French Montana Outed Ridin’ Khloe K’s Reality TV Coattails


HSK Exclusive – A tipster is telling us French Montana’s part of the bargain over his fake-out relationship with Khloe Kardashian, revealing the Bad Boy emcee is looking to land his own reality TV show “and thinks Khloe will take him there”.

“French Montana is running around with Khloe Kardashian in tow trying to get himself a reality show to different television networks.”

We broke the story first, revealing the K Klan sister is using French to stay in the spotlight as what’s behind the pair’s pub-play.

Now.. our insider tells us French Montana was in L.A. a few weeks back, “going to meetings with different television networks to pitch his reality show.” Our source says having Khloe by his side made no difference. Know why? Because did didn’t land a deal.

Dig the drop:

“French Montana and Khloe are using each other to stay in the media. She’s using him for an Urban audience and he’s using her for mainstream popularity.”

French Montana Reality TV Show


  1. I hope this is a fake relationship. Dude is married and this is not a good rebound from Lamar for Khloe.

    • WTF!! Kloe (aka BIGFOOT) is *NOT* Hot!! Who is her fanbase? Everytime I see her with Kim and Kourtney all I can hear is the Sesame Street tune – “Which one of these things DOESNT Belong?”

      • And Frenchie’s Waaaaay out of his league. His pockets are a little too light for Kris so you KNOW this is BS!! I dont even think they pay recording artists in money anymore – just cars, dope and FREE chicken (If you ain’t touring you ain’t eatin).

      • Khloe is not hot but she at least snagged a baller with Lamar. To go from Lamar to a one-hit wonder with a wife and kid was a DOWNGRADE.

        • @R in NYC–Should that bullshit he released even be considered a ‘hit,’ though? His album, like some of his boss’s, was the equivalent of those cheap-ass ‘Summer Rap/R&B Compilation’ CDs local drug dealers sell at gas stations in the hood. Maybe his lame ass should’ve went into marketing instead *shrugs*

          • It was some bullsh*t. He was the flavor for the moment. We saw how quick Trina dropped his azz after she ran thru his wallet.

            • @R in NYC–Must’ve been one bitter-ass flavor, then. He really thought talking shit about 50 Cent was gonna get him some record sales–Hah! I’m sure that CD made one hell of a weed plate.

        • Actually he left Trina. She saw him all over the tabloids with khloe and he wouldn’t return trinas calls. The breakfast club said him and Trina were living together in Jersey. People said she was actually devastated at how he played her…..He is a user.

  2. well puff’s about to fire him.

    lets see khloe and frenchie anybody gonna WATCH.


    • Considering how Puff steals all his artists’ money, he’d be better off if he is released. Diddy is da devil.

  3. What the f*ck is a French Montana? Is that a new sex move that homosexual men perform on each other?

  4. Well Mr FM I hope you be careful you know all the men they come in contact with don’t come out right. So watch your back.

  5. French Montana trying to go mainstream, good luck with that. Khloe will never be Kim, but she trucks on anyway. Both are dependent on the charity of black folk to remain relevant, so, this charade of a relationship is all over black blogs, #blacktwitter, and so forth. Sometimes, too much attention is bad for some people.

    • Exactly. This is the very definition of a symbiotic relationship for better or for worse. Each of them is getting what they think they need.

      • @Christa

        The relationship is fake, everybody knows it. French is a rebound dude for Khloe, someone to keep her name in the urban blogosphere. As has been noted by many on this site, French not rich enuf to pull Khloe anyway. He the closest thing to a whiteman she’s ever had, we’ll see if it sticks.

  6. French Montana is the wackest rapper to come out of NYC in a few years.This nicca belongs behind the deli making me halal food and selling me swishas.

    • @ANON..LOLzzzzz, I get a taste for boars-head honey turkey with cheese, lettuce, tomato and lite mayo hero every time I see Frenchie..

  7. Why do they put their heads down like they didn’t have somebody call the press? Lol. Acting like shes princess Diana, hiding her face. Lol. Smh. French like f*ck it, I want to be seen

  8. French is a hoe. He will sleep with whom ever for a come up. Wasn’t he with Flocka’s mom. 2 dollar ho.

  9. So will bigfoot Kardashian be with Mackelmore next week? These reality show trollops are so publicity thirsty it’s sickening. LOL

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