have had latent sexual desire for Caucasian women like many in his peer group. Back in the day, getting whitewomen in bed was a big deal to blackmen in entertainment. A perfect storm it was and still is. What better way to exact revenge on Massa…Soil His Daughters! Some naive folk say this is not about race, it’s always been about race. Any interaction with their women is a political statement in and of itself… Stop Playing! Again, historical context is a necessity when discussing these stories. Brothas wanted access to them, some did it legally, others illegally. Cosby is not the only one. Rape is a deadly serious allegation, no sane woman desires all the hate that will come her way by accusing rich and powerful men of taking her treasure. Which is why these incidents get buried. We see what happened in New York with the African Sista who accused the Frenchman of sexual assault. This is the ugly truth sistas and brothas, only a few good men in Lucifer’s domain… Hollyweird, Music, Sports. All 3 genres bow to debauchery in some fashion. Women are herded like cattle more or less, it’s gotten worse. I don’t put them on a pedestal, because, none of us really know the goings on with these dudes. Gotta look at them different moving forward. 2014 will be etched in our memory. Year of The Abusers—And The Hits Keep Coming!!!

    • To answer your question….this white trash is a liar. She was a groupie who knew what she was doing and she got f*cked and now she wants to play victim. It was not rape….back in those days everybody was f*cking everybody. He did not rape her. Black people will believe anything. A few years ago i read up in this. She is a lair. She was a drug head whore who got f*cked of her own free will. Now she wants to play victim. Child please!! Tell that bitch to take a few seats.

      • You are lying. You did not read about her a few years ago. And you have no idea if she is a drug head. Even if it was consensual, what is a 60 year old married man doing sleeping with a 17 year old girl? It shows horrible judgement on his part even if it wasn’t rape. But I believe her.

        Tyrone is right, as usual.

        • She is not lying. I read about a woman who accused Bill years ago and then when they looked into her story she recanted. So you can stfu and be still bitch.

          • For argument sake, let’s claim her allegations as honest and forthright. What will happen to Cosby via the legal system? Some young prosecutor right out of law school would love the spectacle. Or, does she want hush money to get back on her feet? Cosby is a big fish, almost got NBC in his hands. So, we’re talking major dough…Stay Tuned!

            • Tyrone, I believe that nothing will come of this other than the possible further damage being done to Mr. Cosby’s already tinted reputation. Too much time has passed. There would be no evidence, just a he said she said story. There may even be a statute of limitations much like there is with the Stephen Collins child molestation case. The only crime without a statute of limitations is murder. Even the most dogged of prosecutors wouldn’t mess with a case which is not winnable. Add to that, TPTB don’t wish to see Cos subjected to complete humiliation as he is a valuable tool in their arsenal of calling out black behavior they don’t like.

            • @Anonymous

              You’re Right, nothing will come of this. Cosby is rich and influential on both sides. So, no prosecutor or politico will come at him like that simply because this happened decades ago and she is down on her luck. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, that’s how the system works. Blackmen with money are protected in the same way… Boys Club! I believe in fairness. Never been the type to defend our people doing wrong just because the victim is someone else we have beef with…Wrong is Wrong!

        • As i told Wendy, this can go either way. I don’t wanna see any brotha get put thru the jaws of death with any of this stuff. Reminds me of Herman Cain, he ran for President in 2012. A whitewoman came out of nowhere accusing him of sexual harassment and whatnot. He denied denied denied, eventually he fessed up to knowing the woman. She timed it at the worst time, dude was making a run for the White House. Again, he had no reason to bother a Becky, but he had to get a taste. It was eating him up inside. Same ppossible scenario with Cosby. A 17 year old white female alone with a blackman in 1974…Lord Knows! Whites are a big part of his fanbase, we’ll see what happens?

      • All of that may be true, but, us running to defend brothas like Cosby against allegations from the other side is short-sighted on our part. We see the bs that goes on in this country, yet, many continue to drink the Jim Jones Juice. My patience for some in hollywood is very low…Very! They cried rape while sleeping with brothas to save their asses. As a consequence, we were lynched from trees. History and knowledge of it are what get us thru. My uncle told me this when i was in middle school. “Tyrone, don’t mess with them white girls.” “Don’t even have sex with them.” A friend of his was caught red-handed by the husband of a white chick he was sexing, killed both of them on the spot…True 2 Life Story!!!

