Jeezy Says ‘Seen It All’ Album Cover is Art NOT Symbolism



“Do not get art and creativity confused with ignorance.” -Jeezy

Jeezy is speaking out over wide speculation suggesting his ‘Seen It All’ album cover has direct connections to the Illuminati. This after the Atlanta rapper took to Instagram revealing the Eye of Providence, which has become a symbol of the Illuminati, is the image for his soon-to-be released fifth solo album.

Jeezy says word of him being connected to ‘an Illuminati’ couldn’t be further from the truth… adding that his visual choice for the project is no different than Pac’s Makaveli: The Don Killuminati album.

“He [Tupac] put himself just in that mind state. That’s just how I feel, I feel like I’m bigger than music.”

Check out how Jeezy broke it down:

“I am a hard-working, God-fearing man. I have no idea what an Illuminati is and really don’t give a d*mn ’cause it has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to do something different and something bigger.

It’s kind of a dark album so I just wanted it to have that mystic about it — like something you want to keep as a collectors edition. Not to compare, but when Pac did Makaveli and he put himself on that cross… it was just like that how he felt. He felt like it was him against the world, like it was him against all odds. He put himself just in that mind state. That’s just how I feel, I feel like I’m bigger than music. I’m a leader so I can do that. I don’t wanna stand in front of a Lamborghini and take a picture of me holding five chains. That’s wack… I mean, for me. I’m nine-years in the game, ten-years in the game… I’m trying to push the envelope a little bit.

The album cover is whatever, but when you open that album and play that album we ain’t gonna have this conversation. You feel me? ‘Cause that music is A-1, ya feel me?”



  1. God fearing my foot. I may stand corrected, but that image appears to be Jeezy’s signal to the Illuminati to let them know that he is available for their use. He has been commercially successful. Jeezy promotes drug culture, violence and misogyny through his “music,” which is exactly what they want from Black recording artists.

    Of course he’ll mention God, because they all do. They pretend to love God and know God while worshipping deities/false idols and money.

    “It’s a really dark album.” Is he contemplating his own death a la Tupac?

    • all rappers represented the all seeing eye.

      lets not mark jeezy for death yet you’re taking it too far.

      but yes the eye or the eyes symbols is everywhere.

      pac brought his own death by releasing bad karma and making numerous death threats and throwing middle fingers at the grim reaper talking about suicides and premature death.

      • What I want to know is, why is he saying that Pac put himself on an album cover when he’s was dead before the album artwork was even done. Good try sleezy, but ain’t nobody buying that brand around here.




      • wow….the all seeing eye… it really a bad thing. How do yall know its evil….did anyone ever think that these mf(s) have access to BIG MONEY & may really understand the dynamics of how this universe really works vs. what we’ve been taught in school. Too bad Im not one to study and get caught up in the lies/fugazziness because really pyramids is nothing but our culture. Black culture…from Egypt that whites have stripped us of in past years. Whites referring to past caucasions who were racists. I did not mean that in a racist way.

        • The inference that most of these broke ass entertainers have access to “big money” and all of the commenters on HSK live in poverty is laughable.

          I have no doubt that there are people who are rich and affluent who post comments on this site. There are a few people who have a pedigree here that exceeds what most people can fathom. Some people view the all seeing eye as Egyptian symbolism and others are viewing it in more modern terms. Neither party is wrong, it just means people have different perspectives. That dialogue creates buzz for Jeezy and may prompt someone who never paid him any mind to buy his album.

          Like someone said earlier, at the least, it’s a solid PR move.

  2. Not sure about it being a signal, that he is now willing to be used by shadowy folks.

    As far as I know, these architects, are usually the ones who do the calling.

    As for having no idea what the Illuminati is, he is partly correct. As the whole premise for such an organisation, is shroud in secrecy and disinformation.
    He should have followed due diligence, when researching for the cover of his album.

    As for the Makaveli album cover, whilst I abhorred the imagery. I couldn’t help but wonder , if he was musically declaring himself dead to the powers that be.

    • It was said Tupac faked his own death and entered into exile in Cuba. Shortly after he died, at least 500 people in Cuba reported seeing him. The irony of that is Cuba is a known country where Black Panthers fled to avoid U.S. prosecution for crimes they stood accused of. His mom was a Panther as were his godfather and other notable people in his life. It may be a conspiracy, but it was a well orchestrated one.

      • Was it because he was scheduled to go back to prison? That and few other things, that lead him to allegedly fake his death? Seems plausible, but then again not sure.
        What about Michael Jackson, etc al?

