Amber Rose Cheating On Machine Gun Kelly With Odell Beckham Jr.

amber rose odell beckham jr

Amber Rose is cheating on Machine Gun Kelly and smashing Odell Beckham Jr.

In a move that surprises nobody, Amber Rose is already stepping out on her new boyfriend.  Her and MGK went public with their relationship recently so you would think that Rose would stick with the rapper for a little longer.

amber rose odell beckham jr 2

The super THOT and celebrity chaser was seen with Beckham at a bar in Brooklyn and several sources saw them getting close with each other.   They were later seen leaving together, and you can bet it wasn’t to get late night food.

Machine Gun Kelly’s new tour has kicked off and Amber has been nowhere to be seen, so she’s either creeping with the New York Giants receiver, or she’s kicked Kelly to the curb.



  1. Given her reputation, it’s kinda hard to have sympathy for him or anyone else she messes around with. The truth hurts.

  2. Out of the three people listed in this post, you felt the need to only point out one person reputation and its conveniently the white girl? Stop hating on white girls. Its not their fault they get more play than everybody else!! Everyone listed in this post is a THOT especially MGK.

    • Nobody is pressed for white girls more than your dumber than dumb coon butt wipe is. White girls have always been easy and sleazy to play with. Odell Beckham is in line just like everyone else. If Amber is that ba of a bitch, she wouldnt still be tricking for her baby pampers. This broad is trying to land another baller but she fails at getting the dotted line sign….no why fuqboi????? Too many mileage and the wear n tear cannot be replaced. This broad is burnt out and a pass around joke to the industry. #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter

      • It seems like you are a jealous of Amber. She was with Kanye West for years and was MARRIED to Wiz Khalifa….so I’m not sure what dotted line she is failing to get signed???!??? HSK just stated that Kanye STILL calls her to the point that Kim is insecure about it. Again, why the jealousy? Just because you can not defend black males on their undying love of white women does not mean you should bully the white girl. #HowShay

  3. I’ve seen Amber look better. Not a very flattering pic. For any guy to take her seriously is mind-boggling.


    • That is Wiz Khalifa’s exWIFE you are referring to and whether you find her a hoe or not, isn’t the issue because at the end of the day a black man married her and she will get married again if she chooses.

  5. Odell is another half retard country bumpkin with no sense whatsoever. The new OJ Simpson.

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