Ice Cube’s Wife Ain’t Standing For No J-Ho’in!!!


“Kim ain’t no joke. She runs that nicca.”

HSK Exclusive – Ice Cube’s wife wasn’t about to let J-HOE sink her teeth into her man, when the pair shared a South American movie set! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Wesley Snipes, who’s said to have told the former NWA member he’d have no problem smashing that.

You’ll recall, Cube and the former Fly Girl dancer led the cast of ‘Anaconda’, back in 1997. That’s when we’re told Kim Jackson took the first flight to Brazil … after she “got tipped off” the pair were about to jump-off!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Someone from the set, close to Kim, called her up and told her J-Lo was gettin’ too close to Cube between shooting scenes.”


  1. Ice cube is very down to earth, just meet him over the weekend. However, as far as being faithful… No!! He had sex with one of my girls # Truth

  2. Comment:all you muhf*ckas sound like bitches… Commenting on another nigga's life. how gay is that.. get a f*cking like …………FUCK BOYS

    • Comment: Get out of this nigga's business…..and damn Melissa did you have to tell that shit….lame bitch

  3. Your just now figuring that out. I have a friend that knows kim and she even told me that not only kim is a bitch but that she's a hoe! She also told me that kim cheats on cube on the regular and that kim is addicted to sex! So I don't why he puts up with it but she definitely wears the pants in their so called marriage!

  4. Your just now figuring out that kim is a bitch? lol My friend who knows kim says that she cheats on cube on the regular and that she's a sex addict with her lover. Also that kim wears the pants in their so marriage. Cube is stupid for staying married to her after all this time. Kim is a hoe is far I'm concerned.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me about Kimberly! She’s so insecure about cube being around other women! I’m dating and engaged to her brother and I know first hand how she truly is! I don’t believe that anything was going on btw cube and jlo back in the day when they filmed the movie anaconda and whoever told Kimberly this was trying to hype her up for no reason! Kimberly has issues!

    • Wow I didn’t expect kim to be like that! She seems so supportive and innocent like. You really never hear much about her other than being ice cube wife. Well if your supposed to be married to her brother. How does she treat you as a sister in law? Do you two get alone? I don’t think she’s insecure but she’s just making sure he’s faithful. Jlo back then was the hottest thing in the movies and the baddest female in the industry. This was way before beyonce. So in a way I could understand her concern especially if cubes been cheating on her. I mean he did state in one of his songs TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY “I just got the beep from kim and she can do it all night” so maybe she did have a promiscuous past but as far as her being a hoe I seriously doubt that. She’s been married to him for 25 years and had ALL his babies that’s not an mentality of a hoe. But I’m glad they’re happily married and setting an example for black couples.

      • Kimberly isn’t innocent and she might be supportive of her husband but it’s just a front. And as far how she treats me we get along but she knows not to disrespect me. And that’s your opinion of her because you don’t know her. She was always jumping on his case about him being around other women and still do even now. She’s always had a promicious past and continues to be promicious. Her brother and I are newly weds and I’ve seen her flirt with other men even in front of her husband and he acts as if she can’t do no wrong! You saying you don’t think that she’s a hoe is your opinion but she is a hoe. Just because she’s being married for 25 years and had his children doesn’t mean anything because her oldest son isn’t even by her husband and she has a daughter outside of her marriage that people don’t even know about, so that is a mentality of a hoe! Btw their not happily married or setting an example for black couples. They just act that way for the cameras! He cheats on her too. Did you he has a mistress? And she cheats on him with her oldest son’s father who she had been with and was engaged to way before she even met her husband. So it is what is!

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