Is OJ Really Khloe’s Daddy?

oj khloe baby daddy

TMZ caught up with OJ and congratulated him on Khloe Kardashian’s bun in the oven. The former NFL player’s response will put the rumors to rest on whether or not he’s Khloe’s real father.


    • No she does not…she looks like that hairdresser she was fucking behind rob’s back.

    • People need to give it up with the OJ thing. Kris slept with OJ for sure, for Alex is the one that fathered her. The nose alone gives it away. Khloe has chopped and chopped and chopped on that thing, but surgeons cannot reshape it to save their lives. He’s the daddy. What I want to know is how much he was paid to go live in a cave and never come out. Does he have other kids. There is your test right there. She only looks like Sydney because they are both tall and on the heavy set side with blondish hair.

  1. khloe doesn’t and never did look like a black guy was her father, sorry saw childooh photos and she doesn’t reseble none of oj’s other kids.

    • Both her and Sydney are tall, blond hair, a little heavy but that’s where the comparison ends.

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