Michael Jordan Told Charles Barkley To Kick Rocks


Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan are no longer BFF’s. Know why? Because Charles Barkley is an NBA analyst and he’s always dissing Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets on his TNT television show.

Here’s what Barkley said in a recent interview:

“I think Jordan was offended by some things I said about him on television.

I said Michael wasn’t doing a good job — he’s doing a great job now, the Hornets have gotten better…but they weren’t doing good.

My job is to be an analyst. It’s not to protect your friends…no, he’s not feeling that.”



  1. of course he aint nobody friend lol That nigga is 60 years old and trying to feed his newborn babies by selling ugly sneakers to your children over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until he comes up with another ugly design for his sneakers in the year 2O3O roflmfao

  2. Heh, one bitch-made, coon-ass basketball player with a shitty attitude telling another bitch-made, coon-ass basketball player who sounds like a thick-tongued Southern Plantation owner to kick rocks. Amusing.

  3. Micheal Jordan Is Partly The Reason Why Black Teens Are Getting Killed Or Beaten Up, Because Of His Ugly Looking Sneakers. Sadly He Doesn’t Care, All He Cares About His Profits!!

    If A White Teen Got Killed Or Beaten Up He Would Care Because He’s A World Class Coon Just Like His Lap Dog Charles Barkley

    • So, no one has any personal responsibility anymore? U can’t blame that dude for the next man’s actions. Is North Face responsible for the deaths of the ppl killed in order to obtain their jackets? Is Apple responsible for iPhone thefts? No? Ok.

      • @datjerk

        Micheal Is Black, The Teens Got Killed/Beaten Up Are Black That’s The Difference!!

        Apple Is Owned By White People, Air Jordan Is Owned By A Black Man And Other People

        Micheal Should Of Showed Some Compassion!! And Given The Victim’s Parents Money And Free Stuff

        • Just like a dumb nigga….always making everything race related and asking for a handout all the while neglecting personal responsibility for senseless acts. The problem lies in the ignorant mindset of those people, not the corporations who sell these products. SMDH

          • Once a dollar has been passed, it becomes EVERYONE’S responsibility. Check the last $ you spent. Do you “know” the last m.f. that borrowed it?

  4. Jordan is the greatest baller in NBA history, but his managerial skills are lacking in a major way. He is the lone black owner of a pro sports team. That’s a good thing, but, I can’t respect MJ anymore. I don’t have any of his sneakers, and have no desire to purchase them.

    • @Tyrone

      Micheal Probably Can’t Even Read Or Write Most Celebrities are Illiterate, Because Their Too Busy Dropping Out Of School. Hack! David Beckham Couldn’t Even Help His Son With His Math Homework!

      • Micheal Jordan returned to UNC to obtain his degree AFTER he was a multimillionaire. While I am not cosigning his actions in general, education is one area in which he set an example for all the young “one and done” men today. Props for that.

        • @Anon 19:18 Those Athletes do not attend any classes to earn those degrees because there given to them.Shaq has two degrees but he’s the dumbest and the most intellectually limited of a blackman that I’ve ever heard and that was proven by those leaked emails from him about Rihanna.Nothing in the world would ever convince me Shaq or Jordan have ever set in any body’s classroom and passed any exams.North Carolina has already been exposed for Academic fraud.Ask Rashad McCants

          • OK, fair enough BA. I can’t claim to have witnessed MJ sitting in a class room in Chapel Hill so I won’t argue that point. But at the very least, Jordan set an example and raised the bar for other young men of the “one and done” phenomena by appearing to return to Chapel Hill during summers to obtain his degree when the need for money was not an immediate issue.

    • Jordan is one of the greatest, not the greatest. There are just as many greats before him and he is just one of them . There will be many greats after. Don’t let the smooth tastes fool you.

      • No offense Asherah, but the one thing which all basketball experts are unified on, black white and otherwise, is that M was the greatest of all time.
        There is debate on who follows him in the list of greats…and that debate will never be settled. But there is no debate on Jordan. And this is coming from someone who never liked the dude personally.

        I have great admiration for Bill Russell, the Big O, Kareem, Magic and yes even Bird, but history, film stats and rings don’t lie.

        • Without Phil Jackson Jordan would be Dominique Wilkins,didn’t win anything before Phil or after.same with Kobe the common denominator it’s Phil.by the way,he never beat bird didn’t over come the pistons until their team got old.

          • Nique doesn’t have the steel trap mind and tunnel vision for winning that Jordan has. There is more to MJ than his raw skills. He is a one of a kind combination of many factors which make him an asshole, but also a consummate winner.

