Mayor Rob Ford & Drake Repp’ed By Toronto’s Bloods Gang!

Drake w/ Mayor Rob Ford

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word that Mayor Rob Ford and Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham both have the same Blood behind them … but it’s not the kind of Blood you may be thinking!!! We’re talking Toronto’s notorious Bloods gang, reported to have served Ford up with drugs — while providing Drake with street protection. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Chubbs!

According to our tipster, the controversial ‘crack-smoking’ Mayor, and the northern city’s top lyricist, both share secret street ties to the Bloods of Toronto’s Scarborough and Etobicoke city sections.

“Mayor Ford buys his crack from the Bloods in Etobicoke. Drake pays off the Scarborough Bloods so he can roam the streets without getting robbed like he used to.”

Here’s the drop:

“Rob Ford is a gangsta he got connects with Toronto Bloods. As for Drake, he used to get robbed all the time but that shit stopped once he started paying off the Kingston and Galloway Bloods … and them cats invested Drake’s street money into buying big quantities of coke.”

Crack Smoking Toronto Mayor w/ Drake


  1. Galloway is all crips and rob ford got his drugs the rexdale crips rob ford from the notoroious rexdale hood but all the people both drake nd rob mess with are crips crips in Toronto are the ones focused on the money the bloods are more about gangbanging

    • You got it twisted. The only part you were right on was gway being Crip affiliated. Rob was messing with Dixon cats who are Bloods from rexdale (probably the only Bloods gang in rexdale) & drake is down with P. Reign who roll with gay who are Crips. And that has nothing to do with Drake’s people out in Houston with rap-a-lot records. That’s another topic all together.

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