Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets Dragged After Lifting Co-Star’s Dress

cuba gooding jr lifts co-star skirt

Cuba Gooding Jr. exposed his American Horror Story: Roanoke co-star, Sarah Paulson, by lifting up her dress while they were promoting the program during Paleyfest.

Peep the video:

Get help, Cuba. This ain’t cute.


  1. sexual assault was just done. if he wasn’t cuba and just tyronne on the street he would’ve been arrested and have to register as a sex offender!

  2. Cuba is fucking up! Screwing around with white chicks is going to land him in the same category as Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby and OJ. He better chill the fuck out! All it takes is one becky to call 911 and Cuba is done!

  3. He’s been pushing the envelope lately with his antics. Something is going on and like most ‘stars’ – he is talented but his personal life is questionable.

  4. When a Hollywood person does it to someone, no one in Hollywood utters a word. Hypocrites.

  5. Here’s the real story: Cuba ad Sarah are very, very good friends for years. She is not mad at all.

    Plus she is an “out” lesbian, so Cuba wasn’t coming onto her.

  6. This fool I c is still on that dope smdh he lucky it was Sarah Paulson any other white woman would have his azz lock up he love those white girls smdh

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