Boxing Champ Adrien Broner Blasts Jay Z and Rihanna!

Adrien Broner: Jay Z & Rihanna

“Rihanna can go f*** herself, the only thing she’s good for is p****.”

Three-time world boxing champ, Adrien Broner, went after Jay Z for what he says is a highly insulting offer to join Roc Nation Sports.

Here’s the drop:

“Adrien skewered Jigga Man for offering him only $40 mil for 5 years. Adrien reaffirmed his directive that Jay could “suck my ****.”

Adrian then went after Roc Nation client, Rihanna, whom he says could go f herself, adding the only thing she’s good for is p****.”


    • Adrien is an idiot! I am tired of Black men talking badly about Black Women. They are the only group of men in this country that talks bad about their women.

      Stop supporting this dum ass!

      • Exactly. Thank you for supporting US!

        I lost total respect for Adrian when he talked all that trash about Marcos Maidana leading up to the day of their fight and…

        Adrian is a total disgrace on many levels.

      • I don’t care what she’s representing she knows she’s black when that hot comb touch that scalp. Please

      • Anon,
        Your response is just as ignorant as dum ass. She can whatever she wants with her body. Jay presented abusiness minded question that only required a business minded response. Referring to riri body part has absolutely nothing to do with jay z business proposition.

      • I hear what you all are saying but I think Adrian Boner just spilled some tea. He is in entertainment, he knows better than to pop off about someone who can hirt his career…so maybe Jayz reach isnt what it once was? For a while now we have been seeing cracks in the facade of the image Jayz tries to have. Maybe his industry power is slipping. And didnt he just call Rhi out on being an industry prostitute? This guy is either really stupid or really bold. Possibly both. But theres a reason why he said it on the first place….and so far hasnt backtracked.

    • yeah, latrell sprewell once famously turned down $21milli
      over 3 years… says “its wasn’t enough to feed his family.”
      has anyone heard from him, lately…? exactly!

      • Latrell reopened Sprewell Motorsport in
        San Gabriel & seems to have a nice business now. I’m planning to take my friend’s son up there to get his motorcycle worked on in a few weeks…

        I’ll let you know how it is after our visit!

  1. Adrian Broner makes 8 mil a fight now and he fights twice a year so why would he take a Ludicrous deal like that from a thief like JayZ? If I was Dame Dash I’d sue this nigga frivolous or not.

    • right right jay tryna rob a dude….betcha andre ward falls out with them too…be ya own boss if you the one that got to do the fighting…funk a 5year slave contract.

      • JZ is a typical coon who only pays the white folks and steals from his black folks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he whups that thief’s butt.

      • Exactly. He doesn’t make even close to $8 mill a fight. He’s lucky if he’s even seeing a million. He probably should have taken the deal. Because he’s really not that good. If it was $40 million guaranteed, he should have thought long and hard about that one.

    • The bigger joke will be on Adrian and that will be a FACT in the near future…first of all if he did not approve of the deal then do what most professionals would do then just walk away …this is a KOON Negro for clowning another black man in the media ..I am sure he has gotten rotten offers from white companies YET we have not heard his public rejection …sorry but this dude was a straight up byctch for telling another grown man to suck his D and calling a sista out … he represents the bottom of the ghetto and NO ONE WILL MAKE HIM A BETTER OFFER

        • adrien broner highest amount for a fight was 1.5 million.against maidana and he lost. he got less than a million for his comeback fight. he’s locked up with haymon and knows haymon will destry his career if he were to talk to jay-z. so he has to act like ‘f*ck jay-z’ knowing what jay offered was quadruple what he’s getting now

        • Now that Clown knee grow is saying sorry and asking for another sit down….he got all up in his emotions now he feeling stupid…well that 40 million dollar deal he rejected has now been brought down to 20 lol

      • Well today on the 12th just two days later, loud mouthed Broner apologizes to Jay Z, you shouldn’t have said it witcho chest lil nigga….lol

    • I’m surprise Jay didn’t serve up his to chick,bey. I know she’s happy about that but than again ever since she was caught in a trance at that game, she hasn’t been right since!!!

        • You again. Knew your crazy ass would be right back here again stanning hard if Cameltosis was mentioned. And here you are right on cue.Fukkin freak.

  2. He sounds butt hurt, and why throw Rihanna in it she must have dissed him real good. I’m sure no matter how much p*ssy she giving up he ain’t getting none. Hahaha.. He better stop talking that mess he already been wooped on before.


      U NO HOW DEY DO.

      • you talk shit

        the interview was with tmz/ they asked if being on the same umbrella as rihanna would persuade him to sign.

        Which is why he said what he did

        • It dont matter. It was a business minded question that required a business minded answer not one of degradation. Therefore, HE IS A BONAFIDE IDIOT!

      • JZ is so scared of caribbean coon rihanna that he’d stab B in the back. be patient. its coming.



    • everybody knows that rhianna f8cks men for business only and the rest of the time she is all melissa’s and any white female who’ll let her

      • Everybody don’t know jack! Sometimes you may think its one way and it’s the whole other way. While you thinking that’s the hoe, the hoe may be under your nose. It’s never who you think it is.

  3. why a nigga gone tell anotha nigga suck his dick and a bitch to fck herself n she only good for p@@zy? nigga u gay

  4. why a nigga gone tell anotha nigga suck his dick and a bitch to fck herself n she only good for p@@zy? nigga u gay n riri aint did nothing to that nigga……to the average american 40 million in 5 years is mucho dinero

  5. The One Thing I Absolutely Hate Is Foul Mouthed Black Men
    They Absolutely Piss Me Off To The Core!!

    They Wouldn’t Speak To White Women Like That, So Why Do They Think Is Acceptable To Call A Black Women It, Remember Black Women Birthed Black Men, Carried Them For 9 Months Fed Them, White Women Didn’t!!!

