Omarion & Apryl Need To Visit Maury Povich


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood personality, Omarion, has called it quits with his girlfriend Apryl after she refused to give her son a DNA test to prove Omarion is the father.

On a recent episodes of the reality show, Omarion’s mom lets her dislike of Apryl show, even hinting that the baby looks biracial. Apryl’s ex-boyfriend is of Mexican descent.

Is This Omarion’s baby or not?




        • That was mean and wrong, Might as well say buy the kid a Fisher Price leaf blower,

          Black DNA is a crapshoot though. The parents arent too dark and dont have kinky hair. Apryl doesnt have broad features and who knows what great great uncle, or granddad the kids pulled genes from on either side. He is a cutie though and looks like friends kid who mother and father are from Honduras and Jamaica repectively. That show is corny but Apryl and Omari’s mom interaction is funny.

          • Bitch stop being so f*cking racist. You need to chill the f*ck out. A bunch of your comments were racist as f*ck towards blacks,coming from/for another minority. You ain’t ‘important’ to be calling blacks or whatever subliminal stuff you call us. You a non-f*cking factor dumb ass. So you better stop with throwing your pebble-sub shots.Ignorant dumb ass

            • I think you are an angry hispanic or perhaps one of those natural hair nazis but in any event..yo pido perdon por las cosas que he dicho. 🙂

              What subliminal stuff did I say besides broad features which are prevalent with black people and not a bad thing, for some.

            • Angry hispánica? Natural hair Nazi? Just curiouso….which are you? What race category. Because you have something to say about everyone color, hair etc? Just to know.

          • Damn NI! Lmao! Well Fisher Price do have the lawn mover and fishing rod. You’re right! Leaf blower is next! Lmao!

            • Yeah they have one and the Little Tikes brand as well which blows bubbles when you crank it 😉

          • I agree about black DNA. Some of everybody runs through our blood.
            And I do jean everybody.

            But that baby does not look like his. That baby us giving me very much Asian?

            • FYI. All black and Africans do not have broad features.
              We Americans know nothing about anybody else on the planet. We are not exposed to features of other peoples of the globe.
              To make matters worse a lot of us don’t like to read, or broaden our horizons. So we are sheltered and in the dark about anybody else on the planet.

              Look up the a Koi San of South Africa. That should blow your mind.

            • Typo corrections…and I do mean everybody…Jean

              That baby is…not us.


    • HSK is LATE as hell on this…
      I posted a link to this mess on one of the HSK articles WAAAAAYYYY last week.

      Same thing about Jackie Chan’s son being jailed for drug possession & distribution in China…

    • Mawry..he da baby daddy. I’ma hundred en’ ten percent sure Mowry.. Look at da eyes, look at da nose and da lips Mowry. When that test come back he gon’ get down on his knees and kiss my boots Mowry.

  1. Why do some of these black men have babies with women from another race and then they want to get upset when the baby looks like the mother? Hello, there is a chance that the baby will primarily take after the mother!

    This consistently happens on Maury. “That baby is white” Hello, so is the mother!

    Apryl, give that man a DNA test. What’s the BFD? Shut his mom up.


  2. i don’t what race is this Apryl girl but it’s 2014. Women can be hoes just as much as the man. Mama’s baby pap’s maybe! Omarion has the right to wanna know tho. Can’t shoot the man down for asking his beard for a DNA test!

            • I have a question for you DR1. You being a mother, when it comes to stuff like this, isn’t the mother usually right, Shiiiiit, I know mine is. I stopped questioning ether my mothers was wrong or right, for 20 years she is batting 1000….. Lol

            • OK Eddie sometimes Moms are human and sometimes we makes mistakes. Apryl is half Asian and Half African American. I have seen some Asain babies and Mexican babies. Both have spike hair and their features are similar. I understand why Apryl is like this because it is insulting, but like U said a lot of women have been getting over men by saying these babies are them when they are not. South Carolina are now one of those states when the non custodial parent is put on child support, a drug test is mandatory whether the mother likes it or not. I had no problem. I took mines and I was right. Just remembered this, if that baby comes back as his, she is going to burn a hole in Omarion’s and his mother Leslie’s ass!

