Instagram Model Accuses Designer Karl Kani of Rape

karl kani rape

A Los Angeles-based Instagram model who goes by the name of Lovely Movely is accusing fashion designer Karl Kani of rape.

The incident allegedly took place in April 2016, and the district attorney has closed her case because the designer said the sex was consensual.

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  1. Rape is very sensitive topic. At one hand I want justice for rape rape victims. But at the other hand men have been falsely accused of rape and done serious time. These women who call false rape should be locked up just like the rapist

    • Unfortunately people want to box you into one position or the other. You can’t recognize both. I got into it with some idiot that said if a woman claims rape, then it’s true. I said, what about the possibility she is lying. She called me a rape apologist. Rape is complex but some idiot will tell you there is nothing complex about it. You were either raped or not. True, yet the courts are flooded with people who were drunk and had sex, or was it rape, did she consent, did she not, did he get the message straight, did he know she consented or not, and every confused he said /she said combinations possible.

      Solution: In some colleges people have to draw a contract and sign it every time before sex. It’s that crazy.

    • If men don’t want to be falsely accused of rape, perhaps they should stop raping women. No committed relationship, or marriage means no sex. The whole world has to suffer by the hands and evil minds of men. #stopmennow

  2. Damn is he on dope who still wearing his shitty azz clothes from the damn 90″s smdh

  3. What justice? Bitch you are fuckin ugly as hell !!!!!!! This world is so fuckin backwards just like the bible say! How the fuck do ugly bitches get pregnant or raped. And niggaz getting fucked in they ass more than the faggots LOL

    • Damn! You too hard. She cute, too much makeup IMO, but then that’s the way it is for InstaMods. Rape is not about looks. Any hag or beauty could get raped, ma.

  4. I hope that she does get some kind of justice if this is true; got another damned Bill Cosby cat…

  5. Karl Kani’s hyped off his resurrection by way of Rich Dollars rocking his jacket in the confessional.

      • I saw Caesar from Black Ink on a recent episode and he had on a Karl Kani shirt! I was confused like Karl Kani got some new sh*t out?

  6. By them strong azz jaws and broad shoulder im a need to see a birth certificate thats says thats a woman other then that i dont believe it! until i read the headlines i thought that was one of the members from dru hill.

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