Ice Cube’s Wife Ain’t Standing For No J-Ho’in!!!



“Kim ain’t no joke. She runs that nicca.”

HSK Exclusive – Ice Cube’s wife wasn’t about to let J-HOE sink her teeth into her man, when the pair shared a South American movie set! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Wesley Snipes, who’s said to have told the former NWA member he’d have no problem smashing that.

You’ll recall, Cube and the former Fly Girl dancer led the cast of ‘Anaconda’, back in 1997. That’s when we’re told Kim Jackson took the first flight to Brazil … after she “got tipped off” the pair were about to jump-off!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Someone from the set, close to Kim, called her up and told her J-Lo was gettin’ too close to Cube between shooting scenes.”


  1. Ice cube is very down to earth, just meet him over the weekend. However, as far as being faithful… No!! He had sex with one of my girls # Truth

  2. Comment:all you muhf*ckas sound like bitches… Commenting on another nigga's life. how gay is that.. get a f*cking like …………FUCK BOYS

    • Comment: Get out of this nigga's business…..and damn Melissa did you have to tell that shit….lame bitch

  3. Your just now figuring that out. I have a friend that knows kim and she even told me that not only kim is a bitch but that she's a hoe! She also told me that kim cheats on cube on the regular and that kim is addicted to sex! So I don't why he puts up with it but she definitely wears the pants in their so called marriage!

  4. Your just now figuring out that kim is a bitch? lol My friend who knows kim says that she cheats on cube on the regular and that she's a sex addict with her lover. Also that kim wears the pants in their so marriage. Cube is stupid for staying married to her after all this time. Kim is a hoe is far I'm concerned.


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