Mike Vick Caught Cheating on His Wife

mike vick cheating

Mike Vick’s side chick put him on blast in a video of them holed up in a hotel room together.

The woman doesn’t show her face, but it’s clearly not his wife, Kijafa.


BTW Kijafa just gave birth to Mike’s child on November 2017.



  1. This proves nothing. For all we know his wife filmed this, to get a storyline for that show she’s on. S/N I hate when women use the “my friend” knowing full well its them the actual jump-off leaking the video. On another one, with google at the tip of your fingers how do you not know a man is married, especially a high profile man like Mike Vick. This hoe needs to hold the L she gave herself and hopefully she don’t catch his herp.

  2. The sad thing is it doesn’t surprise me at all.. why tf won’t these dumb asses just stay single if they want to just fuck around.

  3. Her homegirls is playing herself. I’m sure this is the side chick pretending to be her friend, she just wants to be known cause she tired of playing the side chick. And how in the world would she not know MV is married? LIAR!!!

    I don’t understand woman that mess with married men and then want to be a victim

  4. You can’t be a side chick catching main chick feelings….I thought this bubble head knew that.

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