Blue Ivy Better Twerk … Or Face Mommie Beysus!


For Beyonce, Toddlers and Tiaras are so yesterday. Know why? Sources say she’s got Blue Ivy taking it to the next level … Twerkin’!!! ***PAUSE***

Sources say Beysus recently showcased Blue Ivy’s twerk’in skills at The Carters’ NYE bash. That’s according to a whistle blower who says they witnessed Bey and Jay’s twerkin’ toddler in action.

Here’s what The Sun is reporting:

“Blue was definitely the life and soul of the party and was twerking to all her mum’s songs. Beyonce was overheard telling friends that Blue loves to twerk and is always dancing when she hears Mummy’s music. ‘They had also hired a psychic for the event and it proved to be one of the most popular attractions of the night.’ Celebrities queued to get their palms read and KELLY ROWLAND spent a particularly long time there.”