            • Leslie makes Mama Dee, Mama Jones and Mama Joyce look like Saints! Oh! Speaking on Mama Joyce. Remembered when she and her sisters told Kandi not to marry Todd? There is some truth to that! I didn’t know Kandi was seeing Todd while he was married to his former wife. Not to mentioned, while they was dating, he indeed slept with Karmen! Damn!

            • Did I read this right…. Todd was still married while he was dating, f*cking and engaged to Kandi? Also he slept with Karmen FRFR? Where you get this from? *sips hot tea*

            • @LOL I found the article in fact it was more than one article. I was up last note on my phone and came across it. Let me find it.

            • Hold up LOL. One article says its their first for both buy another article said he was in a relationship with somebody and they hook up. Damn I wished I know where I found that article.

    • If everything is kosher, why not do the test? What’s the problem.
      See stuff like that pisses me off. Don’t be running around here having sex with everybody under the sun, and pass a baby off on an innocent man man who wants to do right and be a great father. I am not with that at all.
      He has EVERY right to know if that is his baby.

      • GUF, U are right. Anytime a woman willingly and gladly do a DNA test for the man, 9 times outta 10 he is the pappy. But when that chick refused, Uh oh! Houston we got a situation! Not a problem, BUT A DAMN SITUATION!!

  3. Apryl is mixed with something. Her dominant feature is her skin tone, but she looks like she has a mix of Asian and Native in her blood as well and the baby clearly takes after his mumm.

  4. sad just plain sad—-he could have done that test himself—-one swab
    This is all for TV

    • I completely agree. If Omarion IS that pressed for a DNA result and Apryl is not trying to hear it…..he can do it on the sly. IJS!!! It’s coming back one of two ways…. his or no. Plain and simple.

  5. Why won’t she just do the test and put the gossip to rest? When she proves to him that he is the father then he will have to bow down and kiss her ass and buy her all kinds of shit fore doubting her. Unless she has something to hide. He should have just did the test on his own with a kit they sell or you can order them online and all it takes is a mouth swab.

  6. He could pull a Kirk Frost and do the test behind her back.

    Takes 2 mins. If he was totally serious, he’d a been done it.

      • This is all for the show then.
        Kirk made that whole DNA test a storyline.
        He didn’t break up with Rasheeda before he found out Carter was his.

        I think he doesn’t want to know. I think he’s not into her and found a p*ssy way out of the relationship. So he can be free to be with Raz B. . Coming up this season.

        So, logically, this doesn’t add up.
        I wouldn’t dump someone til I had a good reason or proof. He’s got none.

        My brother is black and Italian. He was born with blue eyes and straight hair. That lasted 5 mins before those curls took over and his eyes changed to dark brown like both his parents…

    • Could be that all this drama is for show ratings. This is all staged,trust me when i tell you that his mother will find away to make sure that is her son’s baby. Black mothers don’t play that shit. LMAO!

  7. Did he sign the birth certificate? If he did he’s still responsible for that child’s 18yrs of life. I think Omarion mother is putting too much nonsense in his head.

  8. I always thought that Apryl was his beard. The mother has dominant traits if she’s mixed with Asian maybe thats why the baby looks like that.

  9. Omarion is not the father. I see lil Mexican babies all day and they all have that same complexion and spiky hair. Mother knows best…listen to your mother (in my Tangled voice)

    • That is what I could not put my ginger on! The hair is spiky. When black babies are born with straight hair, it almost looks like a wrap.
      But that baby’s hair is spiked forever.

  10. Jhene Aiko has a daughter with Omarion’s brother O’Ryan and you can see the dominant traits in the little girl but yeah I believe Omarion is gay.

    • hell yea omarion is gay luv suckin dic u kno these katz luv getting these female pregnant so ppl want think their gay/bi

      • Pretty much, but that proves nothing, plenty of gay men with biological children. Matter fact the trend seems to be amonst the DL sect that is, is having bi-racial children.

