Apollo Nida Busted for Committing Credit Card Fraud While in Prison

According to a jail mate currently being held at the same prison as the RHOA’s star, Apollo Nida, is being held in the shoe after the prison caught him doing credit card fraud on his cellphone. The inmate says that Apollo was paying inmates $200 a pop for their credit cards. The inmate claims Apollo could face an additional time added to his sentence for the transgression.

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  1. Boom Mic, really??? Please do real journalism due Justice! What exactly did Appolo do? Inmates are not allowed to have cell phones, so please tell the whole story.

    • Ok when did prison start letting inmate have cell & computer only card he using is a damn calling card

  2. If this is true. a) Apollo still hasn’t learned his lesson b) How did he get the cell phone? c) Did he use those credit cards to buy that engagement ring? d) Is his new gal as blind to Apollo’s shenanigans as Fakedra was or is she a ride or die?

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