          • @Anon

            What’s Good! Wendy is justified in feeling as she does. Brothas have been put thru the ringer because of associating with the pale ones. I feel her on that. Too many of us have witnessed the insanity with respect to “The Swirl.” Our black sisters give us all we need and want in life, no need to lust another woman. Sis, i had to chuckle at you. Even if it was meant for me, i would have said some generic ish to you and kept it moving. I sound like an aggressive dude, but i’m a softy at heart.

    • Man we talking about the 70s now! Flower child, hippies, folks sleeping around. So it might be plausible.

  19. Some of you Blacks are so programmed you are quick to believe anything a white person says. Many of you may be physically off a plantation but you are still mentally there. A bunch of whitewashed sell outs. Why are the tears and cries of a white woman so much more important than those of a Black woman? Black woman all over the globe are suffering,but one white woman claims to be an alleged victim and you motherf*ckers break out the Klenex. Black people are f*cking pathetic. White women are masters at playing victim.

    • White woman can’t be victimized too? Nobody’s breaking out the Kleenex. If anything we are just disgusted by hypocritical Cos.

    • Preach my Nubian God!! Very few seem to have sense these days. Intelligence as well as critical analyzing and thinking skills are such a rare beauty these days. Good to see someone else who can cut through all the lies and misinformation and stand up for our people. Do any of you really think if a Nubian woman came out and claimed rape against a white man their people would have such empathy with the Nubian woman , do you even think they would care!? No. A lot of you black people truly suffer from Stokholm syndrome and will do all of their bidding for them—take down your own kind while elevating theirs. I see he b.s. most of you post on the regular. The ignorance is truly unsightly. smdh

  20. Anything evil somebody says against a Black man, motherf*ckers are so quick to believe it. Some white trash groupies tried this same shit on Rick James. Those bitches used to freak with him of their own free will and when he died they tried to get paid off his estate. This is the main reason these bitches target celebrities. If this bitch kept this to herself all these years….ask yourself why is she coming forward now? Something else is up with this story.

  21. I bet none of your motherf*ckers had no sympathy for RAZ B when he said he had been raped repeatedly as a kid. This is how twisted many of you motherf*ckers are. A white woman cries rape and you slaves are ready to shed tears. How many have you shed for the countless Black women who were abused throughout our history in this nation. Fuck all yall. I am having trouble feeling anything for her phony ass.

      • Really bitch,why don’t you make it your life’s mission to see that Zimmerman or that cop who murdered Mike Brown get what’s coming to them? You phony dumb f*ck!

        • Fuck him to. Fuck the cops shooting unarmed people, f*ck Obama lying arse, f*ck Hollywood, f*ck celebrities, f*ck the pope, f*ck tv, f*ck movies, f*ck just bout everything. But we’re talking bout bill. So f*ck you to. Phoney f*ck.

          • Bitch suck on this 12 inch di k i got and see just how real that is and bring your mother with you.

            • It’s not holloween yet. Take off your glok costume. And get to bed you got school tommorrow.



            • The world spells tommorrow this way, Americans and Canadians spell it with one m. Learn somthing new everyday.

    • Yeah, you are right, everybody was saying that boy is crazy and needed a straight jacket. You are absolutely right.

  22. Cosby been talkin’ trash for a couple of years now about Black folk, damn if I got his bougie elite boule back. Fuck him, tellin’ everyone to become a doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief, but his daughters are druggies. Yeah, aspire to something greater and take education seriously, but for Cosby and Camille and their ilk, it is about brandishing your professional licenses for adulation. Fuck him and Charles Barkley — one of the original poster children for NBA gone ghetto. If white folks, comin’ for Cosby now, I hope they get his condescending azz.

    • This has to be a YT troll ’cause how ignorant do you have to be to make such a foolish statement?! Oh yes. Cosby is such a horrible man because he’s teaching our youth to aspire towards greatness. Be more than just a shuck and jiving for white people rapper/athlete/entertainer. Go to school and attain a higher education, and gain some skills that they don’t want you to have as well such as critical thinking and analyzing , which many of you lack apparently, Trolls say and do the most.

