Apollo Nida Wants Millions from Phaedra, Says She Hid Assets!

apollo nida phaedra millions divorce settlement

According to sources, Apollo Nida is asking for his estranged wife, Phaedra Parks, to pay him millions of dollars in the form of personal property and several businesses.

Since their divorce hasn’t really been finalized, Apollo has the opportunity to renegotiate the divorce settlement. He thinks Phaedra was withholding assets they both attained during their marriage, and he wants his cut!

He’s also asking for joint legal custody of their two sons…after he gets out of prison, of course.

Do you think he deserves it?


  1. Of course Apollo deserve half of everything. That’s what happens once people get LEGALLY MARRIED! Dumb jackass batty fish muddacunt LOL

  2. He looks like he enjoys watching a dick being sucked. He’s probably having a ball in prison, giving & taking.

  3. What’s the point he won’t get to keep any of the money anyway. It will go to all the people whose lives he ruined. He is stupid beyond measure.

  4. Phaedra is going down soon. She is under investigation for numerous crimes.

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