        I had no idea that Cuba was a safe haven for black panthers fleeing persecution in the US. Speaking about Cuba, what’s the relationship between the various races over there?

        As for Jeezy, he ought to pat himself on the back, his IG post has garnered the attention, he envisioned.

        • Assata Shakur went to Cuba. But Tupac is dead.
          People also see Elvis and MJ all over the world.

          I would think that people who post here would understand better than most why Jeezy did this. He knows that this is an Illuminati obsessed culture right now. He knows all the attention that has gone the Carters’ way over their alleged participation. It’s just a silly PR move.

          • Exactly! I laugh at you monkeys when you mention these uneducated, small minded rappers are even close to the illuminati. There are so many factions out there into their own thing. Do you really believe multi billionaires want anything to do with low life millionaires who mortgage and lease everything they have believing they actually own something? Gotta love the banks!!!

            • They need them as their pawns do our dirty work n promote bullshit to help weaken the mind so no one sees their real agenda. The illuminati stole respectable black symbolism n made it look evil so we wouldnt embrace it. Its our true history n they’re making money n mockery out of it jus like the black race.

            • Also quit calling black people monkies I might not be privileged to black history but damn sure know yals. Yal over there in the caucus mountains sleeping with dogs making monkies. My mom said back in the day when white women gave birth they had to leave the room cuz sometimes babies were born with tails. I used to laugh until i saw shallow hal. Yal not natural to the sun cant produce melanlin yal jus great liars manipulators n theives. Yal had the world at yal feet n guess where yal at, still tryna b black dont believe me ask both justins miley n iggy.

            • Actually these “small” minded monkeys are very essential to the elite aka “illuminati”, due to the fact that evil communication is one of their greatest tools and these monkeys have the minds and hearts of a good majority of the youth and a lot of u grown folks through the oral tradition of shit hop.

            • TY, 7:41/7:57 and Sheepzappa. There’s always at least one asshole who posts anonymously in attempts to discredit any and everyone who doesn’t post a superficial response. They obviously feel threatened or are being paid to hop on sites like HSK to act as disinformation agents.

              Again, thank you for your responses.

        • Knuckle Up:

          I can’t tell you what Cuban race relations are like. I’m not Cuban nor have I ever been there. There are Afro-Cubans there, and I recall folks such as Jay-Z and Beyonce traveling there last year, which was a source of controversy.

          I know that Cubans can send $100/mo to a relative in Cuba from the U.S. and they live like kings and queens. Their healthcare is also better than ours.

          As far as the Illuminati, I know they actively seek recruits. It has been my experience that they seek recruits early, when children are in elementary school, not 30 or 40 yo entertainers. That’s all I will say about that.

        • Knuckle Up:

          Being on Death Row Records was like being on Death Row in the penitentiary. It was literally blood in, blood out. It was my understanding that Pac’s contract with Suge was terrible, and he was looking to get out of it. There’s no better way to nullify a contract than death. IDK what actually happened to Pac or his body, but some fake autopsy photos were circulated post-mortem. That also lent itself to speculation of him pulling a Machiavelli.

          • afeni was a black panther his real dad was a panther so was his stepdad mutual shakur.

            pac was on the run since childhood.

            pac said himself he was being pimped and sold his soul to the devil.

            he didn’t want to join deathrow but being in jail for somrthjing you didn’t do nobody wants to be inm prison.

            money talks and suge had the cash to get pac out of jail and pac wanted out.



      • His aunt… #1 US terrorist Assata Shakur has been in Cuba for decades…I think the cia was gonna kill him

        • Anyone who has the ability to empower and unify the Black race is deemed a threat to U.S. Intelligence and subsequently exterminated. Preach!

          • Right. They walk into W.A. mega church on Crenshaw frequently just to make sure they know what the pastor is telling those 20k members.

            • Bishop Blake has had threats made against his life on more than one occasion. I was astonished. That was my church home. Joi, I will go to the mattresses for my Bishop and First Lady. Those crazy white folks and sellout niggas better stand down.

            • “Right. They walk into W.A. mega church on Crenshaw frequently just to make sure they know what the pastor is telling those 20k members.”

              I’m not the least bit surprised at this, Joi, as it brings to mind how, during slavery, whites would only allow black preachers who would keep their slave congregations docile, on emotional highs (At least on Sundays), and suffering all their lives while believing they’d go to Heaven when they died, while whites had their Heaven while they lived. Funny how the EXACT SAME THINGS have been preached & occurring in the black church since slavery.