      • Chelle (I’m sure your given name is prolly Chanel), I am blacker than you ever could hope to be.

        If you possessed critical thinking skills, you would see I am accusing Cosby for making education a social status symbol, rather than what we as Black people need it to be, which is a tool of advancement and survival.

        You just a thirsty low level underexposed nut who needs validation from the Black elite.

        Cosby admonishes Black folks for underachievement and misplaced goals, but does he admonish the Black elite for not helping the less privileged (and usually darker) brethren? You know most of these old hookers in these sororities and Links and these other elitist groups are principals, teachers and school superintendents? What the f*ck is the black elite doing except telling their sons to marry white and not to help another black person. Tell Cosby to tell the Black elite to open the gates and let’s ALL get to the promised land.

        Come again, Ms. Know-it-Not.

  23. Bytch, please. Watch them try to destroy him because he speaks the truth about our people no holds bar. Look at our community, we need tough love. So anyone that can be truly effective that they can’t payoff they will try to destroy. Its chess and we all better learn the game. What this man did for our people with the Cosby Show and Different World changed many of our landscapes and exposed us to things that we may never have seen. It showed the power of a fathet being in the home, intimacy among husband and wife, values, education and culture. Don’t feed into this negativity that white media is planting. There is an agenda to keep us in bondage and stay in jail, stay having kids out of wedlock, stay uneducated, stay in the nail salons, buying $200 Jordans making other peopke rich, stay have bad credit and no saving money, stay sitting in black churces getting hustled and waiting for our breakthrough, stay taking drugs. All the while

    • If you needed the Cosby show and A Different World to see that all blacks ain’t on ‘hood shit, then you really are underexposed so stand up for an elite black kneegrow who co-conspires against your very azz. What you fail to see is ‘hood ghetto mofos and the elite bougie kneegrows are at the same game, and it is against your supposed middle class azz.

      • How many people had never been out of th hood. Most people in the hood don’t have the resources to venture far from their home base. The inner city schools don’t get money for real fied trips and many will tell you they have never been out of their city. So yeah, you f*ckin right, there are a lot of peope who needed those shows to escape the hood and realize there was more outside of their Hood than what they looked at everyday. And the shows were a right on time because most of the shows that they gave us, told us that poverty was our norm. I bet you love good times, Sanford and son or the Jeffersons, the black man that made it and forgot the hood. They took him out the hood but the hood remained in him. It seems to e that you’re more f an elitist than bill is because you can’t think any further than your life experiences and think that your story applies to everyone.

        • ELTH:

          I don’t need to impress you. Yes I did love all those 70s shows when I was in my teenage years. But now that I am a grownup with some knowledge, education and insight, no I don’t love those shows. You need to look in the mirror when you accuse someone. There were always bougie and elite in black communities. Where do you think they could live before integration? Furthermore, you think the world miraculously changed because of the 1964 Civil Rights Act? The black elite had to remain with the black folk for well into the 1980s. Well, maybe in the late 1980s and 1990s I might only slightly be able to agree with you, but you are justifying black folks reliance on television when that boob tube is what is going to lead us back in chains.

          ELTH, we all have off days, I am surprised you are so wrong on this one. You are usually on point, but not this time. You really think the Cosby show was for black folks? WRONG. It was for white folks to accept black folks and get to know us. The Cosby Show was for black folks what Will & Grace was for gay folks. To make the stupid azz white privilege YTs feel comfortable around us and accept us. If Black actors got work and Black folks felt pride, well that was secondary, but not the plan.

          Cosby is a racist against Black folk, a certain kind of Black folk, of course. His emphasis on Blacks becoming part of the professional class is him really proclaiming that we are worthless if we are not professionals. Shit, if there were no motormen, how would the trains run; if there were no bus operators, how would the buses run? Well, all those municipal Black folk are employed in this here recession, so I guess they got the last laugh. Cosby knew, like you, that underfunded black school districts could not produce an abundant professional class, so why was he so down on Black folk like that? Huh?

          C’mon ELTH, you’re smarter than that.

