Mona Scott Young: From Reigning Reality Queen To Disgraced Defendant?

Mona Scott Young Reality TV Disgrace

It was only a matter of time before Mona ‘Shook One’ Scott Young would publicly address the detailed LHH script-scam allegations surrounding her now-tarnished name.

Today — exactly one week after being smacked with a $50M lawsuit — the legally-exposed fraudster is revealed to have produced a pitiful response to the documented evidence that points to Young as a greed-fueled VH1 force who plotted to pull a fast one over the true creator of LHH’s premise. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nickie Lum-Davis.

Here’s what Mona Scott Young had to say to MTV Rap Fix Live:

“I have to assume there is some basis to it because these are all very legal looking documents.

You haven’t really made it until somebody sues you…

And listen the show has been on for 6 years and I just have to wonder did you just wake up one morning and say ‘Hey, I just remembered, I did that show and she stole it from me.'”


  1. Once a bitch always a bitch..I hope that girls sues the shirt off Mona’s script stealing back..trash reality tv..junk food for the brain… Ban di whole reality tv garbage!

  2. And do believe she stole the script..look at the picture above..she look so different now, all that thieving money made her look less like a cleaning lady-aka-the maid…

  3. No they waited to see how much money and popularity it would gain and then they sued you. Had this suit been done in season 1 it could have gone any which way, but now it is time to pay the creators.

  4. Mashaonda beeeeeeennn talked about this a while ago.. then they tried to focus on other shit with Mashonda in the Media.. tryina make us forget.. I don’t forget shit

  5. VH1 and Mona made millions punking desperate black females who wanted to make easy money…So They Thought! Mona has to answer for that backstabbing, She Surely Will!

  6. Mona Scott use to work with Chris Lightly for “VIOLATOR MUSIC” before he sadly took his own life, I thought they was doing good by other people, but like any other business where there is millions of dollars involved so is contant thievery

  7. This is entertainment, this is the name of the game. Get f*cked or do the f*cking. They could have cut them in but they would rather roll the dice because most people aren’t able to get someone to represent them.

  8. Mona Scott Young is a Haitian, Queen Latifah career is run by a Haitian K.Compere and recently convicted, drug dealer Jimmy Rosemond is a Haitian. How did the Haitian get such a strong hold in Hip-hop? does anyone know, state it

    • Not sure, Ent., but there are a whole slew of Haitians running the industry. My homegirl in NY broke it down for me. Puffy lied and said his dad is PR, but I think Janice Combs is Haitian. Wyclef, Jerry Wonda, Melky Jean… So many Haitians in the game. They’ve apparently been hiding their IDs until recently. (Not the Jean family.)

    • Haitians stick together and look out for each other in a tribal essence. Whereas Black Americans are “crabs in a barrel”.

      • Haitian-Americans that is… go to the slums of Haiti and it’s “dog eats dog” with restavecs and paper bag tests and all… so sad

      • Haitians are very clannish. I forgot about that.

        I used to see a friend of mine at the station he worked in. There was a security guard there at night and on the weekends who was just rude for no good reason. I would speak and he would act like he was doing me a favor to reply. The man’s personality was shorter than a dwarf after a double leg amputation.

        At any rate, when I was signing in, I decided to ask what he was studying since he had a book on the desk. Hearing his voice more clearly, I asked where he was from. Brotha said ‘Haiti.’ Here’s the clincher… I hit him with a ‘sak passe,’ and it was like the gates of Heaven opened and God himself emerged. That brotha showed me ALL of his teeth, his gums and his cavities, filled and unfilled. Then, he asked if I’m Haitian, which I’m not.

        I honestly believe, based on my correspondence with several Haitian people, that they dislike Black Americans because BAs often ridicule them. I have never done so. I always struggled to understand why the Cubans were rarely deported (Elian Gonzalez being one of the rare exceptions), yet the Haitians were often deported when attempting to immigrate. I knew it had to do with perceived race/skin color. That may be why I’ve always secretly had love for Haitians. That, and I love seeing Black people who speak fluent French.

        Moral of the story: sak passe and nap boulé open doors. Get familiar!

    • As black folk, we owe our Haitian sisters and brothers a debt of gratitude. We would not be free if not for them battling and ultimately defeating The French. I got mad love for Haitians, grew up with them, wwent to school with them, etc.

  9. Conveniently, Chris Lighty dies under suspicious circumstances and Mona Scott Young’s star truly rises. Sacrifice, perhaps? Chris is the reason so many artists and managers have careers today.

    You’re nobody ’til somebody kills you. Maybe this lawsuit will reveal other lesser known things about Mrs. Scott Young.

  10. Didn’t recognize Mona; what a change with the weight loss, veneers and mustache removal.

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