  11. What kind of fyckery is this???? Wasn’t he trying for a biracial child by booin her up.

  12. His brother Orion has a daughter by Jene okeo and she looks exactly like him dam near twins, so I don’t blame Omarian because they have strong genes…that’s what he gets for f*cking some one who was questionible

  13. I wouldnt give him one just to get rid of his mother. then would raise him knowing.he’s his without Bernie him in his life because they both full of drama.

  14. It’s a father’s right to request a DNA test. I know it may seem hurtful and disrespectful but she needs to get over it.

    • Yeah, you can’t blame anyon for wanting to be sure these days. I read a repot that said 25% of the mein the united states are taking care of a child that he THINKS he fathered. So between me and three other dudes that post here on HSK, one of us is taking care of another dudes seed….knowing my luck it’s probably me……lol

    • Yes ma’am, I co-sign like a mug on that!
      If this man is going to working hard, and spending time with the child, and spending money on the child…that is his his given right to have a DNA test if he is not sure.
      Passing off other men’s babies on your husband is ….too dishonest and too selfish for words.

      Really, if a man can get jail time for non payment of child support, should a woman get jail time for offspring fraud? I don’t know, but it I something to think about.

  15. I remember seeing the singer Neo’s behind the music and he was raising a child that wasnt his and ended up breaking off the relationship with the mother and child.

    • Hell yeah! I don’t back down for no blood test! When my son’s father ask me for one, I simply said “With Much Pleasure!” Came back 99.999% HIS!! My son look more like him than the other two and he didn’t even asked for a blood test! But if anything happens to him, guess what? I GET FIRST DIBS IN EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE INSURANCE!! Yes, he is married now but by having that blood test and Jay is a special needs child, U damn right Jay is going to clean house! He can use that money for school! That will be a good thing!

  16. Act like u goin for ice cream and go to walgreens. Over the counter niggas. Swab swab.

    • But he has to give the company $450 I think how much it is in a money order and put it in your address or a P.O. Box without nobody knowing and there U go.

  17. what do you expect omarion do’t like black women!! no hate yo April i think black and Chinese is a good combination but is not
    widley known if aprill had any respect for her baby daddy she would get a dna test

  18. That woman lied to Neo about the baby being his. The woman knew in her mind that there was a 50/50 chance that Neo could or couldnt be the father but she was being sneaky and wanted money. He had no other choice but to walk away from the situation. Once you lie to someone its hard for them to trust you again.

  19. I think blood tests should be a mandatory requirement when a baby is born. People don’t be so ignorant, I have seen plenty of black babies born lookin like this and their parents were not biracial. Babies changes their llooks throughout their infantry stage and of course the hair does as well.

    • Makes it easier to file child support too. Had to interject chicken head logic in there.

    • Yep. Now that is a law that should be made nation wide..mandatory DNA testing.

  20. I really think this is for ratings cooled up by Mona Scott to keep the little viewers they have this season because beside Young Berg and Delusional Hazel’s storyline who else is worth watching. That’s Omarions baby. Now whether if him and April are still together is questionable but would anyone be surprised if they aren’t.

  21. Having sex before marriage. There is a reason the Bible was written. They are words to libe by. Life would go easier if people applied the Bible to their lives. There would be no doubt

  22. April is not half Asian . Her mother is half Asian . If you look at her mothers hair you will see that it’s not straight and her skin isn’t Lilly white she looks ghetto as hell and a like a crackhead/drunk …. Her mothers last name is jones with a Japanese first name .which means she did not get permission to use April’s dads name or she doesn’t know who he is. Apryl is only following in her moms footsteps.
    Soo in light of the baby mostly being of african decent there should be a curl or two in his hair . The baby looks like its not omarians .
    His mom was not right because she never gave being a hoe as one of the reasons for her not liking apryl. Apryl cut into her money and her treating her son as if hers her man .

    • Did U proofread what U just type? Yours words not mines. FMO U just said and I quote,” Apryl is not half Asian. Her mother is half Asian.” WTF! Um of Apryl is not Asian, then how is her mother is Asian? The only way that can happen unless Apryl is adopted. So if Apryl’s mother is half Asian, that makes Apryl half Asian too unless she is adopted.