            • Don’t entertain that coon trying to give a white man the credit for Jordan’s success. I hate the coons on this f*cking site.

            • @Anon 18:24 Are you retarded?How else did MJ become successful if it wasn’t for the whiteman? Does MJ own Nike?Did he own the Tarheels or the Bulls?Did he own Gatorade?Who did he buy the Bobcats from before he purchased it? The whiteman.No blackman makes it to Middle America without some whiteman behind the scenes pulling the strings.Do Believe Me? Ask Lesbehonest Oprah.

            • If what you say is true that the white can create a Jordan there should be fifteen of them. But there’s only one because there’s only one Jordan stupid ass nigga. Jordan’s prowess on the court made that jumper as a freshman. Mcdonalds all American. Fuck you and f*ck coons like you. The white cant do shit on the court. If he could the nba would still be all white. Niggas like you hold our race back. I hope you don’t tell your ignorant ass lil crumb snatchers they can’t succeed without whitey. Coon ass niggas

            • The white man told us Clyde Drexler, Ron Harper, Harold Miner, Gerald Henderson, et al were the next Jordan. They have been trying to recreate that man forever because they are nothing but greedy ass copycats. They would create one a month if they could cus that’s what they do. Rip off others success. They had their vast media machine and still couldn’t duplicate him or Tiger. White men hated Tiger for taking over their sport but he the sport up globally just like Mike. So if you wanna dislike either of those men for their off field transgressions do you but to give a white man credit for their on field dominence reveals your deep seeded hatred of self. You should be on some introspective shit today and try to find out what it is that keeps you from giving any black man his props. Imma pray fo ya.

      • Again, I cosign. He was blessed/cursed to be in a particular place, st a particular time, with a particular look, AND reference.

  5. FUCK BOTH OF THEM BITCH MADE TRICKS, and all of you stupid enough to go run out and pay $250.00 and up for some gym shoes that don’t even look that good u ignorant people, those gym shoes don’t look no different than the style that been out, they all look the same and you dumb ass holes run and buy them ugly ass gym shoes and ain’t even payed ya rent, or mortgage or car note and you run out and buy his funky ass gym shoes and make his ass rich and he doesn’t give 2 f*cks about you, if he did he wouldn’t or him and Nike would realize that the average work’en family can’t afford to pay that much for those ugly ass gym shoes that look the same every year, but you stupid dumb asses will continue to buy those ugly ass gym shoes like stupid asses and continue to make him rich so his crispy black ass can pay his gambling depts, and Charles is plain 100% bitch made, with all original ingredients, plain and simple

    • Well they could be making it rain at the bar with no return on their investment. At least they have nice shoes on their feet at the end of the day instead of white around their lips.

    • As I hang my head for pass shame. I am guilty for indulging my child back in the day, that’s my truth, when I could have done so much more w/ the $. I worked for him then, & in hindsight, against myself today. We live & learn. Would I repeat history, hell no! Better insight/discernment today though!

  6. air Jordan baal prince of the air sky king lord of the skies.

    nike goddess of victory the bull slayer.

    red bull gives you wings.

    bloods wear Chicago bulls gear.

  7. I been tellin people thats all jordan does every year… sells people the shoes adds a special name and adds 20-30 dollars to the price tag. But not mad at the hustle .. i just don’t support on those prices.. shit i got mortgage payments lol!

  8. Charles Barkley is nobody’s friend. Everybody who fools with him find that out sooner or later.

  9. If Jordan ever tried to Aloof himself from Nike he’ll find himself on the wall next to that Pedophile Michael Jordan Sr.

  10. I never liked Jordans especially after staring in disbelief at what is imprinted on the soles of them.

    • MJ’S older sister wrote a book back in 08 I think accusing MJ Sr.of molestation by coming into her room many of nights and according to her MJ’s Mom was privy to this.If that’s not a pedophile I don’t know what is and MJ senior has that demonic pedo look about him.

    • Chris it’s when you get into the numerology ish that you seem crazy. Since he was found dead, how the hell do you or anyone know for sure what day he was killed on?

  11. Is there anybody anywhere that black people actually like? Anybody at all. We go searching for a flaw to downgrade the next man no matter how smart or successful. There is something really f*cking wrong with us.

  12. Yall aint gon believe this one. BET has a new show coming out called The Book of Negroes. No lie. And Oprah is involved. You can’t make this shit up.

    • Shit, I received a text from my man earlier last year showing a ” niggables” lunchable, w/ a grape soda, doritos, & 1 chicken leg. R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S!!!!! I don’t put nothing pass noboby. “Last days.”

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