BUSTED! Amber Rose Caught Going Home With Puffy’s Son


HSK Exclusive – Amber Rose is suspected to be smashing Puffy’s adopted son, Quincy Brown!

Word of the alleged hook up ignited over the weekend … after Amber and Quincy were spotted at the Supperclub in LA, Saturday. From what we’re told … they’re actions speak for themselves!!!

Dig it:

“Quincy’s been smashing Amber on the low. They finally got busted at his record release party. Amber was all over Quincy.”

Take a look at for yourself:

Amber Rose & Al B Sure Son





        • Yeah he looks sweeter than skittles with extra sugar and corn syrup with a ghetto kool aid chaser.

          • Yeah,this is the same Lil nigga that sits back quietly without saying a word and watch Puffy publicly humiliate his mom constantly all for the sake of some spotlight and a dollar.Btw, he’s not Puffy son he’s Al B.Sure’s son.

            • Yeah I was gonna speak on it earlier but Diddy punk ass bought this kid all while trying to destroy his father. He wants to buy another man’s son but won’t pay his artists. That’s some low down shit but what should you expect from a down low devil

        • Maybe Al wasn’t doing his job as a father to his son. Maybe now her son is set for LIFE, by someone who chose to love and raise and care for him.

    • Well like attract like
      In other words flies love garbage ! Wow she up for mother of the year!!
      When’s the last time anyone seen her playing mommy. ??? Bitches can’t wait to shake they ass up in the club ! But think if they make it home for breakfast they a damn good mother ! Any women with kids is suppose to be the backbone of the family with or without a man present ! Can’t do that if you and you damn friends twerking late nights !
      Way too many Ambers and not enough real women !

      • Men today sure know how to pick wives and mothers and to share their DNA money with.

        I love ambers robins nest nails. Turquoise is one of my favorite colours/gemstones.

    • Yeah but he is too pretty to date. Have to be a secure woman. Id rather go for the dudes who were ducklings and look “alright” cleaned up. Not butt ugly though. Yanno the ones where you are not shocked nor appalled if they cheat bc you have seen their hideous childhood photos. Also they treat you better than pretty rickeys since options are less.

      • naw…I’ve known a lot of ugly cheat azz mofos. Looks don’t have anything to do with fidelity. Look at Flava Flav’s ugly mug….he cheated.

        • Didnt say fidelity. Men are slutbuckets who would cheat on their women with the likes of Draya and Amber Rose. Conventionally unattractive people (not butt ugly) treat you nicer. Really attractive people tend to be either self absorbed or have the self esteem of a snail, ironically. I know this from first hand shallow experience which I am trying to shake.

          • I remember when Al B Sure said Didyy was out to get him and was sending people to his house as undercover cable men to get at him. I believe Al B tried to be part of his sons life but Puffy isnt having it. Smh. Weird situation to me but I always believed Kim should have always watch her son by Al B around Combs when he was younger cuz Puff love him so good looking pretty boys

  1. Nice MK ultra sheets. I’m sure Amber goes into sex kitten mode right on cue as soon as she sees cheetah print. Then again she is an industry pro Ho anyway. What I find disturbing is she has a baby son aand all she does is jet set with this dude and that dude. Ink isn’t even dry on her divorce filing and its : Nick Cannon, Gene Simmons son, Now Lurched son, who is too young for her worn out old cootchie. Stank. And she’salways posting pics like some horny teenager. Pathetic.

    • I also heard Karrine Steffans was f*cking Quincy too
      The young man must really have it going on in the bedroom, Lol !

    • Gene Simmons son
      Nick Cannon
      Quincy Brown

      And these are just the ones we KNOW about.

      You can probably add a few women in there too.

    • He looks really photoshopped.. like a white Al B.

      Amber Rose is pretty gross. Guess all the adults had a turn already.. time to try their kids…

  2. How old is this boy? And amber is how old? what Else does amber do? she’s only doing what she well known for,her resume is in rotation, she’s only doing what she’s best known for, what this is the 7th person sense wiz? And he’s running around like a wild weasel screw’en errr body too, yall some Nasty ass people

    • Wiki lists Quincy as born in 1991.. he’s 23 then.. it lists Diddy as his “informal stepfather”, although Quincy goes by Combs, not Porter or Sure..

      Wiki lists Amber Levonchuck as born in 1983.. she’s 31.

