Tyrese Drags Fake Women & Their Lacefronts

tyrese fake women

Tyrese took some time away from his Black Queen to drag all the “fake women” who wear lacefronts, fake eyelashes and fake butts!

Just to think this all started over dinner listening to a group of women tear down what they proudly called "#AintshitMen and said men are all stupid and will sleep with and marry damn near anything? Huh? I just feel the need to send a message to all of these "type" of ladies all races of ladies who just think Dudes are just STUPID??……. WE KNOW the difference in real hair and fake clips on's we know eye lash extensions, we know fake hard titties pointing in 4 directions with your ribs showing in the middle? Why so much separation? We know when you got little chicken legs and it leads to and oversized #fake ass you guys are really starting to go TOO FAR with manufactured beauty – fake lips, skinny nose barely can even breathe through your own nostrils – Sitting across from you and you couldn't even HIDE your weave tracks?? Come on……. IM NOT trying to be mean I'm just sending a message that US REAL MEN SEE THE BULLSHIT and IF He decide to rock with you it's just cause they wanna get one off no one will EVER take you serious like that or really make that move……….. Cause you look like a manufactured clown – Some of you have convinced yourself that it's OK cause of how many dudes be trying to get at you…… Please let me explain….. You got your temp fix and you will continue to "attract" men who ONLY want a temporary fix……. Shout to #TeamNatural #TeamSquats and #TeamTakeMeAsIAm – #TeamMatureEnoughToConsiderHarshTruth because you're single doesn't mean you're lonely- know this… Hoes, sluts, tramps are never without a man… You're single cause YOU have standard and know your actual value- I had to rip out a chapter from my New York Times best selling book #MANOLOGY to let y'all know us as MEN are much more aware and smarter than some of you think…… If your beauty has been purchased that's fine…. own it, enjoy it…. Just know that us REAL ones out here see the REAL….

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Is he speaking for all men or does he need to sit down somewhere?


  1. This nigga married a snow bunny and trying to pass her off as black. Just like a plantation nigga. No matter how much money you make & no matter how many white girls you marry. In the white man eyes. You still a nigga & will be put in your place sooner or later. So keep disrespecting where you came from bruh & see who has your back when white Hollywood throws your black ass back to us

    • he’s one of the many puppets used by the boule…hair extensions have been used since the beginning of time. And he should spellcheck his verbiage before sending the message out.

      • Nobody hates their blackness more than black women. And if hair extensions are not an issue why do black women only wear Brazilian, Asian, Indian and Nordic hair. Moreover why do black women cover their hair in shame when they get their fake hair and extension removed during fights?

        • tyrese is right on! black women hate on black women for wearing their natural hair instead of putting a chemical on it to be someone your not, that is white! white people admired the fro but the blacks, “ooh gurl when you strait-n yo hair?” god made our hair and when he finished creation he said it was perfect!

          • Agreed! And I am a black woman and I am getting tired of all these lace front, fake nails, fake eyelash videos and social media pics! Please stop the madness!!! Why he have to be a plantation nigga? He is telling the truth. All the men I know…hate it and are with beautiful black women including my husband 😉

            • Love the way that folk want to knock a lace front and booty implants, bu no one wants to talk about Buffy”s fake blond hair color and silicone tits and orange tan. Double standard for sure. Do you wear make up when you go somewhere special? Do you shave your hair to hide your bald spot? Do your shave your face or trim your beard or cut your hair into a cool design that is not natural? Do you put on perfume/ cologne and pretend that you smell like the sweetest shit ever? Are you teeth bleached whiter than the sand in the Sahara? Are your clothes and shoes XXtra clean and on point? Stop being a hypocrite- every person tries plays up their best attributes and put their best foot forward when they are ready. And nobody keeps it real unless they are at home. Stop buying into the accepted double standard “black bashing” that is so prevalent in our society.

        • Why do you care what women do to their bodies? Right now cartoonish, weaved up, Jessica rabbit bodies are in. Next, the Kate moss anorexic look will be in. Relax!

          • Why do you black women say “why do you care about what women do to their bodies” and then turn around and try to force men to be attracted to their bodies SMDH

            • How are we women forcing you to like anything? You can choose, just like women do all the time. Perhaps you need to raise your standards.

