Apollo’s Slangin’ Autographs For $6.99!

Apollo Nida is a Joke

Could Apollo Nida be the living proof that you can’t turn a Hu$tler into a TV husband? I don’t know, but I can tell you.. The RHOA fallen star is pushin’ his autograph, white tees and more of those Donkey Booty units!

This news comes as sources say Apollo’s “close to finalizing a plea deal with the U.S. government in his identity theft and fraud case.” As the countdown to the big day begins, $6.99 is dude’s asking price for a “Phinebody autographed card”, and $13.99 for a signed “Nidafitness T Shirt”. Not too sure if that includes packaging and shipping, but you get the drift…




  1. He gotta find a way to pay them legal fees that I’m sure are pretty high, especially if he is trying to get less time as possible

  2. Judgement Day will be upon us soon, and we will see if he skates with a hefty fine and settlement, or gets put up under the jail!

  3. I don’t think even Ebay or Amazon would sell these for 99 cents….SMDH! No one is looking for his pretty boy ass but the rump-ranglers waiting to to toss his salad in prison….SMDH!

  4. He should have been hustling t shirts and cards from the start instead of stealing folks retirement savings. I wouldn’t pay for it, but that’s me. Someone is desperate enough to buy it…

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