      I guess she’s not cradle robbing, but she is still married.
      Whos watching that baby when mom is making the rounds?

      • She doesn’t care, she’s a fame whore. I swear they need to have a law on who should procreate and shouldn’t, just as they have license’s to drive, buy guns…etc need to do the same for some women. Every woman is not fit to be a parent (and using parent loosely)

        • Should be a designated age, education level (8th grade), proficiency test..

          Population would cease to exist!!

      • Al B Sure’s real name is Albert Brown so Brown would be one of the possible last names but considering how much Al hated Kim, I doubt Quincy has his last name.

        • I didn’t know Al’s real name.
          I knew the boy wouldn’t be Quincy Sure..
          I just meant having his father’s name…

          • I read somewhere (i think here) that Kim be servicing Diddy with a dildo strap on. Thats why Diddy will never leave her. I wonder if Diddys sons are into that lifestyle too

            • If the next generation is fooling with the likes of Amber Rose and Superhead, the same hoes dad does, then I imagine they do everything …

  3. Puffy bout ta squeeze this boy and use him like he did the rest of them artist he’s dealt with, he probably all ready done molested this so called adopted son(yeah right) anyway he’s going to use this boy up and cut out on him or hold sum against him and make him do shit like he did the others, poor kid he bought to be turned out if he already isn’t.

    • Id bet Misa keep a tight reign on her son with Puffy
      I heard Kim be high off of them narocotics but I or some reason I think Pufy is real protective over the son that look like him

  4. Well at least he likes p*ssy even it it’s ran-through, thirsty gold – digging p*ssy.

  5. I can’t believe Kim is letting her son get into the music business. If Diddy were a real father figure he should of at least encouraged his “son” to get into the business side of things.

    • How come Al B sure not stepping in or raising his own son, what’s up with that?! If anybody needs to be saying something is him.

      • Al hates Kim. That’s why he wasn’t present and Diddy claimed Quincy. They have a relationship now but last we heard from Al B he was on some “They are watching me and putting chips in my head” bullshit. So maybe it’s best Quincy is not being influenced by Al.

        • @SC WOW…that was a real post, I believe him too. That Kim P is a witch for real. As far as duddy (misspelled on purpose) raising my son, I wouldn’t care who he was or how much he is worth, I wouldn’t allow him to be exposed to the liking of duddy or those fairies and demons in that industry. Al B should have took his son and run for the hills and told her to kick rocks. I feel so sorry for the other kids being exposed to that evil mess they’re involved in.

          • It just makes me think Diddy planned to take advantage of that little boy (financially) a long time ago. Like he’s trying to create another Usher or something. Lawd knows the things that boy has seen over the years but some people think it’s okay because he’s rich.

  6. That’s Al B Sure son with Kim Porter. Amber is very dirty. I just hope Quincy was using protection with this dirty slut.

  7. Amber hoes is fat and unattractive and that was proven with that Chandelier she wore to the VMA’s.Her best years were with Kanye and once he finished banging her out he revoked her beard contract.

  8. Nah man, Amber’s f*ckn’ a lil bwoy not a good look.
    surely Kim porter needs to check her ass
    a grown azz woman in her 30’s f*ckin’ a boy in he’s 20’s ewww.

    remember this bitch did f*ckn’ wiz who in her late 20’s

  9. Amber is a nasty worn out whore who is desperately looking for the come up because she knows her time is quickly ticking away. She is close to Rock bottom than the cloud nine she thinks she on.

  10. I just saw something yesterday that said he was smashing Superhead, I guess he could be smashing both………….he looks super feminine. I hope that’s a natural arch, I hate to see men who have their eyebrows arched unless they are queens.

    • He must like older women. Karrine is almost 10 years older than Amber. But she’s much better looking IMO.

  11. if his step father wasn’t Diddy, do you think amber would be f*ckin’ with him??

    nah Amber Rose is a conning woman, she’ll lap from pillar to post for rich dick, we know this because she married wiz for his money and fame.

    love in Hollywood is a lie

    if Amber Rose was a man this chit would look and sound
    nasty but, because she’s a woman is ok??

    don’t think so

  12. Hey , why did you delete my comment? I told you Al B Sure scams older women for money and he is dating Nick Cannon’s mom Beverly right now. Nick better watch his mom’s wallet! ABS could care less who is son is dating since he also pimps himself out in hollywood.

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