Jackie Christie’s Daughter Takari Lee Says Mom Snitched to the Feds!


    Jackie daughter’s Takari Lee is writing a book and plans to tell some “real life” tales… Reportedly, in one chapter, she $pills about Jackie talking to the feds, which ultimately landed her father in prison.

    According to Takari, he father shared this with her when she was a child.

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    1. Well, I hope she makes a lot of money from this book. Jackass didn’t take care of her like a loving mother is supposed to. Calling her derogatory names, dumping her responsibilities on the Grandmother, making Takari her feel bad, unloved and unimportant…so I guess this is a way to even those things out. Why wait until Jacksass is physically dead when she has clearly been and still is a dead beat Mom. Dead is dead period.


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