Is Bobby V Facing Financial Hard Times?

Singer Bobby V. Broke

HSK Exclusive – Singer Bobby V. was seen leaving R Kelly’s birthday party holding a doggy bag of food and he had Sheneka Adams in tow.

An insider is saying Bobby V showed up to R Kelly’s birthday party driving a secondhand Dodge Challenger, with Sheneka Adams riding shotgun.

The drop:

“Bobby and Sheneka kept to themselves at the party.

Somebody should tell Bobby, the people who he thinks are his friends are not his friends. They were all laughing at him saying that he’s broke.”


  1. Maybe he’s trying to keep his bank account in tact and not spending frivolously, maybe he not like the rest of’em soon as they get one hit and run out and buy a big Mansion, most expensive cars, jewelry, just squandering his money, that doesn’t mean he’s broke, I could mean he’s being careful never know

  2. Maybe the food was good, that does not mean h is broke. Rich white people take doggy bags. Look at Warren Buffett, he ain’t buying or giving shit.

      • Damn right, I got a rhyme for that shit.

        Ninjas always hollering, “ball till you fall” but white boys don’t say shit, they keep secrets, penny pinch, and stay rich, until the day they no longer breathing, dead and buried in a ditch. once dead and gone, the family will still be able to say, to themselves of course, IM RICH BITCH!!!!

    • That’s for damn sure Eddie. Not bragging, but I can dine out practically anywhere want any night I want, and you best believe my mama didn’t raise me to leave good food at the restaurant. I don’t CARE if it looks less sophisticated or country, if the food is great, I’m taking the leftovers home with me.
      No shame in watching your pennies where you can. Like you said, the richest white mofos on earth or so tight they squeak.

      • typos: practically anywhere I want
        richest mofos on earth are so tight

        It’s late-I didn’t proofread. My bad.

      • You damn right, people need to stop being stupid thinking that it makes them looks broke to take food that they paid for. I’m not saying be the person that holds up the line in the store a penny but don’t throw money away.

    • Shit..times are hard and being broke is no joke especially in the entertainment industry. U see the majority of these folks are overseas. He’ll, even Monica went back to school and work at a hospital on third shift. Money is tight!

  3. This site is sounding like MTO with this bs writing. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little leftovers!!

  4. Why Won’t Black Celebrities Invest Their God Damn Money Stop Spending Their Money On Loose Women With No Morals

    Invest In Properties Like Schools And Houses Apartment Buildings

  5. these celebs don’t own any of their money the elites own their money why do you think they give them a black card the money is digital inflation which means they are worth nothing it’s paper money. floyd mayweather, jay z , dr dre, etc are wealthy but on paper the elites can go into their bank accounts and freeze their money. so they spent it on junk they tracking systems in their houses, cars, etc to track them. they can get money off the black card but they can’t take a million dollars because the elite will kill them. when you see alethes get signed for a big contract don’t believe the hype it’s paper money.

    the music business is finshed music doesn’t sell anymore alot of these artists are getting the boot record labels are struggling even birdman he’s in debt look for him to use his artist for a ritual to get out of debt

    • Eddie Murphy said that when he was doing Saturday Night Live and his lil James Brown impression was hot. He said James brown wanted to meet him because he liked the impression. He said they met in the mid 80s and james was real cool talking to him about show business and and all. So James asked Eddie Murphy did he have a million dollars in the bank, Edde said yeah, I got well over a million. He said James Brown started laughing like a motherf*cker and said go try to take “your million dollars” out the bank and see what happens to your ass. And to this day, he has never been able to take a million dollars out the bank even when he was worth 350 million. Everytime he tries to, his accounts get frozen.

    • Time to loosen your tin hat Ste[phen. I get your point, but you have carried it a bit too far. If you truly believe that Jay couldn’t get his hands on a few million tomorrow, you’re just another deluded hater here.

  6. music will always sell.

    these guys aren’t the only ones to hit rock bottom.

    birdman should not be struggling but hes made enough money and now the industry or whatever parent company owns cash money now is getting ready to drop him.

    baby done had so many artists albums on hold maybe he wanna think about releasing some of them.

    or is he waiting to get rid of wayne or nicki yes people would rush to buy unreleased wayne and nicki material.

    juvenile’s dumb broke ass had to go back guess he couldn’t get paid no other way.

    bg’s in jail.

    turk’s broke and on rap a lot who cares about that kind of odd juvenile just left rap a lot.

    kind of funny ever since pimp c died rap a lot has been putting out nothing but ugk and bun b albums.

    • Music will always sell. Nah. Haven’t paid for a tune for 10 years. Concert is the only money now.

      • music will sell.

        not i9nto now either but as long as you make cd’s or downloads and people riding by blasting it in cars people will buy music the format may change but it will always be made.

  7. All singer sell his voice. once time singer have high grade. but he maintain his grade continue, he do spend many money and he will survive crises finance.

  8. Bobby V had a few bangers back in the early 2000s that got radio play, but, his music and brand never took off like he wanted. “Slow Down” is his most memorable song to date. Atlanta was jumpin at the time, so, Bobby V was able to slide in and ride the wave. Folk assumed he was gonna do something, but, it never happened. The Ugly Truth… R&B was given away to other folk for brownie points, now they wanna cry about the money… Too Late!

    • @Tyrone

      Very Truth, Is Black People’s Fault, Why Our Music Is Being Taken Over, Because Black People Sold White People Our Music And Culture, Even Justin Timberland And Justin Bieber Are Making Money Off Black People

      • Everybody makes money from our culture because we care about being liked more than being respected. Seeing others celebrate the artistic side of us may give us a sense of pride, but it’s shortsighted. It’s the (Apollo Effect) at work. We see cultural theft as cute, other folk view it as an opportunity. Selfish is a dirty word for some of us, and it shouldn’t be. Do you see this mindset elsewhere? I could wax poetic about this topic, but we know the minefield that lays in front of us…Appreciate The Feedback!

  9. so he slid into a jumping party in a cool car, with a sexy woman riding with him and then took something to go as he jumped back in that car with that sexy ass chick with him and went back to the house and laid up eating them leftovers in bed with a bad chick.. i’m failing to see where he lost?

  10. A ‘doggy’ bag….Mmmm…delicious..One of China’s favourite delicacies….Bobby V was cool when his hit/s rocked in the 90’s. Not sure about the car, but most of these “celebrities” only turn up to events just to acquire the ‘freebies’, the publicity merchandise and for the “publicity” itself, be it be in a positive or negative realm. Albeit, he only had a few successful songs, however, his music would still be deemed as one of the classics of the 90’s. Still sounds fresh even after these all these years.

  11. Um? The f*ck some of y’all talking about?? Bobbby V didn’t come out until the early 2000’s as a solo artist. He was in a group that had one hit and fizzled, so how can his music be 90’s classic?
    All these excuses for that long titty having midget! Bobby was a thousandaire at the height of his career,he chose to try to keep up with other celebrities and now he’s broke,not to mention the shitty contract Ludacris and Chaka Zulu had him sign. There have been way too many stories on how broke he is!Perfect example of how the industry uses you up and spits you out when you have nothing left!

  12. I dont care what some of yall say all Bobby V albums be jamming and what the hell is a second hand challenger?

    sounds like some haters to me.

    • Bobby V music was cool. Dude never sold out by venturing into that euro trash, like most of the others.

    • I just found out who she is .. but this is trippy, found a photo online with Steebie, Ho-seline and Sheneka posing at a club trippy.

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