Blac Chyna Blackmailing Kardashians for $50 Million?

blac chyna blackmailing kardashians

Now that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are over, Chyna says she has a lot of evidence against Rob that could send him straight to the slammer!

She’s reportedly asking for $50 million to keep her baby daddy’s secrets to herself.

Peep the video:


  1. She’s just doing them, what they do to others.. I hope she doesn’t end up dead…

    • Good, I hate chicks like her who use their children as pawns. She’s just some dumb loudmouth bish the world would not miss.

  2. I don’t like them Katrashians at all but BC is a typical psycho single mom…

    She’s applying the typical BT-1000 scheme put in place by the joo-ish feminist lobby right after the civil rights in order to destroy the blacks :
    – get pregnant from many different men and have them pay child support and if they fail to do so, lock’em up in jail so that the BT-1000 gets welfare benefits…
    – give their kids the most ideous/ridiculous names with the ghetto-est connotation so that every non black thinks that the blacks is the retard kid of the class…
    – She has a monstruous body, crazy eyes, a weave made out of some horse tail, butt implants etc…But ain’t that the typical outfit of today’s BT-1000 ?

    Rob is a dumb ass for letting himself castrated over the years by this bunch of low ass class white women who do nothing and I mean ab-so-lu-tely nothing with their lives !
    He should have said goodbye to that crazy feminist bunch a bye bye kick in the fake boobs a looooong time ago…

  3. Smh look what she has on the baby Robert is such a dumbass for getting this hoe pregnant

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