          • I am, but I know people that never left the liberty city section of my town. I traveled I saw things and I experienced things. But i went to highschool with people who never saw the city limits sign. Lived 20 minutes from the university of Miami but still believed that white people were smarter and that the best they were ever going to do was get a job with the city or if they weregonna get rich, they had to sell drugs. These people had never had a doctor visit and the only lawyer they ever saw was the PD that sent their dad up the river. In no way did I think you had to impress me. But I was brought up in a place where people a lot of people didn’t believe they could be a doctor or a lawyer not to mention be one AND marry one. For a lot of people during that time, that television was as far as the could get away from their life. And I know TV is the idiot box, but i know quite a few people that the Huxtables help believe “they could” A lot of people had no idea what a HBCU was until school daze came out and a different world was on TV. Some people needed that show is all I’m saying and I don’t think you can put a gauge on what it meant to some peope because we don’t start he game with the same cards.

            • It might have been for white people to feel comfortable but it had a residual effect that was positive at least it was in my neck of the woods.

            • Well said Eddie well said. I may have been blessed with a very different life like you, but I too know those very same people you described so well(and without condescension I might add.)

            • Apologies ELTH. Another lesson learned for me on HSK. I saw poverty and experienced near-poverty, but not penury. So thank you. I wasn’t going to bring this up, but I know folks who worked on the Cosby show and even visited his home. They were so amazed and thrilled to be invited somehow to Cosby’s spread. Then he would either insult them, or inappropriately make a sexual comment and they were so crushed. What f*cktard would make someone feel out of place who is already nervous? Never meet your heroes I guess.

              I am glad the show was an eye opener and inspiration for Black folk who lived in shacks (no shade, but just from what you describe), but Cosby would spit on those people. He got so much to say about THOSE FOLKS, but his own bougie elite boule set are not exhorted to help the really desperately poor Black folk in this country. So, I hope we can be on good terms again ELTH.

            • It did give some peope hope. Tall a lot about the cycle being perpetuated but it applies to just ,re than baby daddys. Some people can’t show their kids any better because they dont know any better. But to be perfectly honest with you I think we are a lot worst off now than we were then all because of entertainment. We had the Cosby show, a different world, living single, Roc and Martin. And the worst thing you can say about those shows was Cole was stupid. But for the most part, they were black people who had morals and standards. But as I think about it I only as those shows maybe once or twice a month. But if you ask me, Mona Scott is murdering black people. They make sure the kids watch that mess, they play it 10 times. Week and if you don’t catch It then, you can watch that shit on line. If you missed the episode back in the day, you had to wait months to see it. But most people in Hollywoodare dirty. And Bill probably is taking advantage of those women. I just ask that they expose all hollywood predators with the same fervor.

            • Well I never met him and that is f*cked up. I never have any faith in celebrities but if I don’t hear any thing bad, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Shit in that case, then f*ck Bill Cosby, thanks for the shows but f*ck him as a human and that’s as far as it goes.

            • Ok, it’s all water under he bridge, I extend an live branch. Sorry for the misunderstanding but hey, that’s what communicating is for. We can always fix It, it’s all love.

            • ELTH:

              I wonder what happened that the television from the 1990s didn’t follow through to the millennium. I think it was to build our trust in television and then poison the minds of our children. It is a shame that there are folks who don’t know. The moral compass used to be provided by the Black church, now it is just a gospel coon fest, get rich scheme for the “pastor” and a pedophile buffet for the queers in the choir. You can blame television for becoming corrupt, because it always was and it is Hollyweird, but the Black Church fell down and let the congregation down.

              It saddens me that Black folk are in such a dire condition that we blindly put faith in black folk who conspire against us. Look at how many folks went to see Obama inaugurated and he acts like we are his poor cousins from the other side of the tracks. My position is to just let these kneegrows who feel entitled because of their race to talk ish about poor back folk to see how tenuous their position is when we stop our kneejerk reaction to their existence. When they can’t be seen as “exalted” among their own, YT won’t have no use for them and will dispose of them with a quickness.

              Thanks for the olive branch. It really is all love. Peace.

