Coachella Dance Battle: Rihanna vs. DIddy’s Son. Who Won?

rihanna diddy son dance battle

Peep this video of Rihanna and Diddy’s son going OFF during their dance battle at Coachella.

Who do you think won?


  1. rolling my eyes…she’s the kind of girl you ride but not marry and certainly don’t bring home to mama. no class just looks so trashy…club material and not country club.

  2. I’ve always thought and still do think Rihanna would be so much fun to just hang out with. She seems hella cool.
    Lol, I was just thinking about all the NBA players who have ran through Khloe Kardashian and here poor Rihanna gets labeled a hoe and you hardly if ever hear about who she’s dating nor is she seen with a different niggah every other week.

    • It’s a double standard. To be honest, both are spoiled goods but Khloe will not end up as well as you think. At her age, she is not old but she wants to get as much money as possible on a stupid pro player’s back like she will will Tristan, but in the end, she will end up with some bland guy who she will push around until he dies. Her true fat self will return. With Rihanna’s career, I don’t see it going anywhere from this point. She has plenty of money and her best option is to live her life quietly and marry someone she loves.

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