    • Blackwomen ain’t birthed shit.The woman comes from the seed of man and the rib of the man and secondly,women can not produce children without Male DNA so shut the fck up! Do you read the bible? Ask yourself why are all the prophets of the bible men with not one book written by a woman.That should tell you something. MEN plant seeds women carry than deliver.Have a Seat!

        • The Book of Esther, also known in Hebrew as “the Scroll” (Megillah), is a book in the third section (Ketuvim, “Writings”) of the Jewish Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) and in the Christian Old Testament. It relates the story of a Jewish girl in Persia, born as Hadassah but known as Esther, who becomes queen of Persia and thwarts a genocide of her people. The story forms the core of the Jewish festival of Purim, during which it is read aloud twice: once in the evening and again the following morning. Other than the Song of Songs, Esther is the only book in the Bible that does not explicitly mention God.[2]

          • @Anon 8:07 The suffix Ish means to be like or pertaining to so there’s no such thing as a Ju_ish.Try imposter Fraud wannabe.

          • The fake book of Ester doesn’t mention God because it’s not a real book.Thats why.

          • True but their debate is a pointless one. God produced Adam without a female womb. Mary produced Jesus without male semen. It does not good to try to reduce miracles to human terms. Except for those two isolated miracle events men and women need each other to produce. Thats what God intended and thats why dna and the 42 chromosome s work they do. Why bother arguing about chicken and egg theories?

      • No BA, you need to have a seat!! Most of the white race have traces of African DNA going back to slavery time between a black women/white men and on this side European DNA the same union. All black women was not raped, some were consensual sex. Black women birth allot of different cultures of men bloodlines through the centuries in this country from black men, white men,Chinese men (when they weren’t allowed to bring their women over here) and native American men. White women is the ones new at this mixing thing where black women been doing what allot of their ass think is new to us. You need too do your research on DNA, the chain has two sides, half is mom the other is dad.

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          • When I was a small child my sister liked a song by KRS 1 called You Must Learn. That was how I first learned that africa is actually Alke-bulan. Some say Kemet. Others called it Kush. Whatever you call them, you best believe they had some steong and distinct dna. Their haplogroup is far flung, in present day africa, in korea, in sweden….because all people on the planet that are human can trace their lineage back. And fyi, the original name of America was Turtle island.

      • @BlackAnastasia

        Are Internet Beef Continue?
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      • SEZ WHO????


        I THOUGHT SO.

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          • @Black

            21 Century Black Men Are Like Vultures!! They Vain And Cruel They Call Black Women Ugly, Shit

  6. Why did he have to insult Riri like that though? That was just uncalled for.

  7. Adrien is right on both fronts but he better say his twitter was hacked because sacrifice season is coming up in Feb

    • ITA. I don’t see where Jay and Rih did anything for a black person honestly. Rih strayed away her Carribean roots that she could the bad eat female artist if she would have stick to that.


    Snoop Dogg’s middle son Corde who is not even 18 yet…had a baby today in rainy
    Las Vegas. Snoop was there for the birth.

    Now, THIS partially explains how & why this kid got transferred from his school in LA to Bishop Gormon so quick.

    So, wonder what that young lady was thinking at the time of conception…

  9. why only put this portion of what he said out… why did he say this?? people go off for any reason and this is what they want people to get mad at… rih could have dawged him previously or maybe he dont like sluts… hmmm… and jay is disrespectful for not giving that man some real money.. 40 mil. for 5 years?? to fight and it isnt guaranteed?? FOH yall can sell yall souls

    • @Anon,
      All men and women, who are of age to sex are sluts including you. So, we is a slut shading another slut?

      • Darn, wish I could agree with you but there is and has been a lock on this. Talk to me in a few weeks tho, it’s been a year and now we both ready. Lol

  10. Adrian allowed his arrogance and big mouth get the best of him. He’s like one of those niggas you run into at the club million dollar talk with a 20 dollar product. He need to take Mayweathers advice shut up and fight!

    • HOLD UP! I know you ain’t talking to me? Where the hell could a person actually sell a soul, and who the hell want to buy one. The biggest dummies are those who bring to life artificial idols. We all know man has no power other than the power God gives him. And while you fools think being rich without proper training is a blessing it’s actually a curse. Can somebody elaborate on how many rappers had seizures last year? Huh!Get up off me before I bring you to yo knees in repentance

      • I’ll bring you to your knees. Come on now. Really, thats arrogant, don’t be a hypocrite now. Why you giving a f*ck bout this. Pretty you’ve called jay and rhi worst names.

  11. i wonder why no one is speaking on the real reason why jay is going into boxing so tough? payback to haymon and papa knowles

    • after that beat down solange gave him in the elevator…maybe she should have gotten that contract offer.

  12. Jay z bought his hoe on the scroll wit him as a bonus to the boxer an said he aint f*ckin wit them. Fuck rihoe bigforeheaded ass that bitch aint all that they praise her as if she some goddess. Rihanna is so overrated its a same. I see girls in the hood that look way betta than her she nothing more than a sex slave sellout that dos what she told they own her. When they tired of her they will dispose of her like the rest shes nothing special just another pretty illumnati call girl.

  13. Bronner couldn’t leave of he wanted to he’s locked into a contract. Either way he is a f*ck boy and his career is not going to span pass 2015. So in short phuck this “Queen” hating fag who secretly desires to be a queen himself.

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