August Alsina Ambushed By Ratchet Relatives!


“Who f*ckn do u think u r dude … yo b*tch AZZ scared to cum to New Orleans hoe u ain’t gon come cuz u know wats up b*tch.”

It looks like August Alsina just pulled a Trump on at least one ratchet relative. In a move reminiscent of The Donald’s infamous live-on-TV play on Sen. Lindsey Graham, putting the number to Graham’s cell on blast — so too has August aired out one very foul family member’s personal digits! Know how? The 23-year-old “Testimony” posted a screenshot of a set of turnt texts, along with the number the texts were sent from, to his IG and Twitter accounts with the caption “Messages from my family.

“This fame shit got my whole family gone backwards! WATCH these people on your way up.” ~August Alsina

There’s no question that the triggering messages are clearly based on malice, sent to the “Song Cry” singer by an obviously jealous and bitter bully that can’t stand bearing witness to true testimony of talent emerge from New Orleans’ Very Own, August Alsina. Don’t you agree?

Check the word:

“One of his family members is alleging that August is gay and that his whole album was a lie. The family member claims he was never homeless, and they stated that he had his own brother killed.”

Take a look at the texts:



  1. Honey! He is coming down those stairs like one old grand dame, and whoever took the picture , he sure is posing for them in his luxurious gown/robe. I know a queen when I see one!

  2. Gay, Gay, and more Gay. Another one bites the dust. They can't hide it, the penis zestyness oozes out

  3. like George Clinton said back in the 70's who is this bitch.

    but seriously this guy looks like hes doing a gay ad for backpage.

  4. August is trade. That's old tea. He was landing wherever the wind blew based on who would help keep a roof over his head and pay his bills. I'm curious to know what August's "mystery illness" was that almost took him out. He has been looking scary skinny ever since.

  5. Before August became famous I have family in N.O. that know his family and friends and they said he was gay back then as well so it's pretty much old news.

    • They never fooled me with those false groupie tales about him with girls. That was made up to throw people off. The industry is loaded with homos and you can't get a deal unless you giving up some dick and ass.

  6. I think he was in the hospital because he got roughed f*cked by too many dudes and damage was done. I don't know why but i feel that strongly.

  7. Whatsoever is in the dark will eventually come to the light. God's word, not mine. No man will ever make a liar out of God.

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