Brandy Looking Pregnant AF!

brandy pregnant

Brandy is still claiming she’s not pregnant, but her belly is getting more and more round as the months go by.

In a recent photo, the singer has a noticeable pouch. But in her Instagram bio, she blames the weight gain on her bad diet.

“Not pregnant, just kinda bored of eating clean. Now deal wit it! Ha”

When do you think she’ll finally come clean?


  1. Why lie about being knocked up?

    Shit even if she was thinking about termination it should be too late. She must be waiting to see if that fag she let impregnate her will come back after the kid is born.

    She def takes an L for all this mess…

    • The biological father must agree to the adoption or he can put an injunction against her and has first dibs at the kid. She ain’t paying him child support. I say someone else in her family will raise the kid.

  2. Brandy is a bonafied liar when it comes to her being a ho…remember she lied about being married the first time she was preganat?

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