            • You hit the nail on the head for the most part but as you know everything goes a little deeper. I will get a little deeper but it goes Deeper than what I’m going to go here. But it can be attributed to the white standard and which revolves around the dollar bill. As you you blacks have been brainwashed to think that the white way is the standard to follow and where he bar was set. As you things happen in phases, but this is also how the white man did it. BUT what most don’t realize yet is that it’s about the dollar and evil, not black and white. But anyway, the white man gets his first and the black man follows with the same thing about 50 years later but the Evil was is ushered in on the back of the poor white man that steals from the black man (the artists like Elvis and Jerry lee Lewis). But the madness started before music but I will go back that far. Ok as you know he white artist start with music because they start with audio first, if you can pallet the thought of something Then you will accept the sight of it. So white people took music, did rock and roll which was the first shock to the country. Then came the TV, they did their white shows and they were family oriented leave it to beaver and Dennis the menace. Then they started doing stuff with girls in shirt skirs like happy day. But you get where I’m going. So they give us our music and our firstcommercial shock music was little richard, then we had funkadelic. Ok I have established the pattern, the whites do it first, then blacks see a lot of money in it and we say give us ours. Ok, so we start getting out tv shows, we get the old cool stuff like good times, because that’s familiar to most during that time. So. Now we are sucked in to TV. Now while we got the 70s tv shows, white people took their music up a level and gave them Kizz, Metallica, judice preast (I know it’s spelled wrong) but you get my drift. So we get out god stuff now, we come off of different strokes and Webster, to have the Huxtables. And that’s when we gout our over the top music, it was rap but it was NWA and Luke skywalker. Once we accepted those two things on the radio, they knew they could put anything on the television and we would ingest it. But the music and the TV belong to satin, and it’s not about black and white it’s about souls, it’s just been set up for blacks to follow whites. Because white I right, right? So it going the way they want it to. People understand supply and demand When it comes to merchandise but not when it comes to entertainment. Had we never had this gangster rap and all of the negative stuff we buy into, we would neve miss it. Just like old nasty ass bobby womack said in a song “you can’t miss what you never had”. See when we start stuff it starts out right especially music. Because when we started rapping It was positive to the most part but when hem boys started telling the truth and teaching people through rap is when they had to change I up. Because gangster rap came ou at the heigh of conscious rap, I shouldn’t day height but It was positive and the enemy know the power of words. See words are spirt because Go spoke everything into existence so words are spirit, but that a conversation for another day. But I know I left out blues and funkidelic music but this post is already too long.

            • True. I always say there is a 30 year cycle. What will take blacks down 30 years later it will take down whites. How whites moved up, blacks will move up in 30 years. But as with all Satanic shit up is really down and down is really up, but up into the satanic realm.

              You’re right. Gangsta rap started with F the police, and it had credibility. It almost immediately went to bitches, hoes and droppin’ a nigga? WTF??

              We have to constantly hold folks in the media accountable. When they get outta pocket, we gotta check them or withhold our support. Look at Cee-Lo Green? What the hell happened? I use to love his flow, but I won’t support his weirdo ass now.

              I agree, TV is the devil’s domain and Funkadelic was about the parties, women, drugs, etc. It was the Black folk’s Hippie Countercultural thing. It was not positive.

              God only knows what change agent for Black folk Pres. Obama is. We will find out when he leaves office.

            • Man I got so much information and sometimes it gets aught up in auto correct and it doesn’t come across lie I want it to al, the time. But we all need to find a way to share what we have. Social media is a catch 22, it’s easy to contact eachother but we have no idea how to assemble. Damn, I love my people!!! I really do.

            • The crazy thing is that the person that is sitting in that seat has no power. He says what they give him to say or he dies. We have no choice, he is there to make us think we do…..please, please, forget about the dude that sits there, he has less power than if you and I got together and made something happen. I won’t get to into it on here but we are slaves, 99 percent of the worlds population are slaves, no if and or buts about it.

    • Miss Thang, and I should use the B word, unless you gonna talk about the State of Black America in a 360 degrees way and indict ALL RESPONSIBLE PARTIES, then no, you have several seats.

  24. This shit got Illuminati written all over it. Something Bill was supposed to do and failed to do so they using this MK ULTRA bitch to frame him. I know how they work.

  25. Remember that white whore who claimed Kobe raped her and then it came out later she had been f*cked by 3 men in one night of her own free will. The DNA don’t lie people. She even told one of her coworkers that she was going to get Kobe to f*ck her.

    • Kobe ain’t neva fuxxed with sistahs, and ain’t ’bout the black community, so f*ck him, let the beckys take his cash.

