Amber Rose Lost Count of Her Sexual Partners

amber rose sexual partners

Amber Rose has revealed she has been ran through so many times, she has lost count of the number of men she has let hit.

The former stripper revealed the info to Ty Dolla Sign on the season finale of her talk show.

“I’m 32-years-old, I’ve been around the block a few times, I’m not going to sit there and count. Especially all the times I said he could put the head in, then take it out, does that count? Because I used to be so good for that, I was the queen of that.” – Amber Rose

Ty then told Amber it shouldn’t matter how high her body count is, because whenever he asks girls their exact number, he doesn’t believe them anyway.

According to Ty, if a woman says she has only been with 10 men, “that means about 100.”

Men, would you care if a woman told you she couldn’t remember how many d*cks she took during her lifetime? Sound off in the comments!


  1. This slut whore skank tramp cunt made her choice to do all of this in order to make some kind of a come up like she has today. She is another tired puppet like the rest of the loser coons out there.

    • Most men don't bother to discuss/chronical their sexploits.
      They tend to accept themselves as if that's apart of them being defined as men & keep it moving.

      When women do it they're shameful whores.??
      When guys do it they're….men. ??

    • Women aren't supposed to compete with men!…Men aren't internal, women are!…Men can separate his Dick from his heart, women Can't!…Now a lot of us lie, and say that we can, but that's not the case, we weren't created that way!…We have to connect to our men, and our babies!…A woman's vagina is the gateway to her subconscious ((inner mind), Every man that we f*ck leaves an imprint, especially if he ejaculates inside of you, or leaves his semen!…Everything that a man feels about you, you feel that, even if you don't admit it, that's how we know if the nigga desires another woman, that intuition about your man is straight from your vagina, to your mind!…We naturally have sex with the man, that we want to give our selves over to! That's why we feel compelled to submit to them, trust me, that dick is a magic stick, and they've been abusing us with them!..protect your mind, because the Amber Roses of the world have been tought to behave that way by men, Ambers thinking is all "Patriarchal"! She's pushing the mans agenda, an easy lay, with no pay, and dick from a man, that has no intentions to stay!????

      • To be honest I feel like men cant separate their feelings from sex either, the whole world has just badgered them into thinking they can. I see so many men who are just damaged, expressing this hurt by abusing women and I realize its because they sleep with the most depraved women and are carrying around that bad aura everywhere they go.

        • @Sarah! Men have the capability of separating the two, they can turn that shit off, and on like a light switch, if they choose too!….Young men, are badgered into beliving that they should disconnect, and spread themselves, by men and women!…However, for the most part, that's the majority of this generation s thinking process, now is it a healthy or organic, way of thinking?…Absolutely not, but how many, well informed, intelligent, self loving, responsible people, much like yourself I'd gather, are raising their children properly, and protecting their minds, from outside corruption???…I've done that, but I actually gave a f*ck, you know!…Fucked up people, destroy their children, and allow others to as well!…Each individual makes vup society, and there you have it!…Your absolutely correct, but that's my point in a nutshell, we're are not in our natural state of mind, we've all been manipulated, and terror formed, and in some of our children's cases, they're to the point of no return sadly!…It's all conditioning baby, and those men are out here torturing vaginas, its cyclical!….✌✌✌

          • Excuse my typos! I'm having an off day! Hopefully, you get the gist! I love men, real men!…But remember, they start out as innocent, loving, trusting, impressionable little boys, that needs love, attention, and proper guidance!…If we as women, and mothers can't provide that, then please, do us all a favor, and stop having children!…I take parenting, very seriously, we are GOD to our children in the early stages, because we determine whether they live or die, and whether or not, they can flourish on their own, and produced e sound minded children, after we're long gone!✌✌✌✌✌

              • @Anon22:37! Yes in my real everyday life Bitch!…This is just a blog hoe, and that's all you can say!….You're a persistent little whore, I give you that!…I have a husband, children, employment, and loving friends!..You obviously don't, you lonely bitch! That's why you search for my comments, trying vigorously to troll me!…No matter what you say on here, you don't matter, no one cares, and you're still hurt over something that I said, because its facts!.Only a hit dog will holler, and you little doggie, obviously been hit!? Look at the little Chihuahua trying to nip at the Queens heels!????? What a f*cking loser, yo!???

