Althea Slangin’ Kitty Kat In Dubai?!

    althea dubai2

    It looks like the ladies from The Real Housewives of Atlanta aren’t the only ones in the “Dubai datebook.” Former Love & Hip Hop star Althea is livin’ it up and lounging on yachts while her baby daddy Benzino is struggling to keep his restaurants open back in the States!

    Althea posted pictures of herself in a club and made sure that her man (sponsor?) was in the shot, too.

    “Althea is winning on vacation in Dubai posting jusssst enough new man in the pic to piss Benzino off LOL.”

    althea dubai

    althea dubai3

    Who do you think her mystery man is?

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    1. All the photos show the same outfit. Was this a before sunrise photo on the boat after a night of partying cause she looks like she’s seasick holding on to those rails.

    2. All these girls in the industry ain’t nothing but tricks who get turned out and passed along. These LHHATL/ and real housewives chicks are nothing but hoes anyway. That’s the only real value that they have unfortunately.

    3. daaam that all them bitches on tv are just using reality shows to sell pussy in dubai and on the internet.. they go to foreign countries like dubai cause its easier and no one knowing what you doing, when they are selling there pussy to rich business men, ceo’s n shiit. Its all a ploy to sell pussy!!!! them bitches know that.. thats why they try to hide their sponsor who probably paid for a weekend to fuck a reality tv chick.. usually their managers set the price and shiit.

    4. Lol who i think her mystery man is? Some arab nigga that wanna pee in her mouth & anal sex her to death thats who, these hoes aint winnin. Lol at the dubai datebook. I hope they dont fire phaedra off that show

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