50 Cent Can’t Make Sense Outta Snoop’s Girly Nails!

50 Cent vs. Gay Rappers

Fiddy’s on a roll! Just days after putting Mr. Maybach, Diddy, and Steve Stoute on ‘questionable male-bonding’ blast — the G-Unit founder took to IG for some answers. He wants to know what’s up with those girly nails Snoop’s flaunting!

You’ll recall.. About a week ago, Snoop posted pics to IG, after gettin’ his nails did. Not too sure what’s worse — Snoop turning feminine (which could mean he’s always had it in him) *OR* Snoop squandering $400 for a mani. No word yet on if he’s responded to Fif, but Fif has since deleted the post.

Check it:

Snoop Dog's French Manicure


  1. I guess my question is to 50, if you are bold enough to post then leave it up. Posting to take it down seems a lil passive aggressive. Snoops nails somehow don’t effect me one way or the other…especially nowadays!

  2. That looks sick on a man Hollywood is not going to stop to they have every black man gay.

    • Yesterday it was Omar Epps in a skirt. Today its this fool and his acrylic Lee press ons. I’m disgusted.

      • So true. And these are allegedly heterosexual, married men with children. Keisha Epps was rumored to be in a relationship with Pam from Total, so Keisha and Omar may have had a Duane and Tisha Campbell Martin arrangement.

  3. I am one to never agree w/50 bc he has such bitch-ass tendencies but he does maintain his manhood. I have to agree with him on Snoop’s nail job, like wtf is really going on w/this brotha to do this. Next he will be wearing a skirt. Please forgive me for this one but for a number of years now Snoop has been reminding me of Marvin Gaye’s dad, I use to him in his ladies robe, long nails w/hair in curliers…..lol Seem like he has been riding this Hollywood thing too long and it’s going to his head, he needs some Ice Cube in his life, take it back to the streets and get his rep back, this is truly not a good look. Snoop of all people, this dude is tripin’.

  4. 50 is a punk, punk, punk! He should be trying to spend time with his kids, instead of playing on Twitter and Instagram. Silly kid! I liked Snoop’s music back in the day. Now he is a piff puffing joke. 50 is gong to learn not everybody is going to put up with his passive aggression.

  5. I am perplexed about Snoop and his man-ni nail fetish.

    But, 50 needs to stay off of social media. Concentrate on your kid. I see 50 is producing a new TV series on Starz.

  6. I wanna know what’s really behind this. Was this another attempt to get celebrities/puppets to blur the gender line? You can never trust TPTB. There’s always an agenda.

  7. Well if it wasnt for 50 and Jacky how the heck would we know this dude has female tendencies? You came here to read about your fave alternative news that they dont post on FAKE TV but want to criticize 50? What. Be glad 50 is letting us know who really does bend over. Easy-E was right ABOUT THE INDUSTRY.

    The point is…the industry is turning males into fags! Feminism is being passed around like a free blunt. Everyone is jumping ship. This is disgusting in terms of humans, good morals, traditional family values etc.



  8. I saw that sh!t too before I was like wtf man bare batty man in the industry, can tell we are living in the last days.

  9. and his infatuation with other male rappers he has beef him and game made about 200 diss songs and mixtapes dissing each other.

    call em love letters.

    50 even beef with dudes who are lesser than him.

    while he beats females.

    • yukmouth when he dissed game loved talking bout his tounge ring like yuk wanted game to suck one.

  10. its no secret that snoop goes both ways all his stans swear hes a real crip,pimp an OG when his ass was nothing but dr. dre sidekick this ninja wore man skirts a couple of times he wear purses too 50 not low niether but he shows off his manhood more its a lot of rappers who’s out the closet right in front of everybody eyes just many is too blind to see it no real dude not going to get no damn mani that women get watch how snoop try to justify himself and many will agree with him yes snoop is bi sexual been pass around that industry for yrs you can’t sell millions of records and start in movies without hitting the industry strip to get to the top

    • snoop’s a terrible actor.

      every role he gets he’s smoking, or playing a pimp or getting out of jail.

      but that’s his life he was an ex con, drug dfealer, drug user, and a wanna be pimp who needed magic juan to show him how to do it.

  11. Well its the truth! What straight man does this!! I’m so glad 50 got the heart to put these fruits on blast,keep up the good work Fif.

  12. magic juan hippocrite how you gonna serve god but then attend players balls with so called gangster rappers.





      at least kilts are considered manly but its not black tradition in America no disrespect to the irish or vthe Scottish vbut its not out tradition over here.

  13. can’t put nothing past snoop or any entertainer these fools serve satan, and money.

  14. i lost all respect for snoop nucca must have been high when he did this…that dont even look right…i wonder what his wife thinks..

  15. idk do people not get snoop has daughter and a wife if u are a dad with a daughter you love your daughter and if she said daddy lets go get our nails done you would do it u would hesitate or maybe you wouldnt but it is all in good fun and because the love he has for his children he doesnt have to be gay im gay and i dont get mah nails done i dnt dress in girls clothes stop being stereotypical and one minded he is a grown ass man get the f*ck over and 50 i agree with some people he accuses or whateve but certain things he accuses he does i feel out of anger or hatred cuz lik be honest has anyone hears his new album wait there is none he needs publicity

  16. and plz stfu up with these African American male traditions or The way a African American Man should be because its not working if u look at thr public and how they see us they say they gangsters or the sell drugs or they discpline all the time. why cant a black child havr a fun loving parent who isnt ready to kick them out when they dont follow the “rules of african americans” we always make it seem like we are handed the bad end of the stick and in most cases we are tbh we wont ever change white ppls mind about us but why cant we change our mind about us and stop making it seem like life for a black is going to be hard for the rest of our lives stop thinking like that and thinj about how you can be successful why you think celebs are where they are now because they stopped thinking about what tht cant do and what they can do

  17. That’s what those f*cking former PIMP Rappers are…weak weed smoking addicts and talking gangster shit all the coz they cannot come out of fear!

    In Papua New Guinea, We f*cking call mother f*ckers like that “Asskans” or Ass Cunt”. Their asses feel like a cunt

  18. That’s what those f*cking former PIMP Rappers are…weak weed smoking addicts and talking gangster shit all the coz they cannot come out of fear!

    In Papua New Guinea, We f*cking call mother f*ckers like that “Asskans” or Ass Cunt”. Their asses feel like a cunt

  19. Weak weed smoking addicts and talking gangster shit all the coz they cannot come out of fear!

    In Papua New Guinea, We f*cking call mother f*ckers like that “Asskans” or Ass Cunt”. Their asses feel like a cunt

  20. Fiddy, you the man brother. Show the motherf*ckers like Diddy, Jay Z and Snoop – you real gangster icon in the pacific brother

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