Beyoncé’s Trying to Control Ugly Coachella Pictures?


    beyonce coachella

    After her epic Coachella performance, Beyoncé’s publicist reportedly sent out an e-mail to news outlets asking them not to publish fans’ pictures from the show. The “Formation” singer allegedly only wants “approved shots” of Saturday’s show to be circulated instead.

    “It appears to be an attempt to prevent a replay of the situation after her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show when her team famously e-mailed BuzzFeed, asking the Web site to take down a series of ‘unflattering photos’ from a gallery of her show-stopping performance,” – Page Six

    Is she doing the most?


    1. I went to the Smithsonian African American Museum yesterday! It was great; a lot to take in but the soul food cafe was horrible. The food had no flavor at all; the mac and cheese and potato salad really hurt my feelings.

    2. What is she trying to hide? And I see she covered up that stomach all night unlike her airbrushed Instagram photos.

    3. Maybe because she knows that when you take a picture of her the demon in side her that controls her shows up I am not trying to be funny at all and most people don’t really understand that but lately the pictures of her she be turning into a real demon and not only in pictures on film also. and her own team knows that she do too.

    4. Maybe it’s not thee original Beyonce from Destiny’s Child. Another person that was replaced as it was with Dave Chappelle and many others. The real question is who’s next?

    5. When she performs she gets that manly face and she only wants to be seen as feminine and beautiful. She’s done this on all her tours, full control of released pictures.

      • So what?

        A real performer who actually can dance and sing never looks completely put together…that shit is hard work. Why do you think mathew had her running in heels and singing at the same time.

        Lip-syncing and dancing is what most of these chickenheads do & takes no real effort.

    6. I think it’s safe to say that there’s probably no area in Bey’s life that isn’t controlled in one way or another. On stage, off stage and even behind closed doors.

    7. This woman is a disgrace to all Indigenous People…… she does not represent a real Africian Queen, as a matter of fact she is a disgrace to the world because of her low vibration ass music ….she continue to put the masses in a deeper sleep and make them more susceptible to mind control. She is apart of the Black Boule Fraternal order so of course she push for black colleges because they are the gatekeepers for dumming down the masses ,she is Protecting the white Queen that’s why she rocks the blonde hair and bleached skin,Learn ur history and know Know self, Wake up Sheep Love and Life

      • ummm i don’t think anyone has ever considered her as being a representative for Africa. Hell, she claims that she’s not black. She calls herself Creole, which is not even a nationally. ?


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