              • Strong black men we need to give leadership of the community to buy they’re so weak they’re “forced” to do this and that. Makes zero sense.

              • So why can’t we prefer lighter skin women or caucosoid features without being called coons or self hater or your momma black. Black women will have ridiculous weave, covered with tattoos, FAT AS HELL. When the men refuse to date them…they say only weak men worry about that lol

              • Reformist, you can prefer whatever you like. Not having your DNA and genetics will not be a loss to any dark skinned woman. Just stop generalizing what black women are all about just to fit into you myopic little world.

            • Right! Reformist…if there wasn’t a discomfort with their bodies in the first place, then they would not be trying to alter it!! Geesh

              • And who makes women feel uncomfortable, asswipe….
                you hate the skin you are in too, you show it every time you type.

        • @Reformist, no one hates their paleness more than white women, hence the multibillion dollar sun tanning industry. IJS

          • Yes but in Hollywood the lead actress is always VERY FAIR. Fair skin is still the ideal preferences. Most white women tan to get the golden skin look. Anything more melanated is considered a ‘bad tan’

            Based on that logic can we say that black women hate their butts because last time I check they were the ones DYING in surgery

            • Most white women tan to get the golden skin look. Anything more melanated is considered a ‘bad tan’

              Really? Umkay. LMAO

              • So bascially what you are saying is that white women want to be as dark as Serena Williams?

              • Yes, Reformist. That is why many WF sit out in the sun to expose themselves to dangerous rays or go in a room and spray themselves with toxic chemicals. Cause dark skin, no matter what you think, looks healthy. Every wonder why the undead and zombies or are portrayed in the media with pale, translucent skin?

            • Hey Jacky, please get this self hating follower of Tommy Sotomoisture fool off of this blog ASAP! ?? Reformist is the most ignorant man on this blog and keeping him around is a complete downgrade of this website. NBA Is Fixed what’s up! Love your views…don’t let this fool take over your spot! I’m a Black Canadian and I’m so offended by the stupidness on each and every post!

    • Yeah black men should date people more more like their moms but unfortunatelay most of our moms are overweight, and have shitty attitudes. But then again is that what 87% of black men seem to date now days

      • I feel sorry for your mom. It’s a shame that her own son doesn’t see her as beautiful. Sounds like a personal problem for you, Reformist. So find your light skinned queen. And when your son becomes older, I’m sure he will bring home that blackest, juiciest, most tatted and weaved chick he can find. And my wish for you will come full circle

  2. He just got married recently, but is still bothered about what other women are doing. Married life but be boring AF!

    • He should have stayed single to be with the people he really wants to be with. Does anyone really see this couple growing old together. Not happening.

    • That’s why Brothers stay losing because the smart brothers that recognize what the trifling no good using black women are doing by looking like transgenders and expecting us to love it

      • So pick up a real post op trans-gender whose transition is not easy to spot. Black women will be fine.

    • Yes, he’s terribly bored with her… Aint no way, he’s happy and satisfied, but finding time to rant on social media like a queen… This latest stunt just fuels the gay rumors even more…

    • Agree!!! Why is he pontificating about other women rather than focusing on building and strengthening his marriage?

  3. The self hate is strong, but not because of black / white issues with black women. Think about it. Clearly he hates all women and even his wife will not measure up eventually, so he takes it out on black women. Anyone can see thru this.
    US REAL MEN????? No, speak for yourself because real black men, specially those in entertainment, don’t do this. They marry white women to satisfy the vision of their white employers, but they don’t diss the women that look like their mothers and sisters. “”All men”” is just a weak attempt for affirmation and to drag all MEN into his own personal misery. These days most women that want to get with people like him do all sorts of enhancements and they know the men know, just like the herpes they all share.

