Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note to Fiancee Leaked!

TMZ Sports has obtained the suicide note Aaron Hernandez wrote to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez — in which he tells her she will be RICH after he kills himself.

It’s not hard to connect the dots. In Massachusetts, when someone dies after being convicted of a crime, they are only considered guilty postmortem if their appeal process is exhausted.

In Aaron’s case, his murder conviction was pending appeal. Therefore, under MA law he died an innocent man.

As a result of dying innocent, the New England Patriots cannot justify firing him and denying him the remainder of his salary ($6 mil) so the team may have to pay that money to Aaron’s estate and it appears Shay is the beneficiary … and Aaron knew it.

So, there’s a strong smell Aaron may have killed himself so his fiancee could be set for life.


  1. These niggas think they gon outsmart the jewish lawyers, not when it comes to millions of dollars i think not nigga. Still enough evidence for odin llyod family to get civil money. Casey anthony lawer aint cheap, she may get a milly or two, doubtful but the money cursed if u didnt realize yet.

  2. awwwwhh thats sweet. He love her so much he wants her to move on and live her life because he knows she never will as long as he was still alive. I really do not believe this man was gay at all. This letter is the complete oposite of that 3rd grade note he wrote to his homeboy, which by no means displayed any type of gayness like the media tried to make us think. This is sad. Who knows why he murdered that man, but I still feel for this guy. He really dont come across as a bad person, just hot headed.

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