        • @Anonymouse!…Thank you baby!…I respect and love life!…I may be brash at times, I admit that, but I don't waste time playing with people's emotions, or bullshitting around!…I say what I have to say, how I want to say it, and I can agree to disagree!…I can be silly, yes!..But by no means am I a fool!…Thank you, for actually taking the time to notice that, instead of being a butt hurt troll, over some of my more inflammatory comments!✌✌✌✌✌

  2. Amber Rose was never counting those bodies, she was just knocking them down, while trying to come up!….?????

    • And…let us not forget the countless CASH/CHECKS/CREDITS/OTHER GIFTS she received for the the vast majority of ?"bodies she knocked down that she quickly/conveniently forgot about while trying to come up!"?

      • I know! A bunch of worthless junk!….It all depreciates, and it damn sure ain't worth it, having to do all of those indignant, debauched acts!…She's a sick, lonely woman! Truth be told, most of these whores want to be wives!..They want to be respected, and loved!…Now isn't that some contradiction for your ass?????

  3. And this streetwalker whore is now advising women on relationships?

    Prostitution is a business relationship, not a personal romantic relationship.

    • @Anonymouse!…That ain't even the tip of the iceberg okay!…There are actual fools in the world, that's actually following this cheap trick, straight to Hell!..Eyes wide shut, and tortured p*ssy bust wide open!…I can't with this debased ass society!…like I said before, most of society is just parts, and labor, nothing more than automatons! ✌✌✌✌✌

      • Cosign to the max! Where and on what street corner did the population lose its mind to follow this call girl?

    • If the comments were about her looks you might be right, but she keeps putting her sexual behavior on blast and everyone here is just calling a spade a spade, since she has no problem doing it to herself.

      • @Anoyn10 :18! Thank you! There's a lot of butt hurt people on this site!…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!….Everyone isn't going to find Amber attractive, and she's not that to be honest with you! She used to be pretty, but her looks have faded considerably, and everevern more so the more she speaks!..She's a f*cking bimbo! I don't care if she was the finest woman on earth, it doesn't stop my flow, or curb my sexuality in the least, in other words, I'm still getting mines!??????Kanye West, said it best, " the prettiest people, do the ugliest things, for the road to riches, and diamond rings", okay! And he should know, he's f*cking these hoes!???????

        • My man wouldn't want that bald headed prostitute! When we were just friends before we started dating, he said she looked like a f*cking mannequin with no wig in a store window and it freaked him the f*ck out. So not every person finds her cute, boo.

  4. Between her and Claudia Jordan- WHHHYYYY do they keep discussing how many partners they've had????? Ladies- stay beautiful and keep the partner numbers private!!

  5. And she acts like that's something to brag about smfh i can't with this generation and all the f*ckery

    • @xoxo!..Facts dumpling!…But don't say anything contrary to anyone's else's belief's, because that makes you a jealous hater!((Rolling eyes, sucking teeth)!??????? A woman's true beauty never fades, because it's what she encompasses on the inside, like intelligence, kindness, temperance, wisdom, unconditional love, understanding, and enough will to maintain all of things throughout her life time, without waiver, but what do I know, I'm just a hater!????????✌✌✌✌

  6. I like Amber; I've watched her show & listened to her point of view. IMO though, I feel she is being used to promote meaningless sex. She doesn't talk about sustaining a real realtionship or real relationship issues. Also, from the episodes of her show that I did watch, she didn't talk about the ramifications of all this kind of sex; unwanted pregnancy, or STDs. If you have as much sex as she makes herself out to have had, you will get 1 of the 2. JMO.

  7. Ladies… the real key to a man having his "switch" on or off is whether or not his "switch" is on or off ALREADY GOING IN… what i mean is if a man is open having a serious relationship after sex, he will be open minded to a relationship long before the relationship starts. if his switch is OFF or you don't know or are not sure, just have him wait for sex. this allows time for his "switch" to turn on and gives him time to prepare his mind and body for a relationship. this is one reason even grown men will tell you to have a man wait a short while for sex… keep it simple…

    • @Anon21:10! Facts!…Well stated!….However, a lot of us are broken, and the man may want to commit to a particular young lady, and then his pathology kicks in!…. No matter how much he loves, and adores you, if he's damaged psychologically, he will shut down, and short circuit!…Even I shut down, and short circuit on a brother occasionally, I start to feel smothered, and overwhelmed, but I choose to take a higher path, because I know that my baby can't be replaced!…A man has to feel like your irreplaceable as well, and most times, that's not the case….Women have to understand that, when dealing with any man, even the great ones, you must be prepared to weather the storm, because they aren't monogamous by design, but by choice!✌✌✌?✌

  8. Amber was abused as a kid ..turned stripper at 15..trying to fool young girls into thinking her messedup life is normal,
    to make her self feel better.

    Wats sad is men hyping up abused they wife material.

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