Tevin Campbell Speaks on Quincy Jones Molestation Rumors

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Following Quincy Jones’ shocking interview with Vulture magazine, the Internet rehashed the old rumor of Quincy allegedly molesting his protégé Tevin Campbell.

Well, Tevin spoke out yesterday via Twitter to put the rumors to rest:

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  1. I believe that not only did he molest him I believe as a young boy he was pass around and prince was trying to protect him but they told him to back off that’s what I heard along time ago poor thing .

    • so true!! Think about it, you always see Bey and Jay with their kids…Kim and Kanye with theirs….because they know Pedos are lurking. Quincy Jones offered Tupac “some” and he declined …he ended being marked. And that concludes tonights session

    • MJ was trying to protect too, but he wouldn’t back down. That’s part of why they came after him.

  2. You know when they are children they have ways to make them believe it never happened and as they get older something can trigger it as they will start to remember that’s why a lot of Disney kids and nick kids grow up acting the way that they do.

    • So true, I watched that two Corey’s movie on Lifetime, so sad, SMH. Those pedophiles preyed on Corey H. I know he was in a few relationships and even engaged once or twice, but I wonder was he really gay and that along with the drugs had something to do with him not ever getting married. After watching that movie I became more curious about him.

  3. Pedos are everywhere and Hollywood has a large population of them. These band children are not safe, never were. Don’t expect this person to admit to anything.

  4. So sad but I believe he was passed around like usher, Mj etc… no child should be anywhere near Hollywood. There is nothing there but sick mfs. And what’s even sadder is the families be knowing what is going on but all they care about is money. What normal parent would send their child away for the weekend with adults that they know nothing about. !?

    • That’s why MJ acted a bit different and was adamant about protecting hollywood and hood kids.

      • Oh that’s why he built Neverland so he can an imaginary boy who takes boys to his place so they can live happily ever after

        Yeah Mike used to suck those boys off who slept with them

  5. His voice…his talent…don’t let those people overshadow that

    This man can still sang.

  6. Quincy did make MJ do gay for tracks stuff during the thriller and off the wall days.

  7. Quincy should be telling about all the teenagers he raped..Male/Female was taken advantage of Todd Bridges said he told his father he was being raped by the man they hired to watch over him.. They did NOTHING, because the money he was earning..My father RIP told me as a child that Walt Disney
    Was the biggest Pedo in Hollyweird. Most of the Disney kids are/was screwed up on drugs, alcohol and anything they can do to try a numb the pain in side of them. It’s really sad and tragic..
    I’m still awaiting the Music industry rapist…

  8. There’s footage of Quincy’s nasty ass trying to suck Prince’s red lollipop on live tv.

  9. Y’all don’t understand. He means it was consensual. Not molestation

    • It’s cant be consensual btwn someunder under 18 and grown ass man. Even if Tevin wanted it, Quincy was old enough to not accept it.

  10. Hes basically a one hit wonder who fell off a long FUKN time ago how is it possible that he suddenly came out the limelight to speak, just like a lot of NTFS in Hollywood who were molested or raped he got paid off, CUZ from my knowledge he got took for his money back then now he’s backing the dude who dicked hmmmm literally hmmmmmm

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