Althea Heart Putting Benzino’s Baby Up for Adoption?

althea heart benzino

After going through a very public breakup, Althea Heart is letting it be known that she regrets getting pregnant by her ex-fiance, Benzino.

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars have been going at it on social media for a minute, but Althea’s latest posts are just downright wrong! The mother-to-be reposted a news story about her pregnancy style, and captioned the photo with, “The stupidest thing I ever did!!!” in reference to getting knocked up by Benzino.

althea heart benzino

Later, she talked about living for herself no matter what Benzino, her family and friends have to say about it. To us, it sounds like she’s already made up her mind, and she’s not trying to raise a child with no neck Zino!

althea heart benzino

What do you think? Is adoption an option for Althea and Benzino’s unborn child?


  1. She should’ve thought about this before she let Stebbie skeet in her and then thinking Benzo was going to wife/respect her……I pray the child goes to a good home. This woman was known as “Hoethea” for two seasons of the show. All of LHHATL are full of low-lifes and drug addicts and just plain NASTY!!! She gets no sympathy from me or shouldn’t for anyone. See selling your soul/poon to the highest bidder gets you NO WHERE!

  2. Dumb question right here, but where does it say that she’s going to or even thinking about adoption?


    • Exactly , she knows her role And that׳s to be an Aspiring fame whore …not a mom … You can’t mAke a ho into a baby mama in her case !

  4. She cant give the baby up for adoption without his signature on the papers. She could give him custody and pay child support. Lol.

    • Bingo. He has to agree to the adoption. He is also first in line as the biological father. She will regret it later seeing that little child with his or her father and she is not part of its life.

  5. The nigga is broke, that is why she don’t want the baby. If he had some money, she would have it.

  6. I agree with kevin… It’s about money! It’s always about the bottom line. Everything was all good, when they were on the show collecting checks. She was willing to put up with a lot for the loot. Money or lack thereof changes a lot of things!

    • yep and her stupid pride is what got the both off the show anyway. she the one who burned zino’s bridge with the show and with stevie…so we see how good at self sabatoging she has been all of these years

  7. tehehee…no neck Zino though. *sssssssslaaaaappppp* and this heffa finally start thinking to herself and realizing that short-neck ass Benzinie was only faking and fronting like he had money and never did. the nigga broke as a joke. now she sees that. in addition, he’s a woman-beater…two major flaws with this loser of a nigga.

    • “realizing that short-neck ass Benzinie was only faking and fronting like he had money and never did. the nigga broke as a joke. now she sees that.”

      aaaaaaaw!!!!! ha!

    • Hell Everybody was telling Zino about her and Karma is a bitch! Look at where she and Zino vs Stevie and Joséline at? Damn, a lifetime friendship gone down the drain and she still ain’t married. Another statistic on the rise.

  8. Benzino has been beating this girl upside her head for a few years now. She probably thought a baby would make him stop like most abused women do. NOPE! I’m surprised that he hasn’t pushed her ass down the stairs yet or kicked that baby out of her. Let’s all just keep clicking the refresh button and see. Althea you’d better RUUUUUUNNNNNN! #whenwackrappersattack

  9. That’s what she gets for tryn to use that tired as weirdo nigga to get her own fame DUMB BITCH

  10. Althea looks like she is due any day now. Rather than act sensibly and post her photos of her pregnant belly, she is firing shots at Karlie Redd via hashtags. Althea needs to grow up. Karlie is opening boutiques and dating Lyfe Jennings. I doubt she is thinking about Hothea or Neckless Cage.

  11. When will people realize that a baby and marriage does not guarantee a faithful man or woman.

    Adding a child into a relationship can be a blessing, or it can feel like a curse. Too many people are having casual sex, with no protection, no mental attachment to the relationship, no emotional attachment to the relationship, no commitment to the relationship.

    Too many children are paying the price by suffering from neglect, fatherless, motherless, abuse, misuse.

    It can be prevented by wrapping it up. Playing it safe. Because one minute of pleasure, can bring you a lifetime of misery and pain.

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