Kenya Moore’s Ex Spills All Her Tea!

kenya moore matt jordan reunion

Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan, spilled all her juicy tea on Instagram!

According to Matt, Kenya failed to pay him $10K that she promised him, so he decided to let the world know all her secrets…including her allegedly selling her booty to Nigerians!

Do you believe him or is he just salty?


  1. He’s ???? She’s as ??as he is or it would’ve never happened. I watched a marathon of this weak show on a flight yesterday and I can’t believe how fake phony and desperate all of these women are…kandi scared to fly her freak flag, dumbass porsha too old to be the sex kitten image she’s shooting for, Kenya is just desperate for validation, Sheree’s there for the carrot check dangling over her head, Phaedra is as slow as her southern molasses, she should’ve been in color purple, typical cogic testifying hoe, Cynthia.. knows how to play it. She is hashtag aware of her brand and positioning..ugh Khandi everybody knows is a trick, paymaster, freak, closet hoe, side bitch who’s now respectfully chosen ..I accept that.. nene, my screen doesn’t have enough filter for all that contour and fake labored articulation…

    • Crap on a stick, you are hella accurate! KB doesn’t want to fly her freak flag cause she’s afraid of what that parade will lead to and she has a son now and a reserved daughter old enough to read the internet. KM is just fronting cause she knows that the parade will lead with to Claudia and them and the play-for-pay years. PW is dumb-smart and will play the game and ruin your rep for $$ and she is a sex kitty–nobody is too old for that. SW needs cash to finish her no-man-will-fuk-me-ever-again-nest egg. Cynthia plays the Model game–those chicks know the score. PP has a plan up her sleeve 4 sure. Don’t think she filed invalid divorce paperwork with fake names for nothing–sometimes you need to flesh out the hubby’s mistress and put her on front in the ATL. Check it, next season Nene and Kim will be back cause reality money is an easy way to pay the bills that pile up when you live like Branson .

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