    • Amen! Men who claim they don’t like black women then list nonsensical reasons like hair normally don’t like ALL women. Not liking black women altogether is odd AF cause all black women are different. Makes no sense at all

      • Why is that every race gets to have their women with natural hair except black men. Black men really need to have standards and don’t back down form it

    • You both sound like fucking idiots.. Just because a black man prefers a more natural black woman you find something wrong with Tyrese. In the 90s you sound beautiful black women that looked real…You dudes are the same stupid men women make jokes about.. Its not self hate… It’s recognizing that you have to go get a mixed girl sometimes if you can’t find a black woman that does not feel comfortable with out all the accessories

      • He is laughing at women who enhance themselves, as if only black women enhance themselves. Most women chasing coons like him enhance regardless of race. But he’s stuck on hair. Everyone knows he don’t like females. He was scrounging for black dates, found an actress to play the role, and suddenly he springs a white wife. This man would rather be single to do his ‘thing’ and black women have nothing to do with it. It’s him with the issues.

  4. A lot of fake bootied, long hair, botox lips women in Hollywood have bfs/husbands. Someone’s lying.

  5. ‘Us real men’ Tyrese you gay!!! Talk about being a hypocrite. See us ‘real women’ know a gay man when we see one and you are gay gay GAY hunnay!!!

    • Let me get this…Tyrese a faggot because he don’t like fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake ass, fake titties… I bet your nasty ass mess with transgenders because that’s what these women look like… Don’t your IGNORANT ASS EVER say real mean like fake women.. What is wrong with black men excepting this shit

      • Those rumors have been swirling around long long before he came out with this. Nothing to do with black woman. What he is doing is called ‘deflection’ look it up.

  6. he wasnt dissing just ‘black women’ he said ‘of all races’, read it correctly before all the bitter commentary…

    • Well, at least his wife married him knowing his history. Does she think she will be his one and only.

  7. This man always goes off on a rant like he is constantly pmsing. Didn’t he just get married? Why don’t he worry about his wife and not what other women are doing?
    Do you know how many black men uplift these very women that he’s talking about? He needs to redirect his comments to black men because they are the most broken!

    • I was just thinking the same thing!!! If he was truly happy, he could care less what any other woman is doing!
      -P.S. You can attribute the rants to his cocaine addiction…

  8. Black women don’t realize how good they look natural. White dudes like me love the hair and ski of a natural black woman. Maybe some day they will learn that we find them extremely sensuous and lovely without the white woman accoutrements.

    • Black women are the only women work backwards when it come to beauty standards. Just imagine a styled afro, slim, tall, full lips, nice perky butt, brown skin women tucked underneath your sheets. I’m salivating just thinking about it

  9. Thank You.
    Black is BEAUTIFUL

    I agree with one and only one thing. The BOOTY enhancements have gone too far.
    Black women have had beautifil butts forever.
    Having silicone injected on a cheap hotel room by a fake wanna be Dr. Risking your life is crazy.
    And fat removal to inject in your butt is also crazy.
    fat cells

    • I was watching an old footage of freaknik and the black women had such BEAUTIFUL bodies…slim with nice curves and very good skin and well kept hair. The 70s-80s were the golden age of black beauty

  10. Fat cells just come back somewhere else.
    The hormones in the meat from FASTFOOD
    significantly have effected our bodies. Stop eating this crap.
    Why do I say this? Look back at Soul Train TV Show videos from back in the day. Everybody was skinny.
    fastfood wasnt on every corner. And eating out was SPECIAL. Now folks go there everyday
    BLACK is beautiful. We need to take care of ourselves

  11. I’m not mad at Tyrese’s statement, which WAS NOT aimed at black women, per se.

    I agree with him that women today are going way overboard with too much makeup, those Mr. Ed looking eye lashes, that fake, too shiny made-in-china hair weave and those pumped up Secretariat asses.

    Beauty comes from within not through a bottle. A lot of women today look like cheap whores.

    • And the men love it. I hate how they deny it. If they didn’t date any I these women no women would do all of this

  12. Why do black gossip sites keep implying his wife is white? Have y’all seen that girl??? She’s clearly biracial. And she’s fine AF too. Tyrese is winning while bitter sistas stay mad at light skinned girls that can snag a man with no probs. It’s 2017, ladies. There’s a man out there for you too (if you stop hating on everything that looks happier than you).

    Pic of the “white” girl:

    • No one is hating, but tyrese is ranting and raving about women being artificial. A face full of makeup is not natural.

      My point is every woman does something to enhance themselves. My issue with men is that they are hypocrites! They will break their neck to look at a female who is all made up.
      You men are mad because your visual creatures. Don’t blame women for your shortcomings.

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