YMCMB’s Leading Sponsor Cecile Barker Revealed


HSK Exclusive – Yannique “Stack$” Barker was once listed as a YMCMB recording artist, but Cash is said to be nothing more than what guided him to get there. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the 28-year-old rapper’s dad, Cecile Barker.

We’re told the SoBe CEO paid Bryan “Birdman” Williams to sign his wannabe rapper son to the CMB label, back in 2006 to 2008.

“Cecile Barker is a billionaire that people used as a cash cow.. knowing he’ll do anything to get his son into the entertainment business.

He paid Stevie J top dollar to produce ‘M.I.A’ for Stack$ and forPuffy to work together on the track.”

Here’s the drop:

“Cecile bought Stevie J a brand new Benz to work with Stack$. Stevie ended up crashing the Benz. Cecile was paying for Stevie  J to stay at the Bentley Hotel in South Beach. Stevie J did Stack$ raps and lay the ghost vocals. Stack$ would trace over the ghost vocals. It was some real CB4 shit! Cecile spent millions trying to make his son a rap star.

Cecile funded Stack$ ex-girlfriend Brooke Hogan too. Linda Hogan wanted to break off Cecile, but she was too old for him. Cecile only gets with young white chics. Cecile had Scott Storch riding around in his private jet because he wanted Scott to work with his son. Cecile was spending so much cash, when Puffy got word he wanted to sign Stack$ to Bad Boy Records.”