      Why y’all stannin’ for black folk who hate black folk?

      Stockholm Syndrome

      • You totally missed the point. It went right over your head, why am i not surprised? You act like you got Down’s Syndrome.

        • No, it went right over your head. You so busy catchin’ feelings over a man who would ask you to take the paper brown bag test before he asked you your name. If I have Down’s Syndrome, you got Brown Nose Syndrome.

      • tell brandy that but hey thast was probably BEFORTE HE STARTED PHUKKING WHITE GIRLS.

  26. Fuck that white bitch trying to use her shit to get over f*ck her she was a mistress not a victim!!!!!

      • 12. Count them,12 other women had said the same thing. And he has paid to keep it outta the court. Sounds like somthing mj would do. Facts over emotion. Youz the ones emotional.

    • I am standing by Bill 1000%. I believe she is a lying whore who priced her p*ssy out the game and now she is feeling used.

      • Why would she do this. She got a family, a good job, home. With Hollywood getting exposed everywhere she felt like it was a safe time for it. Your all in ya feelings bout bill. Why.

        • Same reason you are all into your feelings about her. Every time there is a successful Black man here comes some White bitch claiming rape. Those hoes be spreading it wide open for these brothers. Go to any NBA game and count the amount of white trashy ass whores looking to hook up with a baller. You people are so gullible. Bill was a positive image for millions of Black kids on the Cosby show and the elite hated that image for a Black man. Bill is being set up.

          • The elite put the show on in prime time. They gave him that show. Ever think he was one of them. Remember a lot of people who are in positions are most deceitful people around. Fuck image. Did he speak up about Rodney king, ferguson, any black plight. No he didn’t. Why didn’t he, if he cared so much?

            • Bullshit, Bill wigged out when the Rodney King verdict came out. There was no Internet in 91′ no social media, but you are telling a lie when you say He didnt say anything. The great thing about the internet is that it’s retroactive. Google it, Mr. Cosby spoke out

            • Had a look ed couldn’t find anything. But he told the rioters to stop what thier doing to watch his show. If you got link, I will watch it.

          • Guess he never hung out at the Playboy mansion either, with his positive ass. Guess when he did, he was there to go over strategies on how to uplift our people.

  27. …And this pudding pop-sucking Coon had the nerve to all of a sudden talk shit about poor(er) blacks, blaming all their problems on ‘$200 sneakers,’ when he’s raping women? What kind of shit is that? Like Michael Eric Dyson said, Cosby rode the wave of Civil Rights and the so-called black progress that followed it to major success without actively participating in it, then he all of a sudden wants to be a speaker on black issues in middle age. Ole fake, self-important douche. Fuck Cosby and those two Boule advertisements he called sitcoms.

        • LOL. Isn’t it sickening how some people are trying to turn an article about a serial rapist into a race thread?

          • @Say Cheese–It’s even more sickening that you replied to my comment talking shit about me without mentioning my name as if I or others wouldn’t know who you were talking about. And to answer your question, no, I’m not trying to shift focus on the article, as several so-called ‘Anonymous’ Trolls on here do on the daily–I simply called shit like I saw it. You don’t like, don’t reply. Nothing ‘sickening’ about that simple concept.

            @Jason–Who are you referring to?

            • Nah I wasn’t talking about you Raheim nor was I replying to you. My comment was in reference to Jason and Sheila. I actually agreed with your comment.

            • @Say Cheese–Yeah, I thought that after scrolling up some and seeing how Jason’s dumb ass was trying (and failing) to defend the Pudding Pop Rapist in damn near every post. My bad for my presumptuousness.

      • @Jason–You got some shit to say to me, punk-ass bitch, then say it! People like you are little more than wads of gum on the sidewalk of life, worshiping others who don’t know you exist and wouldn’t spit on your bitch-ass if you were on fire? Get a f*cking sense of identity and a backbone before trying to come at me because I went at your equally bitch-made hero.

