Princess Love Threatens to Expose Brandy!

princess love expose brandy

After Sonja Norwood and Brandy skipped Princess Love’s baby shower, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Princess popped off!

Brandy attempted to congratulate Princess in an Instagram post which was captured by Rhymes With Snitch, and here’s what happened:

brandy princess love

The post has since been deleted.


    • She should spill her own Tea before she starts to pour a cup for somebody else…I’ll pour her cup & I’ma fill it to the rim. MONEY ? TEAM ? 2 or 3 clicks ran threw you before Ray J threw his cape on for the bitch. They SMUTTED her out and now Ray J throws his tongue down that throat…ugh??

      • Hi brandy. She ain’t the only one that been ran thru…#weknowwhatudidinphilliy #wanyeainttheonlyonethathit #uplaynyournoselikeyourgodmom #veganliefortheweightloss #howmanybodiestheabortioncliniccaughtinbmore #isrealitefakeout #fuckumean #ownyourtruth

    • She’s a Leo too! I know she wanna read her for filth! And it’s killing her right now having to be politically correct so it doesn’t ruin the brand….

  1. Do it princess and why you at it let us all know what was in that note Whitney gave her .

    • Probably asking for a loan to pay thed_boys back. But she couldn’t because her mom is charge of everything. That guilt is killing her probably why she’s been buggin ..smh

    • I doubt Princess is privy to that information..I mean look how she tripping now. She’d better stfu before her life is in danger fucking with that.

  2. Why do these industry folk insist on airing their dirty laundry and personal business..beefs on social media?

  3. Please don’t ever forget the fact that Ray J did a pron movie with that fake ass Kardashian bitch! That video made that ugly white bitch a superstar. What did Ray j get in return?

  4. No talent reality hag leave Brandy alone!! She was the only good influence black youngs,girls had in black music before everyone became strippers singing with auto tune.

    Go away , Non talented bish. Go suck another celeb off for a slot on trash tv.

    • But brandy was way worse than princess! Only difference was social media didn’t exist when she was a smut butt lol

    • I just want to know does this silly girl think that attacking your husband’s sister PUBLICALLY is gonna make him magically become faithful? He loves his family and his sister’s brand.go fucking with that and her ass could soon be gone. She need to guide that misdirected anger at her husband and her own self before she finds herself with a baby on her arm in search of another dude. And another thing airing out Brandy’s shit is stale. We all know Brady’s past troubles but she still booking gigs. All that shit was discussed years ago. Foh Princess

  5. I know I’m not the only one that sees it…does anyone find it odd that his wife looks like a younger version of brandy?! Weird as shit like marrying your sister without the guilt of incest lmao Eewww

  6. Wow they missed the whole baby shower, that’s super lame. They have to live with that for the rest of there lives. Princess seems pretty forgiving, so she will be okay.

  7. Brandy is touring, making money singing. Princess needs to know when you marry into a family that is ’bout they money, you betta have friends, family and people if you wanna throw a party and not just rely on your inlaws for attendees.

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