NeNe Leakes Caught Stealing T-Shirt Designs

Girl Bye Nene Leakes

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, NeNe Leakes, is being accused of stealing a t-shirt designs.

T-shirt company, Tee In The Trap, is claiming Leakes ripped off their Girl Bye design. Know why?

Because Tee In The Trap found out Leakes recently opened up a shop selling their Girl Bye trademark on t-shirts of her own.

Here’s what Tee In The Trap posted on instagram:

Nene Leakes Stolen Design


      • NOT Bullwinkle!! BIGFOOT!! I cant STAND NeNe!! Everytime a blog posts that she got fired my spirits SOAR!! (Too bad it hasn’t been true).

        • I know. I cant stand her either and she seem to bring out the worst in people
          Around her and far and abroad, lol !
          She is a snake and a very underhanded insecure, immature individual

    • Being creative would be using a font other than the standard one included in Word…Girl Bye!

  1. NeNe may not have known & most likely didn’t care since she purchased the original design from a store.

    If she wanted to sale that same design in her new store all she had to do was let
    Tees In The Trap know, place & order & resale in her own store. THAT would help all parties involved & was right way to handle matter…legally.

    For such a “I’m Rich Bitch” she’s not to bright or nice, huh?

  2. This is typical hoodrat behavior by the one and only Nene Beakes. She knew exactly what she was doing.

  3. That shirt is really cute for teenage girls or homosexual men. Any heterosexual woman > age 21 with Girl Bye splayed across her chest gets a side eye, especially a 40+ grandmother. Dear God I hope I dont develop stage 3 Peter Pan syndrome as I approach 40 like these women.

    • @non importante .. hopefully you’ll live long enough to consider the ‘stage 3 Peter Pan syndrome’. You might learn something

  4. If you look at Nene’s shirt, it is different. Notice the comma after girl. She has a right to make the sells. You can have 2 businesses with the same name as long as you make it spelled or look different, it is legal. They have no case. Seems like Nene did her home work.

    • Really!!?!! What about being creative if this is supposedly your niche! I guess I’ll just make design a purse with lower case g’s and put the red and green stripes. Gucci won’t mind because its perfectly legal. Girl, bye!

      • This is funny. Ironically someone came up with this concept as I saw what you described at a beauty supply store in Virginia while visiting relatives. There were stitched bags too with a botched Chanel logo and the interlocking Cs had rounded ends. And of course the store did not have any unrefined shea butter that I forgot to pack, just the yellow crappy imitation that many think is the real deal.

  5. You may want to check with a lawyer if you have one. That’s why people have knock-offs that looks like the real deal. You must not have been to NY or CA. You may be missing out on millions.

  6. What’s so creative about a common phrase being used on a tshirt? And someone school me on the authentic design – no artwork, just basic font you can find in Microsoft Word 2013. The phrase is so common they probably weren’t even able to trademark it. There are about 20 other Instagram stores selling the same “design” so I guess everyone is stealing from each other

  7. …So nice that Littlefoot from ‘The Land Before Time’ movies found an outside hustle or three. Not so nice that a Dinosaur got caught up in some Nigga shit.

    • Raheim,

      Well, my friend Tab sat here reading your comment & laughed so hard she knocked over her glass of wine & is now on trying to get up off the floor…I’m not sure which one is more funny at this point, her silly butt or your comment.

      Y’all both crazy!

      • LOL@That! And I agree with you–We’re both crazy! I ain’t even mad at Littlefoot, though–Gotta do something since those ‘The Land Before Time’ royalties & residuals dried up lol

  8. I don’t think it’s trademarked. So anyone could have ripped off the concept. Anyway it a win win for all. Nene has further publicity about her latest venture and teeinthetrap get free advertising..


    • A lot of people look messed up after getting a rhinoplasty, but it’s usually because their noses look chopped off like the Jacksons. Nene is the only person in history to have her nose fixed and it looks even bigger. How is that possible?

  10. some ppl not made for tv and she is one of them….vh1 takes sority sis off air but wont fire this clown. she is big headed ungreatful and unapprecitive Shes a shames the african community and is the typical sterotype of “hood rich”

  11. saw ne hanging around whiote celebs guess those Hollywood whiteboys tapped that ghetto peach.

    never had a problem with sorority sisters didn’t matter if they cancelled it.

    they’ll find another ratcxhet show since that’s whats in these days.

    give flavor flav a another reality show we want to see flav impregnate another girl then bring bACK NEW YORK, DEELISHIS AND HOOPZ TO BRING MORE DRAMA.

    • I just saw New York on an E! show about reality stars “where are they now?” Tiffany looked better than ever and her personality seemed more down to earth than I remember. I wish they would give her something new to do.

  12. Considering “Girl Bye” is her catchphrase & every other Housewife & Basketball wife makes these catch phrase t-shirts & tanks I think this company should “have several seats”. #NowCopyrightThat

  13. I have been told, when you have a beautiful spirit, you are beautiful. I wish NeNe would change.

  14. Why does reading this not surprise me?! Nene is a taker. She exudes this behavior constantly on reality shows.. Im going to buy the one with the comma. now, bye!

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