MS-13 Gangsta Catches Bieber & Selena Gomez Looking Sketchy In the Hood

justin bieber selena gomez hollywood

Now that The Weeknd is done with Selena Gomez, she’s back to creeping with Justin Bieber. These millionaires aren’t chillin’ in five-star restaurants though. They’re creepin’ on the gritty and shady side of Hollywood in a raggedy swapmeet.

An Ms-13 gangsta caught footage of Bieber and Selena “shopping” and looking suspect AF. Once they realized they had been outed, they took off running down a back alley!

The former couple reconnected after Selena received a kidney transplant from her best friend. She said the transplant was needed after battling lupus, but others allege her kidney was trashed from doing other things…

The gang banger left this caption on the video:

“Justin Bieber is seeing in my average quality cell phone footage with (Selena Gomez) this I did not know it was her because she look like a groupie but anyways long story short he didn’t wanna be video tape but little did he know I did not care and he was not talking to a fan ahah just someone who had nothing to do lowkey”

What/who were they looking for in this part of town?


  1. Faggot ass nothing ass worthless ass ppl always tryin to film everything with their phones.

    Leave them the fuck alone!

    Man i feel for these 21 century celebrities.

    Talking about he “caught” them; nigga shut tha fuck up and sell that shitty merchandise at your shitty booth at the god damn swap meet.

    • ↑ Dam Bieber, u salty af ain’tcha. We know dats you. Give you props tho, hangin’ out at the swap meet with no security. (At least, no plain sight security)

  2. @Anonymous

    Fuck you mean? That ain’t HIS hood. He’s just a worthless broke nigga who’s stuck there. So he decides to become a terrorist. It’s not a good idea but justin can shop wherever the fuck he wants to.

  3. Drugs. They ova there to get high. They saying if u gonna be with bieber he makes u do drugs with him, like its no negotiation. Why this dumb bitch is following his ass is beyond me. She could get any dude she want even richer than bieber we know she made the dubai trips she can bag some oil money but she in the damn ms13 hood trying to get heron, ugh u dirty bishes. She need to start hanging iut wit rihanna

  4. If he really is a gang member,hes prob stupidest gang member on the planet,dude u just made claim that you’re in one of the most ruthless gangs ever,you filmed yourself & you have a yt page,
    you deserve to get arrested &deported..smh

    • Ummm the police know who in gangs in LA, that aint a secret. LA police and LA Gangs actually get along most of the time.

    • @DuppyD

      Depends on that law enforcement department’s track record.

      Kenneka Jenkins killers pretty much self snitched online yet there r still no arrests. ?

      Sometimes the police don’t give a fuck. They’re human too smh.

    • Like there aren’t gang members in the police force.
      Like there aren’t cops on the gang payroll.

  5. The tricky party about where they at is, its lots of celebs that live over there. They have luxury mixed with poverty. All of Hollywood is bad no matter what part you in. Bieber should have embraced them if he plan on living in they hood. That gang is linked to El Chapo and they pretty vicious in that area because they protecting immigrants. The next time they catch him slipping it maybe different. Chris and Soulja Boy was smart, they know if you gone run around LA you have to embrace the ppl that think they run it. Beiber choose to be a azz and run. Typical white ppl.

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