              As the old saying goes: “…Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

      • Maybe Jay and Bey wrote a song with him while they were out there. Lmao. I crack myself up. Lol

        • Between the shapeshifters and the people like Saddam Hussein who had clones, you never know. HSK will have you questioning all types of isht after awhile.

          • The man would much rather Black folks be thinking about shape shifters and the Illuminati instead of the real stuff that effect their everyday life. They know what they’re doing and sad to say it’s working. Whites never talk about the Illuminati. Most of them never heard of it. We spend way too much time worrying about shit we can’t change. It’s just like alcohol and weed. Keeps out minds clouded up with bullshit while REAL SHIT is taking place.

            • Whites never talk about the Illuminati? Then how do you explain sites like vigilantcitizen, pseudoccultmedia, Industryexposed, Alex Jones, David Icke, and many, many more WHITE-owned and largely populated ‘conspiracy’ sites? These so-called know-it-alls on here kill me acting like the so-called ‘Illuminati’ and its associated symbolism magically appeared/began with a bunch of black rappers 5 years ago when this shit has been around in music for decades now. But no, let’s act like ‘ignorant’ blacks on the Internet are the only ones propagating this shit while ignoring the multitude of whites talking about the same things every day. Get serious.

            • Perhaps I could have worded this much better. I meant that I have never heard any white folks converse about any subject in the realm of super conspiracy theories and the Iluminati. I agree wholeheartedly that the conspiracy sites and authors you have listed which are wholly responsible for the propagating of this new obsession which has taken such advantage of the credulity of low information folks, are all white men.
              One would think that might be the first to conscious, skeptical A-A’s to beware. As I said in my post at the bottom of this thread, Jones and Ickes are no better than the snake oil salesman who traveled the south in circus tents in the 1930’s and preyed on the hopes and fears of the underclass of that day.

              If you socialize and hang with a great number of whites and you takes issue with my POV, you must mix with a whole different sort of folk than I do. I can honestly say that none of the things which are in the realm of conspiracy and are discussed frequently here are ever talked about among the whites I work and socialize with.

            • I have more dealings with “the man” than I do my so-called own. Last I checked, this is an entertainment site. If I wanted to mention chili cheese Fritos and Slush Puppies, I will.

  3. Speaking of all-seeing eyes, the cover art of Young Jeezy’s new is all about it. The title “Seen it All” pretty much describes what the all-seeing eye does. Around the eye are a bunch of secret society-related symbols, such as the Arm & Hammer. In Freemasonry, the symbol of the arm and hammer the Mason as the Builder, as “man at work” creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, man becomes a god. ~ From: Symbolic pics of the Month

  4. TPTB would not let Jeezy use their symbolism if he wasn’t in with them.

    I cannot go out here doing Q dog ears or whatever because In not a Q . Or do gang signs or other symbolism because I’m not affiliated.

  5. Say what you will but this was done by the art director, Jeezy was CLUELESS abut his art until it was shown to him. I did a few comps myself and I know he was CLUELESS as to what he even wanted. I’m just saying…

    • Thank you! I was going to say the exact same thing. Unless you work in the industry or are quite familiar with it from the artistic side one would not know this. Jezzy pretty much went with the flow of what was presented to him. As for him not knowing about the illuminati…yeah RIGHT!

  6. I don’t believe this guy. If it is just art why do we see the same symbolism time and time again. It all has some spiritual meaning to it. I also see the baphomet at the bottom.

    • all entertainers must give props to the devil.
      or the one eye, horned goat, horned god, horus, Osiris, cronus, Saturn, odin, they musr give preops to these pagan gods.

      jvh1, yahwah, Jehovah, jove, allah, satrym satan, jah, pan, shiva, Apollo, thor, loki, set, seth, all the serpent gods and snake goddesses out there.

      how many artists have albums do these things.

    • Thats whats so annoying…Beyonce throws up the satan sign 30 times during 2009 VMAs and I’m supposed to believe that she doesnt know what it means?!

  7. He knew and have lots of knowledge about who they are. That image is every where now it always been there it’s just we are starting to pay more closely to that image. I seen old music video with them throwing up the hand sign and images it’s just now as we are moving closer to the end they became more bold to be more open to gain as many souls as they can this is real it’s not a joke are game it’s life. But out of all the people. That. Are claim. To be dead. The only. One I know. For sure. Is Michael. Jackson.