        • There is a lot to this story. First I want to tell you that, ever since you posted that link by Steve Cokley, I have been looking at his videos. That Brother was the real deal, we need to more like him, but we also need to be more like him. I have nothing but respect for the dude. And I believe that he was killed in that Hospital. Thanks fr th light brother. But speaking of Boule, I think that’s what has gotten him past his other accusations, his affiliation to the Boule. But the only thing positive about Cosby to me, was his show. But as Brother Cokley pointed out these dudes are nothing more than offensive lineman for the people playing QB. But Cokley owned Irv Rubin, he made them show their true colors, that was crazy. Rubin lost his cool and exposed his peoples mentality. But Thanks again man

          • @ELTHP–No problem, man, glad I could put you and others on to such an important and impactful person as Steve Cokely, and you’re not the only one who thinks he was killed–The information he put out there pretty much ensured that, unfortunately. I’ll have to take another look at the Rubin incident, as it’s been a while, but I do remember him damn near breaking down at the end and showing his true colors.

  28. we all know white women lie about black men!!

    even my friend is saying this bitch is lying white women or people love to cash in on black people success. black people we need
    to distances them selves from white people. what black people fail to see white people love money!!!

    remember back on 2011 a white woman called bonnie sweaten (a skanky looking becky) cheated on her husband and said a black man raped her!
    susan smitch drown her children in a lake and blamed a black men just because this fat bitch was having an affair

    when it comes to white people take it with a pinch of salt they lie they ain’t perfect

    • You are bringing up situations that are unrelated to this particular case.

      I wish some of you all would do your research especially in situations such as this. Cosby just paid off another woman who claimed he drugged her with Benedryl and raped her. He is a sexual predator who the mainstream media constantly protects because he’s Bill Cosby. Now why are you taking the side of a man like Bill Cosby?

      • Girl , you ain’t never lied. As soon as I started researching, there is just so much out there about his sexual assaults. I mean this shit is KNOWN. He just settled a case some years back that was practically a class action suit, there were several women who sued him together (based on the fact that they had initially got to k now him in a business context that became personal and he uses his position in the entertainment biz to intimidate and destroy careers of women who didn’t comply). Guess what . He settled it. Paid them off!!! Oh yes he is an old sorry dirtyass bastard for sure. He has done so much dirt and I can’t believe ignorant fools are on here mad cuz she is white and our ancestors were once enslaved. That’s some ignorant bullshit right there.

        • The media covers Cosby’s ass every time. Cosby should’ve been in prison a long time ago. You can’t tell me he isn’t in good with the elites. They can claim his ass because I don’t want him.

          • Exactly! I can say on here that I’m 37, so why don’t I remember any of the accusations or the settlement as breaking news like Kobes shit was?

            • Well, one (if not the main) reason Cosby has been able to keep his dirt under wraps is due to his wife having Boule connections.

  29. I believe the lady.
    Why wouldn’t he take it?
    He was in a power position and thought “no ones gonna believe her”..

    He was a married man fooling with a 17 yr old.
    There are laws about statutory rape.

    I’m sure she’s not the only one.

  30. He is a n word from Philly. Its hard to contain my shock and awe. He is senile now so regardless of law he will spend his remaining years, rich, weeing on himself yelling truthful stuff about black people at inappropriate times, reminiscing about better days that we have yet to see or can only imagine. Sad he leaves no legacy. The son died, the oldest daughter an addict and the younger one would rather run a boutique that sells hooker toddler shoes from my understanding. Wish i knew the name but the one with his nose.

  31. bill doesn’t like the younger generation for saying the n word.












  33. Remember the famous Cosby Show scene where boule Bill was bouncing little girls on his knee? In 1986, black people thought it was cute. In 2014, that scene makes him look like he is a big time pedo. It’s really scary. It’s a miracle boule Bill has been able to hide this scandal for so long.

  34. If this old white chick was the only one claiming rape against boule Bill, then I would call her a opportunistic cave bitch. Since Lisa Bonet and Sabrina LeBeauf have accused boule Bill of sexual harassment and sexual assault, I have no choice but to believe that boule Bill is nothing like the character he played on The Cosby Show. Boule Bill is a sexual predator similar to Darren Sharper.

  35. Bill’s son Ennis got plucked on the highway as a blood sacrifice for his success and for being in the presence of that devil White woman he was with that day.That’s what happens when you lust after the Children Of Cain.

