Idris Elba Defends His Fiancée’s Gucci Outfit at the Royal Wedding

idris elba fiancee gucci royal wedding

Idris Elba’s fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre, came through dripping in Gucci to the Royal Wedding. Some online users slammed her for dressing too casually, for wearing white, and for looking tacky in her designer duds.

“Sorry I can’t hold my lips. Idris Elba’s fiancé. Why are you wearing a Gucci cardigan. At your age?? To a royal wedding?”

“I’m actually a little mad at what Idris Elba’s fiancé is wearing. Girl what is you doin”

But Idris is standing by her fashion choice.

What do you think? Did she deserve to get dragged for her “Gucci down to the socks” ensemble?


  1. Well they not lying. Looks like something my Momma would wear to hood ass New Jerusalem. The Westside church in da hood. Not a royal affair.

  2. Also they mustA missed the memo. Every one else wore soft pastel or a flower color . the women that is and some men Prince Charles had a soft mint colored suit.. So YEAH she looking ghetto as fk.

  3. That’s Right, Idris

    Defend & Safeguard Your Gorgeous Lady. Can’t Please Everybody All The Damn Time.

    #Damned If You Do…….Damned If You Don’t!!!

  4. Gucci down to the socks!!!!!!!LMAO……….Hunny now you know that was childish and immature…….Funnnnnny

    • When I saw it live, I was thinking she is Gucci down in a sweater dress?! everything is Gucci and the hat doesn’t fit with that emsamble. What was she thinking and who the F ok’d this outfit?! She tried to stunt on everyone but that wasn’t the outfit to do it in.

  5. Oh give me a break man. She’s rocking that look. If anything was questionable it would be the headress. An updo with a small headress would’ve better suited this look. Other than that she’s stunning. Wtf does anyone really know about royal dress code.

  6. She looks beautiful but then again, I’m not sure what official Royal Wedding attire should look like.

  7. When ppl don’t need to ask you who you are wearing at an event the outfit Is loud and it makes it look like you tried to hard too hard. Like you never wore and thing designer before to much coordinating….next time you’ll nail it

  8. Proves she’s no gold digger, well not a professional one. You don’t wear Gucci nothing to no wedding. Gucci is for six flags or the house, LV is for the plane or the mall, Herve Leger and Tom Ford is for the club, Chanel is for date-night and Vera Wang is for a wedding…. and if she that cheap she could’ve picked a simple dress from Yana k or heck even forever 21??I don’t know. The bride ain’t look no better so I guess it don’t matter. ???

    Idris is winning because at least he know she won’t want for much.

    • Tracey Reese is 4 a wedding they all looked a damn mess from Oprah 2 Serene Williams & don’t 4 get Amal Clooney with those damn prom looking dresses on. Nothing wrong with her Gucci sweater dress just 2 much Gucci she didn’t Gucci shoes nor the hand bag she could carry a Carol Liebmann clutch 4 wht she paid 4 that bull shidd Gucci bag.

    • Lets face it Gucci was a top brand until you Niggas(not Black people) started wearing it. I understand the boss of Crystal not wanting Rappers buying it pouring it everywhere.

    • ” bride ain’t look no better” You Americans really don’t get this do you? :-D.

  9. They were one of the most beautiful couples there. They could have easily killed it. When I saw that damn cardigan dress…come on, people! They looked like they were going to his grandmother’s 95th birthday brunch.

  10. Well at least at the wedding nobody was hanging out of their clothing and no one wore nothing short where you could see their behind… I like the way they were dressed..

  11. Shiiiiiid, I cant afford the shoes let alone the whole outfit…

    Looks like a nice down payment on a house or a new car but I digress.

    Wish my problems consited of what to wear to a wedding from a closet full of designer clothes…

    (walks away shaking head)


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