  8. pac was talking about the so called hip hop illuminati who was conspiring againgst him.

    puff, nas, mob deep, biggie, dre, jay z, jimmy henchmen, and sa few others like wendy Williams, ll cool j, fugees, q tip, de la soul.

    yes pac dissed all these guys including da brat.

    that was the illuminati pac was talking about those taking him out.

    18 years later and pacs gone and these dudes he beefed with made way more money and sold milluions of records and became ceo bosses and they all had clotheslines, did films, commercials.

    • Actually if you listen to what PAC actually said was “niggas was tellin me about that illuminati shyt when i was in jail but if they so secret then who told them? Why would they let you know about it? Thats why im killin that illuminati shit cuz thats just another rumor to keep the black man down” in other words PAC didnt believe in the illuminati he understood that its a fear tactic to keep black people from trying to rise to sucess, and he was damn right, PAC being a black panther understood the Egyptian synbols that you dubasses think belong to the illuminati, you are sheep and thats why black people will never rise

      • @Anon 19:50

        It’s a fear tactic that most bar a few sensible folk here on the subscribe to.

        it’s a shame because now it’s turning into a war of words between the unwitting promoters of this nonsense and people who don’t buy into this rhetoric,

        Truth is in general blacks don’t want to take ownership or responsibility for their actions. It’s much easier to blame something or someone else. That’s why these illuminati theories seems so plausible to them.

        There are folks on youtube especially earning a good living from this illuminati propaganda shit. Just ask Alex whats his name.

        • @Anon 19:50

          It’s a fear tactic that most bar a few sensible folk here subscribe to.

          It’s a shame because now it’s turning into a war of words between the unwitting promoters of this illuminati nonsense and people who don’t buy into this rhetoric,

          Truth is in general blacks don’t want to take ownership or responsibility for their actions. It’s much easier to blame something or someone else. That’s why these illuminati theories seems so plausible to them.

          There are folks on youtube especially earning a good living from this illuminati propaganda shit. Just ask Alex whats his name.

          The only thing Jeezy is guilty of, is exploiting the fear factor with some cynical marketing to gain maximum exposure for his new set.

          • @Rog

            This^^^^^^^^^^^ is exactly what I’ve been saying for a year now. And I feel even more vindicated knowing that Tupac felt the same way. It is beyond my understanding how folks could be so easily duped into believing that a mega-secret deep dark society which rules the world could be so easily discovered and outlined in detail on You Tube! I mean, a small town’s City Council has more secrets than the damn Illuminati does. And I am sad to say that I am with you completely as to the reason this has taken such deep root in the A-A population. I stated in another post above that no white people ever discuss the Illuminati, and if I broach the subject, few have ever even heard the term. This is purely a phenomenon which has infected the poor and disenfranchised folk who are looking for yet another entity to hold responsible for their failure to succeed and prosper. Alex Jones, David Ickes and their ilk are the new snake oil salesmen of the modern day. They earn buckets of money pushing their theories, books, YT channels to very low information folks who are soaking it up like sponges. And for what?? Even if there were a printed notarized list of the members of a secret society who ruled the world, what do you think you could do about it?? What changes could you make? It’s so ludicrous it’s tragic. and I agree that Jeezy and his ilk are preying on low hanging fruit just like a drug dealer and a liquor store owner preys on the weak and vulnerable.

            But human nature being what it is makes folks want to blame someone for all the ills which befall them. And even more so, they use it as a reason to throw their hands up and surrender to the inevitability of failure. I read so many people who are filled with apathy because “TPTB control everything and pick the POTUS so what’s the point in voting? Why should I care? They’re the same Party.” Riiight. That in itself shows how uninformed these people are. There is a Grand Canyon of difference between the two major Parties. Those freaking Koch Brothers would not be spending billions to get their candidates in office if the Illumnati chose the President and the parties were under one great controlling force. Duh.

            I blame the rise in You Tube for half this nonsense. Before it came along, and people actually had to read books, you almost never heard all the ridiculous theories being thrown around as if they were somehow logical and believable.
            But, as long as folks are looking for a reason to be miserable, and unwilling to get their shit together and DO something to change it, there will be a market for the hoodoo voodoo idiocy which pervades the A-A population as the ultimate Boogey Man of this millennium.

  9. Graphic artists and directors insert esoterica onto covers and into videos to generate hype since people are looking and talking about illuminati, even that Kim Kardashian Hollywood references it. More publicity and more money I doubt the members of the G8 are allowing Jeezy into their fold or need a mascot. Just my initial impression from that eye of Heru-esque cover art. Pretty soon music videos will resemble that I, Pet Goat II nonsense.

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