  36. Some conspiracy theorists say the white demons are slowly attacking and killing our famous black American heroes. They list Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as examples. They believe Bill Cosby is next. First of all MJ and crack head Whitney are no heroes of mine. Second, if you did the crime, you need to be brought to justice. I believe boule Bill drugged and raped a bunch of women. He should be arrested. All of these women that have accused boule Bill of sexual crimes can’t be wrong.

    If the white demons were to go after a famous black American, they should go after Quincy Jones. That piece of shit should be sprayed with gasoline and burned after all of the shit that he has done.

    • Thank you, thank you NBA. Some folks think this is not about race, uhm, yes it is.

      I don’t know how old you are, but everything that was said about white folks in the 1960s 1970s can now apply to black folk. I don’t think that is progress. Sorry thing is the blind among us, and there are many still say, “YT or white folks” when they hear about pedophilia, bestiality, devil worship, serial killings, patricide and matricide, etc.

      Drugs are a gateway to demonism, which is why in Islam you are not executed for drug possession, but the official charge is sorcery.

      Bill had this predilection for sexual deviance and he was chosen for ISpy because of what was seen in his soul, not his talent. But they still made him do that Blaxploitation movie.

      • I know that’s right. i watch the ID channel like it was paying me to do so, and the biggest shock to my system is the revelation of how many black serial killers there’s been in the last 10 years. I mean, they’re still rare compared to YTs, but 25 years ago you never heard of one. I too believe drug use is behind a lot of it. And I don’t mean hood residents smoking crack.

        • Thank for the cosign. Black folks are into all kinds of weird shit, shit That was only the domain of white folks. Too much TV programming and drug use.

          Our Black folk have cut our spiritual DNA just to “advance” in the white man’s realm.

      • Right cus back in the day coke was called the white mans drug. Niggas couldn’t wait to try it. That’s really how crack took off.

  37. Two of America’s favorite television dads have been exposed; Stephen Collins and Bill Cosby! I find this very interesting. Terrible that these two sexual predators will never go to prison. I guess Jerry Sandusky should have been a hollywood celebrity instead of a college football coach.

  38. I believe this lady unfortunately. Black people in this country are so celebrity obsessed it’s scary! You don’t know these weirdos behind closed doors. Nothing surprises me. Hell, look at Michael Jackson.

  39. NBA Fixed, do you have industry connections. You post up here and on Rhymes With Snitch like you know things. You’re always ranting about Claudia Jordan!

  40. This is all bullshit….Bill is being set up. The Illuminati is targeting celebrities these days. He didn’t rape her. They had sex but it was not rape. When will you people see their pattern and how the Illuminati works. Don’t be so easy to believe everything you hear. Bill is innocent of this. Yes he was a womanizer, but so are many men, that does not make them rapist. The Illuminati will use whatever they know about your personal issues to destroy you. Why do you think they backed off that NFL players who was on this site a few months ago. Now those same women who claims he raped them have recanted. Why do you think they did that? Learn how the Illuminati works people when they are targeting a celeb. The smear you first and then if you don’t bow to that they will kill you. Bill is innocent of this. All he is guilty of is cheating on his wife. He is being set up just like many other were.

  41. Pudding man is a joke…always has been to me……Illuminati ain’t setting this man up…all these celebs do this…duh….Illuminati already got Bill in 90s by way of his son Ennis….Bill overstepped his zone then does his bidding dissing blk ppl

  42. @dopegamebaby
    This is how this shit happens. The Cos backed off when they got his son. But check it out; he must still have a SHITLOAD of money. He’s old too. He’s probably trying to set up some kind of deal before he dies. Like buy majority of shares in some company that’s important to the illuminati.
    So those illuminati weasels go up to this crazy, over the hill, washed-up woman and say, “want money? Want to be famous? Just do us this little favor.”
    I bet any of you here real money that she “commits suicide” after this whole thing plays out.
    the cos did an interview and the whole time he was making the “have mercy” Freemason hand symbol which is an upside-down triangle. My neighbor is a mason and he showed me a chart with all the masonic degrees.
    And one of them (the sixteenth I think but can’t remember right now) is called the “Prince of Mercy” represented by an upside down triangle.
    Why would he schedule an interview just to say he didn’t want to do an interview? It was to send a signal to the illuminati that he surrenders. And all those illuminati are or were masons.

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