STREET ALERT: Curtis “Nikko” G. Riley is an Informant!

The pimp who claims to serve as bodyguard to alleged Mel Gibson former mistress, Violet Kowal, has been found to be an informant.

Just last week, sources say they spotted Nikko walking down Hollywood Boulevard, screaming, “I reported Jacky Jasper to the police.” Word is Nikko became enraged after HSK discredited Violet Kowal’s case against Mel Gibson.

Violet’s claim to fame stems from her supposedly fallen victim to Mel Gibson’s rage…that’s why she hired Gloria Allred. Now, Nikko says he is the person who posses text messages from Mel Gibson’s bodyguards, which prove Violet’s story. Okay…so why has nobody seen those texts yet?

Now, Nikko is reportedly befriending every hustler that he meets on Los Angeles streets, and I’m told dude really wishes he were a cop. I guess that’s why when no one from the streets could hear him, he’s the first to brag and tell you that he’s a gang enforcement officer, claiming to carry a police badge and work in law enforcement with LA Gang units. In all reality, the 42-year-old licensed security guard is no more than an armed informant. An armed informant previously denied employment upon review of his credentials, by the elite “BodyGuard Group“.

This guy Nikko is playing both sides of the fence…he has one foot on the streets and his other foot is in a police station. So, if you’re on Hollywood Boulevard and happen to run into this Nikko fella, take my advice and keep it moving. He’s not to be trusted. Know why?

Because he’s an informant mane!

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