Afeni Shakur Found Dead

afeni shakur dead

Afeni Shakur, the mother of the late Tupac Shakur, was found dead at her home in Sausalito, CA. Police arrived to her home Monday night after she suffered a possible cardiac arrest. She was taken to a local hospital and died just before 10:30 p.m.

Afeni’s death comes less than 2 months after her estranged husband, Gust Davis, tried to get his hands on Tupac’s estate.

After Afeni filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage in March, Gust asked the court to give him their 50-acre North Carolina ranch, their houseboats, a Jaguar, and half of Tupac’s estate (which equaled out to a payment of $10K a month.)

Afeni and Gust did not have a prenup.

This might get messy…especially since they were still legally married at the time of her death.

RIP Afeni.


  1. Wow, so her ex was recently released from the pen, now she's dead, people did to connect the dots!!
    Plus, she was a former black panther, her sister is on the run!!

    • Her daughter too! Another good one left us too and another estate up for grabs. Smh

  2. May you rest in peace Afeni Shakur. Thank you for giving birth to a king Tupac.

  3. Omg I pulled out my mackaveli t shirt that she created them when he past I think when typical passed God bless your at peace now thank you for standing up for your people and thank you for creating a son with a God given talent typical was more than just a rapper and they knew this

  4. Sometime marriage isn't the best solutions! Instead of marrying the man, she could of dated him, more like a life partner. He only married her because of Pac's money, I'm guessing she was lonely, because her only son mysteriously dead, and she needed the company, so, she married him.

    • Woman, you are dumb black people as a group are suffering due to lack of marriage and only a black woman would say you don't need to get married that's why y'all got 72% bastard rate that kids is born outside of marriage. Fatherless communities have more molestation and poverty.

  5. Often ,Stress will kill you faster than other things, because we ignore the effects of it on on our spirit and body.
    As black women we have to learn to nuture ourselves and sometimes walk away from a battle in order to safe guard ourselves. Stop wearing the badge of honor as the strong black woman to our own dertrimen. RIP Afeni.
    We love you….. May God Protect you.

    • She was probably stressed out about the divorce. The battle was not worth it. Now dude will get everything. He too will die soon anyway. It's only material crap. His soul however is in a dangerous place. She is OK. RIP to her.

  6. Who owns his music catalog is my question and why are the celebs that own theirs coming up dead???? And did you know that Lauren Hill AND Beyonce (Columbia is owned by Sony) have resigned to Sony?

    They are slowly acquiring all the music catalogs of the "Black" late greats.

    *quick tip google all the famous people who died at age 69 recently….

  7. He will inherit everything including his catalog if she owned it. This is why you should never drag out divorce. Get it as quickly as possible. If you are an older person, the spouse may be counting on your demise to get their way. Better yet, don't marry. Just have a companionship or exclusive relationship, etc. More importantly, have a will. Even better, have a prenup. When you have significant money and wealth, leave nothing to chance.

  8. I'm sure if Tupac had kids they would have come out the wood works a long time ago.

  9. this is crazy these people are dropping like files man all of this death it was over pac music catalog but the thing is pac is not dead like mike jackson whitney and prince

  10. bobbi kristina was killed over whitney estate she didn't want o give it back to cilve davis and yes the family knew about it

  11. can't yall see these people are being killed they are always by themselves and alone notice that pattern

  12. tupac is alive in cuba afeni knew pac faked his death mater of fact pac would make songs about faking death

  13. there are too many holes in tupac's "death" first they say he drove to the hosptial then he was airlifted to the hospital which is it

    • Simply because tupac ain't dead. He faked his death and so have a few other famous celebs from what Ive gathered.

  14. I read that Afeni hired good lawyers to protect Tupac' s estate. The lawyer's name is Tom Whalley I think he used to be an executive at Warner Brothers. The husband ain't getting ish.

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