      • Yes I know exactly what I wrote . Her mother is half Asian . Her mother is Asian and black . Her mother . So if her mother is half Asian and apryls father is black . That would make apryl quarter Asian . Don’t try to sound smart if you can’t reason intelligently . If her mom is half Asian and her dad is something else how in the world would that make her half Asian ? Apryl would only be half Asian if her mom is full Asian and her dad another race . Sigh

    • I TOTALLY agree with you about Omarion’s mother. I’ve had the opportunity to work on the event details for certain venues her son & his group performed or were guests of and THAT lady’s “expectation that EVERYONE on all of earth should know who SHE is” was shocking to me. And, word from very close sources told me LONG ago this lady has been LIVING OFF HE SON’S INCOME SINCE HE WAS VERY YOUNG! Same source swears this lady knows ALL about Chris Stokes being a molester too.

      What I disagree with you about is the baby. The baby being of blended Asian & Black heritages does NOT mean there will or should be ANY waves/curls in the hair texture. My son is Black & Canadian/Black…he came out white with STRAIGHT hair that stayed straight for 10 months. So, we can “doubt Apryl” but not for that reason…

      Oh, and…about that naked see-through dress she’s wearing. It was beautiful for her to wear with her man but NOT in front of others. That was in very poor taste. I give her less than a year & we’ll see her with a DIFFERENT industry dude.

      I personally DON’T doubt Apryl because she appears to be quite into the “thrill of being so close to the industry.” Notice how typical she is… She put the baby before getting married to lock in her position. Typical.

      • Lol she made a mistake and locked her position with the wrong guy . I’m not sure why she would prey on poor omarian . Is he doing that well ? Maybe overseas ? I’m guessing . I’m pretty sure the Mexican guy is a drug dealer or something . She doesn’t strike me as a girl who would be with a guy who doesn’t have an over abundance of money .
        The baby is young so time will tell but her refusing a DNA test says it all . Omarian seemed very dedicated to her and the child so he must see that the baby looks like her ex if he dumped her .

  23. And if she didnt have anything to hide she would do the DNA test to shut his mom up and as a tool to torture omarian for years to come . Please !

  24. @non importante
    Lmao at the leaf blower comment.. I almost fell out the bed laughin so hard. MFs always act like they don’t understand when you tell em to stop blowing dirt/debris on your car. And they never wear masks to protect their own health. Thats why they dont care about mine..blowing bacteria all over the muthafu%+n place. I threw a glass bottle at a mf once pretending like he didn’t hear me say stop blowing dirt on my car and my entryway. He learned a new language that day…!

  25. if you look at april’s istagram her mother is asian.So the baby may have its grandmother features!

    • Exactly. Be ‘happy’ the baby came out “pecan tan with hair that lays down like its eyebrows.” Had it pulled from another set if genes and looked like Wesley Snipes, this so called original DNA that black nationalists boast of, the child would be ridiculed and people wouldnt bother to photograph or cuddle it, unless it had adoptive White parents. Yanno those colourstruck grannies(and coworkers) who display framed 8×10 photos of “cute” children, next to a portait of white Jesus, and the not so cute kids with a wallet sized loose photo placed in a corner of a frame or on the fridge.

  26. Boy I tell ya! Puynet squares and Deoxyriboneucleic Acid are anybody’s best friend! Yeah…I am a geek! Been a geek and always a geek!

  27. Did this confused fool really say that “his son got good hair??” LOL!! Anyway, if the baby momma refuses to have a DNA test done, you are NOT the father! Her dumb ass rolled the dice and lost. NEXT.

  28. I’m old school and I know the real history of black DNA. I know our genes can reach back through time and have our children come here looking like anybody…BUT…..that does not look like his baby at all. Something about the hair makes me feel that way.
    It is not because it is straight. Something about the way the hair is growing.

  29. My HSK Family,

    This is NOTHING in comparison to the f*ckery, lies & omissions soon to be witnessed by those who view the Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah:The Princess of R&B on November 30, 2014.

    Without discussing the supposed talent they chose for this film it’s been said that the trailer’s soundtrack is Iggy Azalea’s “Goddess.” (YES, your read that right.)

    So,they made a movie about a black artist with music by a white artist who’s been accused of appropriating black culture…REALLY?

    Wendy Williams should kick herself in her own ass.

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